My Disciples Are All Villains

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My Disciples Are All Villains
My Disciples Are All Villains
Lu Zhou wakes up to become the worlds most powerful and oldest villainous Patriarch, and finds that he has nine notorious disciples who are full of evil. His eldest disciple is the leader of the Nether Sect with thousands of minions, and his second discipleSword Devilalways slaughters others at the slightest disagreement Without his cultivation base, how will he handle these evil disciples? His eldest disciple, Yu Zhenghai, said, Ive never had a rival in my life, and no one but Master can make me bow my head. His seventh disciple, Si Wuya, said, We cant eat or sleep in peace as long as the Master is not dead! His ninth disciple, Yuaner, said, Ill remember what Master said and be a good person.