How To Make The Ice Prince Fall Book 1 Chapter 84

Volume 1 Chapter 84 Evil Ploy

The morning with lady Brandon was pleasant and relaxing. They visited many big shops, toured the capital by carriage, and didn't forget to dump all the purchases on their guards that were following behind. Those poor men quite regularly had to run back and forth between the shops and the carriage to get everything the ladies wanted.

Finally, they ate in a renowned restaurant, where Ella explained what she didn't want to say on the evening dinner. "When I first got here, it was all quite classy. Simple and elegant, you could say. That was the city's trend for generations. However, over the years, it changed. How it's now, it's... how do I say this? Kitschy? The word is harmless compared to what I've seen..."

Ella wrinkled her nose. After seeing the nobles houses and now also some of the extremer shop-designes, Katherine could completely relate to her. The sense of style was kind of aweful, way to overboard.

Taking a sip of her tea, Ella continued: "If it was just a harmless trend, it would be fine. However, it's more of an outward sign for deeper hidden troubles. Do you know what this trend change happens to match pace with?"

Katherine furrowed her brows. Now they were getting to the point. What was it that couldn't be said in front of the prince? "What?"

"The empowerment of the queen. I know, it sounds illlogical. After all the queen is reigning for over two decades already. Shouldn't the trend be matching with her since long ago? Nonetheless, that's not the case. The builings and everything didn't change when she married the king. Now it's different, because the king and queen aren't on the same page anymore. Anyone with eyes can see they're turning against each other in the later years.

As a result, the aristocrats are starting to side with one or the other. And since the crown prince and only resonable heir loves his mother very much... you can guess what side is the logical one to take.

So the trend changes to please this woman, even if some of the aristocrats themselves can't stand this style. Some only follow suit because they don't want to offend the queen but are on the kings side originally. And then there is old lady Finley. I guess a glance at her house suffices to know who she supports."

After this very long explaination, Ella took a sip of tea again to wet her dry throat. Katherine needed some time to digest all the information. The situation was more complicated than she thought, the kitschy trend only a syptom.

As many kitschy houses as Katherine had passed on her ride to the palace, she wondered if there was anyone besides old lady Finley who supported the king. Then again, it was the king who would choose his successor, so the crown prince still couldn't offend him completely. One the other hand, making prince Aston crown prince wasn't really a choice. Besides him waving the right to be an heir, his attitude and the fact that his mother wasn't married to the king were enough reason for the aristocrats to reject him. Maybe this crown prince, whom she didn't know yet, was the best choice for the Icelands.

Katherine knitted her brows. "Let's say the crown prince turns king, what would happen to his brother?"

It was not that she worried about this notorious prince, but due to reasons she couldn't understand, Nathaniel was friends with this royal idiot. And whatever the background, it had to be said that he saved Hazel once.

Ella shrugged, but to Katherine, her nonchalance seemed a bit forced. "Whatever the new king wants. I don't care."

Raising her brows, Katherine inquired: "Even if he kills him?"

The possibility was instantly waved off. "What would he gain from killing a fool? Only more trouble than he's worth. No, I don't think he'll do more than ban him to some remote place."

"Hmm." Katherine was not convinced. If only the possibility to inherit the throne could let the aristocrats perform as shamelessly as they did, she didn't want to know what would happen if the crown prince turned king. Even if he himself didn't order it, the aristocrats could very well kill prince Aston just to please the new king.

On the other hand, she didn't know what the crown prince was like. Maybe he and his brother valued each other more than the typical royal family would. The princess at least seemed to be worried about her younger brother despite him being a wominizing idiot.

When Katherine returned to the palace, she was still mulling over this thought. In the end, she concluded that regardless of the relationship between the two princes, it would be better for her plans if the earl distanced himself from the useless prince. They had to make contacts with the right people, though maybe...

There was a very dark thought lingering in her head. Prince Aston was foolish enough to be made a marionett as long as the crown prince was moved out of the way of inheritence. The earl seemed to be one of Aston's closest friends, but was he really a friend to the prince or someone waiting for him to become king so he could control him from behind?

After her nearest person betrayed her, Katherine couldn't help but be suspicious of everyone. She wouldn't even trust her beloved maid with everything as she knew the pure soul could easily be taken advantage of. Although Hazel proved her loyalty many times, Katherine sometimes caught herself thinking of the 'what if's.

And if it was already this way with Hazel who she saw every day, how much worse would it be with everyone else? Though she tried her best to not blindly believe in her suspicions, there were times like right now, where she didn't know what to believe.

Nathaniel was a dangerous, vicious person. He was very capable of building such a tight net of schemes if he wanted to reach for power. He could coldly pull the threads and might even arrange to murder the crown prince if he hindered his plans.

However, Katherine wanted to believe in Nathaniel's moral integrety. Maybe it was just because believing it was covient for her, but in her mind, she couldn't see the earl betraying someone he declared as a friend. His interactions with the prince proved to be different than how he treated everyone else, kind of lenient. Like one would tread someone that was a bit stupid, but still a good friend to oneself.

Though Katherine knew the evil ploy her dark side imagined just now would benefit her very much - if the earl controlled the prince, she as his betrothed would effektively be able to influence the prince, too - she didn't want it to turn into reality. The process was too similiar to how her cousin would have acted. While fighting for her revenge, she didn't want to turn into him. There had to be other options.

"Milady?" Hazel's voice awoke Katherine from her brooding thoughts. "Are you okay? You look kind of troubled."

"Me? Oh..." Katherine looked at herself in the mirror. Wearing a light pink long dress and silver necklace, a youthful girl looked back at her. Behind her stood another girl, glancing over her shoulder with a worried expression while fixing the ribbons of the dress. Katherine's brows slowly smoothed out. "It's nothing. Just not used to being in the capital yet."

Hazel nodded understandingly. "Don't be nervous, milady. Everyone says the princess is very kind and amicable. They say you're lucky to pique her interest."

"Hm", Katherine made and looked down at the slender amethyst ring on her finger. She wondered why such a 'kind and amicable' person would ignore someone outright. Maybe because the earl himself was the complete opposite of the two qualities? Did they have a bad relationship? Anyway, the upcoming afternoon tea would help her understand more about the royals of the Icelands.

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