Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 1 1

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 1 Prologue Part 1 Rebirth

Earth's technology has been rapidly progressing, especially within the last 100 years. Detecting natural phenomena, the boundaries of Earth's Realm, the supernatural , and so on have recently stirred the minds of folk, both new and old during the early 21st century, our current era.

During the recent times tremors gave been occurring within the western half of the Earth's hemisphere. This strange phenomena has started to accrue slowly the last couple decades but as time moved on it has been getting more and more frequent, to where tremors could be felt almost weekly. As these tremors lasted no longer than one to two minutes at most and appeared normal on the Richter scale, people disregarded these occurrences thinking they were just natural shifts within the Earth's tectonic plates and proceeded to continue with their daily lives. However these did not stop scientists from investigating into the matter.

It is now the year 2019 AD and a certain couple decided to get married at the age of 25, after they found a well off job in the recent developing Megacity, Reno, Nevada, and the wife decided to be a stay-home wife to raise their kids. However, even though science was advancing day by day, luck was not on the side of this newly married couple, as the husband had a disorder which limited the s.p.e.r.m that he could produce. While it is not ED, the couple could still enjoy the act. They soon reached a consensus that if they wanted to start raising a family and not rely on miracles, they decided to adopt a child.

The woman the husband married descends from Japanese heritage and since the husband studied and enjoyed Japanese culture, he decided to join his wife's family to inherit the Watanabe name. They were able to locate a Japanese orphan from one of the local orphanages and decided to adopt him. The parents long decided on the name for their newly adopted child, and thus child also took in the mother's family name, Watanabe. The pair gave him first name, Naoto. Family name meaning to pass over, first name meaning an honest person. This newly married couple wished for their adopted son to pass over any place he ends up being as an honest person.

While this family was more well off than others, they treated the child with familial love and within the first couple years the young Naoto was able to open up with his new family. He was able spend an enjoyable childhood and teen life. Time passed and Naoto grew to be a sturdy young man who is now at the age of 16, and it is now 2035 AD. While young Naoto did not care for romantic relationsh.i.p.s much he instead grew his interest in the rudimentary virtual reality and natural phenomena occurring on his side of the world, so during high school he decided to focus on computer engineering.

During this 16 year time gap virtual reality grew from its rudimentary stages and expanded, so much that the world is now introducing its first VRMMO, Rebirth. Rebirth's main concept is to enjoy a second life, akin to a rebirth, that the modern world can enjoy. Young Naoto having been blessed by his parents was able to obtain one of Rebirth's game helmets one week before the servers went live. It is now the end of June 2035 and the servers will begin in the first week of august.

Nobody but the scientists noticed that the tremors have been occurring more and more and nearly doubled in how often they occur. A week flashed by in a blink of an eye and Naoto put on his helmet and was awaiting the countdown to join the servers, just like everyone else in the world who were awaiting the monumental achievement in VR..

However just as the the timer to enter Rebirth reached 0 and the system fairy welcomed the newcomer Naoto,, an unprecedented giant tremor could be felt, knocking him down in his 2 story house along with his parents, and their house started to break down as it weren't reinforced enough to resist tremors of this magnitude.


Naoto's parents were lucky to avoid the initial debris caused by the quake and quickly found places to hide under to avoid falling debris. They even prayed to their good luck in surviving this disaster as they only purchased a two-story house. Mama Watanabe pulled the sleeve of Papa Watanabe.

"Dear, Dear! Thank the gods I'm still alive to see you here with me. Let's hurry to our son immediately!"

Papa Watanabe nodded to respond to her words. Out of the wrecked house they could still fine the room young Naoto was in. Their parents knew this was an exciting day for him due to the release of VR.

Laying flat on his stomach, Naoto finally realized what had happened. Lots of debris still in the air, but his body couldn't move despite the receiving signals from his brain.

His vision has been slowly been fading in and out, but he was still able to see Mama and Papa Watanabe in his vision rushing to his position, only to see horror on their faces.

*Why are Papa and Mama so horrified?*

Young Naoto mustered his strength to look around him, only to see a large pool of red liquid.

*Is....Is this blood mine?*

Naoto then looked behind him only to see two large pillars of wood lodged in his right shoulder and left thigh. *No wonder I can't move...*

Naoto then looked back at his parents who were now within distance and were sobbing while hugging his body. Due to the amount of blood loss he could only vague see their mouths opening and closing, unable to hear them talk. His vision is now fading out more and more. Realizing his time is soon approaching Naoto musters the last of his strength to move his arm and hold onto the pair, and mutter:

"...Thank you for these 16 years raising me like part of your own family. I know I'm an orphan so please don't be hard on yourselves and try to attempt at creating a real family, just like you did with me for these last 16 years. What happened just now was way out of our reach. Maybe mother nature is taking pity on me now..."

After his uttering this last breath Naoto eventually lost strength in his arm and lost his body's mobility. He had one last look at his parents before his vision backed out. Right after he "died" he heard a slight mechanical ring deep within his consciousness.

*Ding* Rebirth System now active. We hope you enjoy using Rebirth as your path has just begun.