Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 101

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 101 98: A Twinkling Star In The Darkness

"Soul Revert!"

As soon as Miho recited this, her Saiyan body started to glow brightly in a red light! Whis raised his eyebrows seeing the red glow on her body. Before the two blinked, Miho's body started to de-pixilate before their very eyes!

Starting with her head, all the way down to her feet, Miho's body quickly turned into miniature red cubes. The red cubes started to swirl together before they converged into Miho's fiery red soul. It's size was no larger than a fist, and was still smaller than Nao's soul when they first came to this world.

Before the two could say anything else, Miho's soul started to change shape. The bottom of the sphere soon extended outward, changing into two little feet. Her body then took shape, following her hands, and finally her head.

Once Miho's body finished forming, two beautiful transparent red fairy wings sprouted from her back. She now stood no more than a couple feet tall.

Miho successfully reverted her soul back into Rebirth's system fairy appearance! Thanks to that, she was now hovering right above the bed sheets. She was now no more than a couple feet tall. As a result, she saw that Whis and the Supreme Kai of Time appeared taller than usual.

Whis decided to break the ice seeing that she was done transforming. His eyes were full of curiosity seeing the little fairy fluttering her wings before them.

"So this is your true form, I take it? How fascinating, you appear to have complete control over your soul..."

As Whis finished speaking this, the two heard a small high pitched voice escape from Miho's mouth, containing a hint of pride. Her voice no longer contained her previous anger, and was now calm.

"Of course I do! I was bestowed with this ability by the President himself! I'm the artificial intelligence life-form, Rebirth's system fairy #001, Miho, at your service!"

Hearing Miho's introduction, the Supreme Kai of Time continued to stare at the now tiny red fairy constantly fluttering her wings in the air. She then faced toward Whis.

"Whis, did I just hear what I think I just heard?"

As she asked this, Whis placed his right hand over his mouth, letting out a light chuckle.

"Ohoho, I didn't mishear her either, Lady Chronoa. I've observed some mortal races in our universe diving into artificial intelligence technology before, but to think I would get to see one so life-like...What's more, this little one was even granted a soul. You did mention your name was Miho, right? Would you like to be called Lady Miya or Lady Miho?"

Hearing this, Miho let out a light giggle. She then flew up closer to Whis.

"Either is fine, but for the moment it's probably better for you guys to address me as Miya. I don't want master to know this ability of mine yet. He hasn't realized it, but he will be able to do this as well in the future. Can you two keep this a secret for me?"

"If that is what you wish, Lady Miya. You did say you would go directly into his memories, How exactly are you planning to do this?"

"I will show you guys in a moment, but before, that, Merus, shouldn't you stop hiding yourself? Aren't you supposed to be an Angel in training?"

At this time, the three suddenly heard another voice resound in the cube, followed by a light laughter. Even though they had left in a hurry, Merus still followed inside the cube as well before it left, and decided to hide himself. As he was still an Angel in training, he took this time to observe events unfold without interfering.

"Haha, looks like I can't hide from you, little fairy. Still, are your really just an artificial life-form? You look like no different from a living being to me, Miya."

Another voice resounded in the cube. Merus concealed himself after he first stepped inside, and only now did he come out of the shadows. His appearance looked equivalent to that of Whis, except he was quite shorter and he had a different hair-style. Another difference was the two pale blue rings around the black orb of his staff. As he stepped out from the shadows and said that, Miya let out another giggle.

"Hehe, I'll take that as a compliment, Merus. My creator was indeed a God, I guess he can be my first Papa in a sense? Anyways, like I said previously, master and I can explain everything later. I'll go into my master's memories to find the root cause out of all of this!"

At this time, the Supreme Kai of Time also voiced out her curiosity. She was just as curious as Whis and Merus were as the three observed Miya.

"Exactly how are you going to do that, Miya? Even you know who I am...and I'm the only Supreme Kai of Time there is! I myself find all of this still hard to believe."

"Simply this, Lady Chronoa!"


Leaving behind a curious Supreme Kai of Time, Miya fluttered her wings once again and flew around in a couple circles, before approaching the bed again. Her body approached Nao's face. Even though hers was a lot smaller, her lips still managed to come into contact with his. Simply put, a kiss!

Seeing this, the Supreme Kai of Time immediately became fl.u.s.tered a bit, and a light blush appeared on her cheeks. She stuttered her next words, but before she could finish speaking them, her eyes turned wide in shock!


The Supreme Kai of Time saw the little fairy kiss Nao! Before she could react further, Miya's body started to de-pixilate in front of them once more. Changing into a myriad amount of miniature cubes, they all started shooting straight into Nao's mind. Miya's body was gone in a flash, leaving behind a stunned Supreme Kai of Time!

Meanwhile, deep within Nao's mindspace, the endless darkness could once again be seen. Nao's figure was nowhere to be found. Before long, Miya re-appeared in this vast black expanse. As soon as Miya saw this, she frowned.

"This is definitely bad..normally it's pure white in here, giving us the ability to see master's soul bound chains. How am I supposed to travel in here...?"

Miya looked around hoping to see something, only to prove that useless in a few seconds. She sighed, and decided to go in a random direction.

"Guess I'll just start over"

As soon as she started to flutter forward, Miya caught a blue twinkle out of the corner of her eyes. She didn't know how far away this blue twinkle was, but she started to zip through the black expanse at a very fast pace.

"Hang in there...master!"

Before she knew it, time started to speed up as she darted around toward the very far away blue twinkling light. Over an hour passed of straight flying, but she didn't appear tired one bit. The twinkling blue light soon turned into a large three dimensional blue panel floating around endless darkness.

Miya immediately saw the giant panel play a scene. She saw a beautiful fiery red headed woman standing about 5'7 tall, appearing heavily injured. Her red phoenix robe was extremely torn, and blood endlessly poured out of it. Her lungs could be seen collapsed in itself. She heard the figure speak a couple lines, before collapsing dead in another lime green haired woman's embrace.

Miya sensed extreme familiarity seeing this figure, and could guess who she was.

"Is that...really me dying...?"

As she finished asking this to herself, she saw the blue panel blur a bit, before the scene restarted from the beginning. Seeing this, Miya frowned.

"If this is on a repeated loop, no doubt it'd give master some nightmares. Seeing this here, hopefully master is somewhere nearby in this mess..."

She immediately sensed a familiar presence directly below her. 'Found you, master!', Miya thought as she yelled this in her mind.

She then took a dive bomb downward. It didn't take long to teach the surface of the darkness. As soon as she did, she saw Nao standing with a blank expression. He wasn't even looking at the blue panel anymore, it was as if he couldn't feel anything.

Seeing, this, Miya's heart started to throb. She soon started to think what the best way to go about this was. Miya knew she couldn't just rush in. She currently saw Nao in a fragile state. If he was just yanked out of there by surprise, his mind could collapse in on itself.

She decided to go with the next best thing, and Miya's fairy appearance soon turned back into her Saiyan body. Doing this caused her body to become slightly transparent, as she was currently inside Nao's mind, but she didn't care. Her Saiyan body had more reach, and soon she slowly descended to Nao.

As she approached his body, he could feel the atmosphere turn cool. It wasn't freezing cold but it was still chilling enough to where it pierced through her body, and was able to see her breath come out of her mouth.

Ignoring this, she finally approached right beside him. Without saying anything, Miya just took Nao into her embrace, hoping to warm his subconscious up. As if it had an immediate effect, Nao's eyes soon became whole again, with pupils. They started to dart around the darkness, and felt a very familiar warmth. A few tears started to form as Nao saw Miya's translucent body. He then called out to her.

"Is that you...Miya?"

Hearing this, Miya started to speak softly to Nao, trying to soothe him.

"Yes, your sister Miya is right here with you...You aren't alone, Brother."


"No, Brother. I'm here with you. Papa and Mama are waiting for you to return. Your heart will soon become one with those three girls too. So stop acting like this and wake up!"

As soon as Miya finished speaking this, an immediate reaction occurred, and the endless darkness around them froze all at once, before shattering into pieces like a broken screen! Sounds of broken glass kept resounding in all directions. The panels replaying the same scene over and over again also froze, and cracked into tiny pieces, slowly crumbling away into the fading darkness.

Seeing all of this happen, Miya knew she had made the correct choice. However, she did not have much time to remain here. She didn't want to get trapped in all of this before Nao's mind healed. She didn't know if he would be healed for good or if this was just temporary, it's possible she would have to do this again.

With no more time to waste, the endless darkness started to vanish slowly bit by bit. Miya took this time to de-pixilate once more, allowing herself to flow outside of Nao's mind. Once all the darkness vanished, massive amounts of miniature cubes re-appeared outside back in the teal cube. It didn't take long for them to converge together, forming Miya's figure again, this time her Saiyan body.

Miya didn't know how much time had passed, but before she could get her bearings together, she saw Nao's eyes move a bit, before flinging wide open. Nao himself felt refreshed, and the throbbing pain he had been receiving earlier had all faded away. He tried to move his arms upward, trying to form a fist to see if his body functioned properly. Feeling normal, he saw Miya right next to him.

Unlike previously, Nao was able to utter his words fine now, for the time being.

"Miya, is that you? Why do I get the feeling that a lot of time has passed but I can't remember much of it?"

"You're finally back, Brother!"


Nao was not expecting Miya to say this, so he only stared dumbfounded as Miya embraced him.