How To Make The Ice Prince Fall Book 1 Chapter 96

Volume 1 Chapter 96 Picked Quite A Boring Place

The letter was at the end of the book. Like Hazel had said, it was laid in it like a ripped-out page. The upper end that stood out of the book's pages by a needle's width, was heavily wrinkled. Expectantly, Katherine began reading.

"My Dear Patrick..." It took her a few seconds to remember that Patrick was the first name of her father, the last Duke of Sleipnir. Nobody used his first name normally, even her mother preferred 'my love' or 'Darling'. Everyone else just called him 'Duke Balder'.

Disappointment set in. For a short moment she'd thought that maybe her parents had a last wish for her, something she could fulfill as atonement, or just a nicer goodbye than the one by seeing their heads chopped off.

Katherine gritted her teeth against the pain that came with remembering. Slowly, she stood and walked back into her room, the eyes set on the letter. Even though it wasn't addressed to her, she could feel the personality of her mother seeping out of each word. Noticing that her Lady was too focused to see where she was going, Hazel lead her to a chair.


"... When I first met you, I thought you were too good to be true. A gypsy and a Duke's son? It would've been impossible if not for your stubbornness. I never knew such a stubborn person existed, but now I even know two. You fought your father, risked being a laughingstock, chased me like crazy, and even ignored your arranged marriage! I wonder if you know that our little girl is just like you this aspect.

Do you still remember how you had to chase me through the woods for two weeks when I got jealous and ran away? Back then, you said I should talk to you if I had trouble believing. Now look at me: six years later and I'm still running away. Dear, I'm sorry, but I can't help myself. I overheard something and now I don't know anymore if the person that was with me in these six years is the real you or just a projection.

I can't believe you talked so coldly about our daughter, even though I heard it with my own two ears! I can't question your love for me after all we've been through. However, if you love me, how can you not love her? How can you treat her like a thing that can be bought for the right price? And you planned this from the moment you i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed me!

I can't understand. I don't want to understand. I'm taking Katherine with me, bringing her away from here. She needs someone who can love her with a pure heart. Don't search for us.

Your still-loving wife"


Katherine was stupefied. What the heck was up with this letter?! Had her mother misunderstood something? Her father was a cold, ever-working man, yes, but treat her 'like a thing that can be bought for the right price'? Absolutely not! She refused to think of him this way!

Suddenly, she remembered that her parents had a quarrel about predetermined fate once. Her father wanted to engage her to someone at a young age, but her mother was strictly against it. It was kind of contractionary because her father himself broke his marriage agreement. Was this what this letter was all about? Since her mother was very emotional sometimes, it was possible. But would she really bring her away from her father because of a marriage agreement?

Connecting her dream about the adventure with her mother to this letter, she found that their timing was matching pretty good. Maybe her mother was even more of a drama queen than she had thought. Still, it was a bit strange for her to preserve the letter in her favorite book even after her father gave in. As if she constantly wanted to remind herself of it. All about this was very strange. If Katherine didn't recognize the handwriting and way of speech, she would have wondered if it was really her mother who wrote the letter.

Laying the paper down, Katherine rubbed her temples. Instead of answering her questions and giving her hold, this letter only brought more mysteries with it. She always thought her parents were happy together. Now she knew they might have not been happy all the time. Well, whatever. She would still preserve the letter. It was the only thing she had that reflected her mother's personality in a way.

Exhausted, she left it to Hazel to put it somewhere save.


Nathaniel couldn't focus his thoughts. There was a tenseness in his shoulders and neck that had nothing to do with the upcoming operation. It was more of a general restlessness. He felt that something was just not right.

The palace was so different from how it was when he was young. He felt like a tiger in a cage with countless other predators, their fur chafing against each other. It was a nasty feeling. Especially since his he could do nothing but wait right now. He knew that he was being watched closely, so he deliberately left the exact planning to his trusted servant. But now that he could only wait, it was driving him crazy. No work to do, nothing to distract himself.

It was nearly a relieve when a servant came to call him to the King's side. Standing up, Nathaniel noticed the strange white mask that completely covered half of the servant's face. His brows locked together before smoothening out again. With a light smile, he walked over. "After you."

The female servant lead him down the stairs and onto the grassy fields between the guest's building and the grand dome. The palace guards were following them closely. The group circled the dome and continued walking straight for another few minutes, before entering a colonnade and finally a wide, empty hall. In the middle of the hall, the servant suddenly stood still.

"Are we there yet?" Nathaniel stepped forward; eyes fixed on the servant. He didn't need to look around, there was nobody else.

"Yes", the servant answered in a raspy voice. Turning around, she took the mask from her face. Underneath it was a scarlet scar, reaching from the corner of her mouth up to her temple, as well as a dark hole where her eye used to be.

Scrutinizing her, Nathaniel's gaze remained unaffected. It was as if he couldn't see the change, or, more likely, he just didn't care.

"Her Majesty was merciful.", the servant claimed devotedly. "She left me with one eye to see her glory."

Nathaniel, who already had a guess who this servant really belonged to - she was certainly not the King's -, mockingly raised a brow. "And is she 'glorious' enough to meet me in person? Since I don't see her here, she must be as cowardly as ever. It's already surprising that she sought me out by herself. The King warned me repeatedly to not search for her, but now it's the opposite... I thought killing harmless pets was all she could do."

The servant took in a sharp breath. "You have no right to denounce her Majesty! Her Majesty is - "

"Cut that crap!", Nathaniel interrupted her before she could even start exalting her Master. "She is nothing more than a madwoman. I was too patient with her quirks. She crossed the line long ago. I hoped she would at least come face me herself when she's in the same palace, but whatever..."

Gazing at the empty room with nothing but floor tiling and a few windows, Nathaniel's mouth twitched. "She picked quite a boring place for my last rest."

Behind his back, the two palace guards had silently unsheathed their swords. They were not the same as the ones Katherine had talked to. An evil glint flickered in their eyes when they heard his words, before they suddenly attacked his unprotected back.

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