Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 10

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 10 7 Hidden

While in his mother's embrace, Nao stared blankly at the tall stout man in front of him as he heard Rebirth's notification. While Rebirth was the first VRMMO released in Nao's previous life, it made sense to him that there would be a Quest System but what surprised him that there were certain conditions for it to be triggered and did not come at the start unlike the other functions of Rebirth.

He only saw his dead father in his mother's embrace at this time but it appeared he passed a message along to her before he passed away. He recalled his mother mentioning Hatchiyack, which, back in the original story, would not appear for several more years. As Nao did not hear the full story yet from his mother, he was still wondering why she brought up Hatchiyack. But according to the very first quest he received, Hatchiyack apparently returned from space due to an unknown cause. Nao tried to recall exactly who this being was from the original story but the stout man continued to stare him down with a grin, making Nao nervous. Iona then tried to ease the tension between the two and took this time to introduce her two children to King Vegeta II.

"Y-Your Majesty, I do hope you'll forgive my two children. They're still ignorant as they just emerged from the pods earlier today. Oscar and I decided to name our children Nao and Miya. Nao, Miya, quickly apologize to His Majesty King Vegeta II!"

Miya, who was still clinging onto Iona blinked her eyes for a moment after hearing her mother mention King Vegeta II, before regaining her senses from the earlier killing intent and knelt down besides Iona. Nao was also surprised at who the person in front of him turned out to be but before he could gather his thoughts he also knelt down beside Miya. All three of them could now be seen kneeling in front of King Vegeta II, which pleased him greatly. King Vegeta II did test Nao already and was already shocked that his power has already risen to such a degree, and he remembered three years ago he tested Miya who was now beside Nao. Disregarding Nao and Iona, King Vegeta II immediately approached Miya and started to switch on the power level gauge. After some beeping sounds the number started to climb from 0, and eventually landed on the same number, 9025. King Vegeta II's cheek started to twitch after seeing this number. Seeing His Majesty start to get irritated again, Iona started to become nervous.

"Is this a joke? I refuse to believe there could be two brats who could match this King!"

"Y-Your Majesty, please calm down and think of the situation at hand! While most Saiyans only have a fraction of my children's power levels, winning against those Tuffles is guaranteed. We will soon full control over Planet Vegeta!"

"Hmph. Do you really think these two are enough to kill off every last one of those damn Tuffles?"

"Your Majesty, they have yet to even receive any combat experience. We Saiyans take pride in our strength as a warrior race and age does not matter! It shouldn't take long for them to become real warriors given their potential."

"If these two have any thoughts about this King, I will put them through even more hell after their training is complete! I plan to pass this King's throne to my son once this damn war ends. If their potential to become elite Saiyans don't show through this training, then these two brats will not be fit to serve my son!"

"Yes. My two children will not disappoint Your Majesty!"

As the conversation seemed to conclude, King Vegeta II tossed the device back to the scientist that came with the guard. Without saying anything more, King Vegeta II turned around and departed the area, which caused the scientist to rush after him. The guard eventually returned to his post at the West Gate as well, causing Iona, Miya, and Nao to be left alone with their dead Father. Iona soon got up without saying anything and soon headed for the West Gate, carrying her husband. While the Saiyans do not care much about the dead as they could no longer fight if one is dead, Iona still decided to bury Oscar within the city's vicinity. She found a small hill relatively close by and created a dirt hole, before laying her husband inside. She stopped crying a while ago and her emotions now seemed calm, despite doing a burial. Nao could see that his mother was burying their Father and decided to remain silent until the process was complete. Iona soon returned to Miya and Nao's side and picked them up, smiling.

"Nao, Miya, Papa is no longer with us. It pains my heart but seeing you two in his place can't make me any more happy. You two better get ready to become real warriors!"

"Mama, will we still be able to see you?"

"Little Miya, the Palace's training is very strict. During this period of time it will be unlikely I will be able to visit. They will be training you two to become Saiyan elites, the strongest of our race! My visiting will only cause a disturbance."

"No Mama! I don't want to go if it means I can't see you!"

"Hush, Little Miya. The person from earlier was His Majesty King Vegeta II. The Vegeta family rules over us and are the strongest fighters among us Saiyans. You two have to become strong to not disappoint His Majesty!"

"But, Mama..."

Miya kept trying to protest her mother, but Iona soon placed a finger on Miya's lips, to seal her from saying anything else. This caused Miya to start pouting and tears to form in her eyes. Seeing this, Nao sighed inwardly and bitterly laughed. Iona finally revealed the person from earlier to Nao and was really surprised, as it turned out to be the Saiyan King himself. But according to his mother, it appeared the King Vegeta III is still just a prince at this point in time but he could definitely see similarities between the two, especially their temper. King Vegeta III was more arrogant then his father but his father seemed to have a worse temper and Nao saw King Vegeta II become enraged in front of him. According to his mother and King Vegeta II, he and Miya would start training tomorrow for a period of time. Nao hasn't been able to do much since he was born in this world but once he started to develop is body and train in Ki, would he be able to start enjoying himself. The only joy he had right now was his mother and Miya.

Earlier, Nao did decide to not invest any of his stat points in case of any emergency that arose, but he and Miya were apparently going to start training from tomorrow onward. He had seen in the original story how Goku, Vegeta, and their allies trained together and they always pushed themselves past their limits. Nao never received such intense physical training yet nor in his previous life so he was debating if he should invest his points now or during the actual training. After thinking about it for a few minutes, he decided to test it out and invest one of his points into his strength stat, as he had not done so yet.

*Ding!* Strength has risen by one. Battle power increased by 10 points.

Nao heard Rebirth's usual sound and after looking at his status window, he was able to confirm that his strength increased to 11. He now had 40 points left to invest, and he thought about how to use them for the upcoming training. As Saiyans prioritized strength, Nao considered investing most of his points into this stat but he was overall more excited on developing his Ki. He assumed Ki was similar to magic in the games of his previous life as Ki was the manifestation of one's inner energy. He decided to spend one more point in Intelligence, and after hearing Rebirth's sound again, he confirmed that his MP went up by 10. He decided to test out the other two stats to see what they did and put one point into defense and wisdom. After putting it into his defense, he felt his body become a bit sturdier, which increased his overall health by 20 points and the point into wisdom caused his thoughts to become a bit clearer. Nao confirmed that his defense stat was related to his body's endurance and stamina and wisdom allowed him to become smarter. Saiyans were not much an intelligent race as compared to the Tuffles so Nao decided this stat was as equally important as to the others, but for what is to come, he concluded to invest is remaining 37 points into strength, defense and intelligence. 13 points went into intelligence, 12 into defense, and 12 into strength. He then viewed his status window for the end result.


Name: Nao

Race: Saiyan, *hidden*

Level: 1

HP: 360

MP: 145

Battle Power: 9155

STR: 23

DEF: 23

DEX: 10

INT: 24

WIS: 11

LUC: 6

Available Points: 0

Rebirths: 1

RP (Rebirth Points): 10,000

Planes (worlds) created: 1

Inventory: N/A

Titles: First Player, Plane Creator, Reincarnator


Seeing his points increase by a large margin caused Nao to smile. After he finished his stat distribution accordingly, Miya stopped her pouting and turned to look at him, as if she senses the changes that occurred within Nao. As Nao and Miya shared a linked battle power, Miya suddenly felt her strength increase a bit. A mischievous smile soon appeared on her face. Nao, back in reality, saw this and was curious about what would cause Miya to behave like this. Before he could say anything, Miya suddenly looked at Iona again and opened her mouth.

"Mama, Brother Nao and Miya's power ju-----"

Before Miya could complete her sentence, Nao reacted quickly and bonked her on the head, and glared at her, as if he didn't want this to be revealed.

"Mama, brother Nao is being mean to me again! Hick..."

More tears started to form in Miya's eyes again. Miya expected her mother to lash out at Nao, but unexpectedly she only smiled at the two. This caused Miya to start pouting again and Nao chuckled at the sight of this.

"Little Nao, Little Miya, don't fight with each other. You two are siblings now. Nao came out first before Miya, so Nao, behave yourself and protect your little sister!"

"Yes, Mama..."

Seeing Nao admit his defeat, Miya grinned at him, as if she wanted this to happen. Nao sighed in his heart again. While they were only three years old now, Miya was quite the beautiful child and would become another beauty once they became older. Nao never had the chance to become the role of the elder brother so he was happy he would have someone to protect in the future. His role of being an orphan was now over. After this short bonding between parent and child, they returned to the West Gate and bid their farewell to the stationed guards. Iona could now be seen carrying Miya and Nao in her arms through the middle district. Time flew by and it was evening before they realized it, but there were still several Saiyans doing about their work. Every time Iona passed by another Saiyan, the other would look at them in surprise, as most of these people never seen a white or red haired saiyan child before. This caused Iona to become a bit numb over the course of the walk and in the end she let out a bitter smile, knowing that this would happen. Before long they arrived back at the high-class district cliffs and arrived at their cliff-side, and saw their home. It was indeed a tiring day for them and the two maids in the house were finally relieved seeing that the three returned safely. Iona informed the two to not prepare dinner and they were going to directly sleep for the night to prepare for tomorrow.

Year 728, High-Class District, The Next Day

Dawn soon approached and Iona could be seen sleeping with her two children in the bed on the second floor. Iona's eyes shuttered for a bit before slowly opening, and felt groggy again after waking up. Perhaps the events from yesterday were too much and she felt a bit exhausted from it still. She saw that her children were still asleep so she decided to go back to sleep. A bit more time passed now and it was now bright outside, and the sunlight caused Iona to wake up. She felt more refreshed now and she saw her two children playing with each other on the ground nearby. Her heart warmed up after seeing this but Nao noticed her mother is now awake.

"Mama, you finally woke up!"

"Yes Little Nao. Today is a special day after all. We shouldn't wait any longer. Little Nao, Little Miya, it's time to put on your battle armor. I will take you to the Palace after our meal."

Nao and Miya complied with her and they quickly got dressed. They then made their way down to the first floor and had a quick breakfast. Iona informed the two maids that they would be going out for a while and instructed them to keep doing their cleaning duties. Before long, the three left the house and made their way long the cliff-side. The main staircase soon appeared within their sight and they started to walk up. Iona, Nao and Miya finally arrived at the Palace bridge. What surprised them was that several Saiyans who appeared to be ready for battle were waiting at the bridge's entrance. One particular man was standing in front of them and seemed to be distinguished from the other Saiyans. The battle armor he had equipped was blue in the chest area and had yellow plating around the shoulders and waist and a tail wrapped around his waist. His hair was low cut and scruffy and had a straight mustache that curved downwards on both sides. Having hair threw Nao a bit off but he could immediately identify who this person was, and it was Nappa from the original story!

Chapter 7 - Meeting Nappa