Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 102

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 102 99: Becoming A Kai Apprentice?

'Finally back from what?', Nao thought.

Nao was still confused. He felt very refreshed now, but he didn't know what happened to himself, and only felt a very long amount of time passed. He had only briefly checked his body out to make sure it could still move, and it did perfectly fine. Now he decided to inspect it more closely.

Nao remembered as he closed his hands into fists the first time, he did feel his left hand slightly heavier than his right. His eyes wandered to left hand, causing him to raise his eyebrows. On his middle finger and ring finger, he saw the Time Ring and Green Time Ring respectively.

Seeing this caused him to shift his body outward from the bed and raise his head up to get a good look at his surroundings. He could see outer space all around him, moving at an extremely fast pace! The first question to pop into his mind seeing this was, 'How the hell is a bed flying through space?', Nao thought.

He shook his head at this question, and allowed his eyes to wander around more. He found himself in a sealed space in the form of a giant teal cube, travelling across outer space. He felt a sense of familiarity seeing this. His eyes darted around further away after turning his head to the right. He saw a plain wooden table with three figures sitting in a relaxed manner.

His eyebrows moved upward as soon as he saw a clear image of these three. 'Whis, the Supreme Kai of Time...and Merus?', Nao thought. The last thing Nao remembered clearly was the invitation he received from Whis and the vision that triggered shortly after. He did not remember the Supreme Kai of Time arriving or anything else beyond that.

The three were idly relaxing while Miya was in Nao's mind, and as soon as the three heard her shout after coming back out of it, their eyes shifted toward Nao, and they were now looking at him. Before Nao could ask them anything, he saw Whis get up from the table, and walked toward him.

"Your eyes have a lot more clarity in them now. How are you feeling, Nao?", Whis asked.

Hearing Whis ask him how he was, Nao proceeded to respond to him.

"I feel pretty refreshed now. I remember you inviting us to meet the Grand Minister, and I had a vision shortly after, but I don't remember much past that. How much time had passed since I passed out?"

"From the time our travelling started, about ten hours have passed."

"T-Ten hours!?"

"Yes. We will be arriving at Lord Zeno's Palace in two hours to meet with Father. Your sister mentioned you two will explain things, but it's probably best to wait until Father is included. For now, please rest for the remainder of the trip."

"Your Father...are you referring to the Grand Minister?"

"Yes. The Grand Minister is the also known as the Head of Angels, and personal attendant to Lord Zeno himself, who manages most of Lord Zeno's affairs."

"Ehhh? You never spoke about your Father, Whis. Now I'm more interested in meeting this person."

At this time, the Supreme Kai of Time chimed into the conversation Whis started. Nao's eyes followed this voice, and he saw a small figure sitting on the table, drinking tea.

They had light purple skin with a stylish pinkish-red haircut that was cut pretty short, and it didn't even extend past the end of her neck. She was seen wearing a purple posh Kai outfit with golden lacing around the edges.

To see the Supreme Kai of Time with clarity for the first time still amazed Nao quite a bit. Nao saw her jump off the table and patted her legs, before walking up next to Whis. Nao then saw her raise her right hand only to do a v-sign, as she introduced herself to him

"Looks like your conscience is back in working order, boy."

"Did something really happen to me? Also as I recall, you should be the Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa..."

Hearing this, the Supreme Kai of Time let out a defeated sigh, and shrugged her shoulders, as if she was expecting something different.

"Why am I not surprised? Even your sister knew who I was before I could even introduce myself to you two. Seriously, what's going on in that head of yours? Well, it's not like I have a fancy introduction or anything, but I can still say it right? I'm indeed the Supreme Kai of Time. You can me Chronoa for now. The way you address me will likely change in the near future, but for now, you must be wondering I'm with Whis?"

Hearing this, Nao nodded his head, as he remembered the Supreme Kai of Time normally didn't leave her domain, which was known as Tokitoki City. This domain was actually outside of Universe 7 and the other universes!

"Yes, shouldn't you be back at Tokitoki City?"

"Sigh...that's not a name accessible to just anyone you know. Guess it's time to stop acting surprised every time I hear something come out of your mouth, or else I might end up crazy."

Whis covered his mouth and let out a light chuckle after the Supreme Kai of Time finished speaking this.

"Ohoho, Lady Chronoa, if you do end up going crazy we would have to elect someone else to take over your domain, since you would be unfit to rule it. Managing the flow of time is a very important job after all."

"I-I know that! Can't you take a joke, Whis?"

Hearing this caused Nao to laugh. Miya hadn't heard Nao laugh in a good while, so she sighed in relief, seeing him normal again. Nao decided to continue the conversation along.

"Haha, still, it's a pleasure to meet you, Chronoa. I did happen to see a Time Ring on my finger earlier, Was it because of my vision?"

Even though Whis teased the Supreme Kai of Time earlier, she immediately regained her focus, and answered Nao.

"That's partly the reason why I'm here with Whis, yes. Most of the Time Patrollers are currently out on missions, so I decided to have Whis accompany me, otherwise it would've been a super boring trip. You had nothing else to so as well, right, Whis?"

"Yes. Lord Beerus was still sleeping at the time. Normally I visit planets searching for different foods to serve Lord Beerus, but it was different this time, since Lady Chronoa personally came to visit. Speaking of which, Lord Beerus also holds you in high regards, Nao."

As the two finished speaking this, the Supreme Kai of Time immediately thought, 'I mustn't reveal that I accidentally misplaced the only Time Ring I had to Nao. Thankfully Shin had one to spare, but if Nao got word of this, I just know he'll laugh at me!', she thought.

On the other hand, Nao's ears perked up as Whis mentioned the God of Destruction, Beerus to Nao.

"Lord Beerus?"

"Yes, he is the current one I serve, the God of Destruction in this universe. He keeps spouting nonsense about a Super Saiyan God. Would you happen to know anything about that, Nao?"

'Super Saiyan God!? It appears my presence is affecting more and more of the original story...This wasn't even supposed to have been revealed until another 45 years or so, wasn't it?, Nao thought.

Nao decided how to approach this, he turned to look back toward his sister, remembering how Whis mentioned earlier that she said Nao and Miya would explain things to them.

"Miya, exactly what did you mention to Whis and Chronoa earlier?"

Hearing this, Nao saw Miya start to fidget with her fingers, taking a moment to respond. Seeing this, Nao knew that Miya was hiding something.

"Umm...Brother, don't get mad at me, but I may or may not have revealed Rebirth's existence to them..."

As soon as Miya said this line, an instant glint of anger streaked across Nao's eyes. Nao extended his fingers outward, and infusing a bit of Ki into it, he immediately chopped down at Miya's forehead, causing a light bang to resound in the sealed cube. A small bruise revealed itself shortly after, and Miya winced her eyes in pain.

"Oww...was that really necessary Brother? I didn't want Whis to look into your memories, so I had to personally take action! Don't you remember a voice reaching out to you?"

"A voice...? Now that you mention it, I do remember a familiar voice calling out to me right before I woke up...was that you?"

"Of course it was! It was pretty bad in there. Look, Brother, why don't you rest your body some more? We still got another good hour even with all of this talking."

"If that really was you, then..."

Ignoring Miya's question, Nao suddenly brought her into his embrace. She wasn't expecting this, but she soon calmed down, after feeling his warmth spread into her body. He then proceeded to gently rub the bump on her head that formed.

"I apologize for doing that to you just now, Miya. But still, some things just can't be mentioned. You did say we'll explain things to them, right? Well if there was anyone to explain this to, it's probably best that its these guys. Otherwise, I don't know what would happen..."

"Ehehe, but brother, don't you still have to answer Whis's question? It's rude to leave him hanging like that."

"Ah yes...I almost forgot."

Nao then turned around to face Whis again, who was calmly looking at them, while the Supreme Kai of Time was acting a bit fl.u.s.tered, but remained silent.

"Whis, it is true that we have records in our history about a Super Saiyan God, but this has been passed down orally from my Father, it actually is not in any of the Saiyan databases back on my home planet."

"Oh? It appears Lord Beerus was speaking the truth then. I was for sure thinking he got the Oracle Fish to play along with him this time...but it looks like I was wrong. I did a little investigating myself but the only result I could find was through the Namekian Book of Legends, which only detailed the method to becoming one...I'd love to hear the history later, Nao."

"Sure thing, Whis. Time really seems to fly, huh? My mind is so clear right now I don't think I could rest anymore. Wonder if I should start to freshen up a bit?"

"Hmm, since you don't think rest is needed right now, then would you like to do the honors, Lady Chronoa?"

"That I can do, Whis!"


Nao didn't know what Whis meant by that, but before he could do anything, he saw the Supreme Kai of Time snap her right fingers, while Whis raised his staff, only for it to shine for a brief moment.

After this happened, a wave of cleanliness surged around Nao's body, and any dried up blood and grime he had disappeared instantly. He then saw his own body glow.

After glowing for a few seconds, Nao felt his body become a bit heavier. He immediately removed the bed sheets to the side, which moved on top of Miya. Miya pulled the sheets down enough to where she could see what's going on with her own eyes.

Nao could now see himself fully clothed in new clothes. These clothes weren't normal clothes either. He was wearing a slick purple robe with white lining around its edges. A white hem also could be seen tied in front of his chest area.

Following this posh Kai robe, he was now wearing a teal bodysuit underneath that extended all the way from his neck to the end of his legs. To top it off, his feet now were snug away into white boots.

Seeing this stunned Nao for a moment. He was now wearing a Kai outfit similar to the Supreme Kai of Time! Thoughts started to accelerate in his mind. But before he could do anything else, he saw her approach the table.

On the table, there was two silver cases. One of them was a case for the Time Ring. She did not pick that up, and went to pick up the smaller silver case, which was about half the size of the other but somewhat thicker.

Picking it up, she walked back toward Nao. He could now sense a very serious air around her, so he tensed up a bit, remaining quiet. Without saying anything, following a 'Pop!' sound, the smaller case opened in front of Nao's eyes.

Nao became shocked as soon as he saw the contents inside. Two earrings with two small pale yellow orb ornaments attached could be seen within! That's right, this was a Potara earring set that looked just like the Supreme Kai of Time's!

Upon opening this, Nao heard her ask him a question with a very serious tone. He was unsure how to reply!

"Nao, the power of time had awoken inside of you. It went out of control the moment it did but we were able to suppress your power with the Time Ring. You have not learned to use this power yet. A power like this requires a good teacher. Are you willing to take me as your master and become a Kai Apprentice?"