Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 100

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 100 97: Diving Into Nao's Nightmare

As soon as Nao finished uttering that question, he suddenly felt an intense throbbing pain pound against his head. He ended up clutching it with both of his hands, feeling extremely groggy at the same time.

" head..."

At this time, Nao heard a feminine voice nearby reach out to him with a hint of worry.

"Don't move your body so quickly! It's still recovering from the aftermath of your vision you received earlier. Moreover, you just suffered from a nightmare. Let me go get some herbal tea to ease the pain in your head."

As the Supreme Kai of Time had yet to formally introduce herself to Nao, he only found her voice somewhat familiar.

However, as soon as she finished speaking, Nao heard the word 'vision', and immediately after, the same scene he'd witnessed many times once again played in his mind, as if this word became a trigger.

Another wave of pain streaked across his mind, and blood droplets started to appear out of his nose. Nao then let out a scream as his body leaned forward on the bed, still clutching it with both hands. It felt as if his head was going to burst open.


While this scream was not ear screeching, it was still quite loud. The Supreme Kai of Time was not expected for this to happen. She was about to bring over a warm cup of medicinal herbal tea to him, but the cup slid right out of her hand, crashing onto the ground of the sealed cube's space.

"Oh no, not again."

She rushed toward the bed. Whis watched all of this happen in silence, but his eyes was focused on Nao, as if he was contemplating something.

However, before she could do anything, his scream reached Miya's ears. Her eyes started to flutter a bit, and slowly opened. Almost immediately her eyes landed on Nao, who was clutching his head in pain. Miya even saw droplets of blood dripping from his nose.

Immediate panic caused her mind to become wide awake after just waking up, and she called out to Nao.

"Brother! Are you okay!? What's wrong!?"

Nao suddenly felt a very familiar voice reach his ears. He tried reaching out to it with his arms, only to utter a name afterward.


Hearing Nao's pain, Miya's heart started to throb, She grabbed onto Nao's hands, drawing them into her embrace. She then drew his head in as well, and started rubbing it, ruffling through his hair.

"It's alright, Brother, Miya is here, right next to you...."

As Miya spoke this, she said so in a soothing manner, as if it became a lullaby. Her words started to soothe Nao's mind, and the throbbing started to cease. The images flashing also vanished. As the pain started to fade away, Nao's arms slowly became limp, and closed his eyes again.

Even though Miya was covered a bit from Nao's bloody nose, she ignored this. She proceeded to lie his head back down on the pillows. With his eyes closed now, light snoring soon could be heard. Hearing this, Miya sighed in relief.

Seeing Nao now asleep, she now decided get her bearings. She immediately sensed she was no longer at the Other World Tournament. She saw she was rapidly travelling through outer space inside a giant teal cube!

Seeing this surprised her greatly. Her eyes then wandered around the cube, only to see the Supreme Kai of Time standing next to the bed, and Whis, calmly looking at the two with his staff laid across legs, sitting at the wooden table nearby.

Now it made sense as to where Miya currently was. She remembered Whis arriving, announcing the invitation, before she passed out.

The Supreme Kai of Time stared blankly at the now awake Miya. Before she could react, she could feel a serious air envelop Miya.

She then heard Miya speak out to the two of them very seriously. Her tone had changed, as if she had a complete, different personality!

" Now it makes sense...Whis and the Supreme Kai of to explain why the hell my master is like this?"

That's right! Miho's system fairy identity had once again resurfaced! While she normally acts like a prankster and is usually cheerful, she appeared very serious right now, causing the atmosphere to turn stiff.

Hearing this personality change, the Supreme Kai of Time continued to stare blankly at her, as she had not expected this at all. At this time, Whis let out a light chuckle, and got off his chair, walking toward Miho.

"Ohoho, it looks like my thoughts were correct. You appear to be hiding some secrets yourself, Companion of the Outsider. While I'd like to talk more about this, for now, please look at the boy's left fingers."

"My master's left fingers...?"

As soon as Whis finished saying this, Miho's eyes glanced toward Nao's left hand. She carefully reached out to it and slowly lifted it up as to not disturb him.

Her eyes then glanced downward, only to see exquisite silver and dark green rings on his middle and ring finger respectively. Miho sighed once again seeing this

"So it really is a Time Ring...and seeing this dark green ring, it's obvious my master didn't time travel, did he have a vision?"

As Miho read all of Nao's memories of the true timeline in the past, she could easily identify what these two rings were. Hearing this, Whis nodded at Miho in confirmation.

Whis then turned to face the Supreme Kai of Time, who was still not uttering a word. She could not follow what was going on, so Whis decided to break the ice.

"That's right, Nao did indeed have a vision, a vision of the future to be precise. Lady Chronoa, it's rude to stare at our guests you know. Why don't you explain it to Lady Miya, if that's still your name, that is, ohoho."


Hearing Whis call out to her, the Supreme Kai of Time's eyes moved to him, then darted back to Miho. She proceeded to stutter as she spoke to Miho for the first time.

" aren't Nao's sister! Who are you?"

Hearing this caused Miho some slight anger. Miho immediately responded back to her.

"I can explain everything afterwards! Let me ask you again, what the hell did my master see in the future for him to turn out this way!?"

Miho raised her voice at the Supreme Kai of Time. Her voice didn't feel feel oppressive but she could still feel her anger. She took this time to breathe in and calm down a bit, before proceeding to answer Miho's question.

"Nao did indeed experience a vision of the future. As you've seen just now, it resulted in him gaining a trauma. Seeing how severe his reaction is and that he keeps calling your name the first thing he wakes up, I fear it's related to you, Miya. Depending on the severity, it's even possible he witnessed your death."

Hearing this, Miho turned quiet for a moment, before she responded.

"My master...saw me die?"

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded seriously after hearing this. She then continued the conversation along.

"Yes. We haven't heard the exact details from Nao yet. I was thinking of asking Whis to peer into his memories but that in itself is pretty rude and would only be used as a last resort. you can see, we've not much luck with this yet."

Hearing this, Miho went into contemplation for a bit. A couple minutes passed in silence before a glint streaked across her eyes, as though she reached a conclusion. She then sat up from the bed, and bowed at the Supreme Kai of Time.

She was not expecting Miho to do this so she became stunned for a moment. Miho then calmed her voice before speaking out to her.

"Lady Chronoa, please excuse me for my outburst from earlier. You two don't need to peer into my master's memories, I'll dive into them myself! Aww geez, the President warned me not to use this ability too much. While it doesn't harm me much, he repeatedly warned me that it was only to be used as a last resort or only to be used while transitioning. Looks like I'm left with no other choice but to do this!"

She calmed herself down after saying this, and recited the name of the ability she just mentioned. As soon as she did, Miho's body started to glow!

"Soul Revert!"