Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 103

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 103 100: Zeno's Palace

"Nao, are you willing to accept me as your master and become a Kai Apprentice?"

Hearing the Supreme Kai of Time ask, this, Nao became shocked! Even with the craziest of ideas, he hadn't a single clue that he would be offered a position like this! Nao suddenly became excited thinking that he would now have a chance of becoming a Kai, let alone a Supreme Kai.

While most Kai and Supreme Kai were born from apples grown on the branches of the Origin Tree located back at the Sacred World of the Kais, it wasn't unheard of mortals ascending to the ranks of the Kais, although it never happened for a long, long, time. Nao would be the first for Universe 7 since then.

Similarly, mortals who achieve Godly Ki can also ascend to positions like the God of Destruction, if the current holder ever wishes to retire or is somehow killed in battle. For example, Beerus did offer Goku his job, even if it was teased as a joke, and Toppo gained the powers of the God of Destruction while not being one.

Anyways, Nao did not hesitate, and immediately got down from the bed. He landed on the floor of the sealed cube. Even though he was wearing quite a large posh Kai robe now, he did not feel any discomfort from it, and it felt like it fitted perfectly. He arrived only a couple feet away from the Supreme Kai of Time, and knelt down, bowing his head.

"Disciple is willing to become a Kai Apprentice. Disciple greets Master Chronoa."

As Nao finished speaking this, the Supreme Kai of Time smiled, but seriousness remained on her face. She continued the conversation along.

"Excellent. Nao, please raise your head."

Hearing her request, Nao complied, and lifted his head, only to see the Supreme Kai of Time looking right at him with a smile.

"...Like this?"

As Nao asked this, she nodded.

"Exactly like that, please do not move your head for the moment."

As soon as she finished speaking this, Nao saw the Supreme Kai of Time shift her head downward, only to look at the smaller silver case containing the two Potara earrings. She reached down her right hand, only to grab the one on the left. As the case was facing now, she picked out the right earring. Immediately following that, she reached out her hand, extending it toward Nao's right ear.

Silence spread as she prepared the Potara earring. She didn't waste any time, and before long Nao felt a buzzing sensation latch onto his right ear. He also heard a light piercing sound. He was expecting slight pain, but with the Potara earring shining briefly, his right ear felt calm. He could now be seen with a Potara earring attached to his right ear!

The Supreme Kai of Time then retracted her hand, pulling it back toward her. She then proceeded to talk once more.

"Nao, I now hereby announce you the first Kai Apprentice to the Supreme Kai of Time!"

As soon as she announced this, Merus and Whis lightly clapped. Miya stayed silent as she watched this, but still smiled at her Brother. Following that, the cube they were travelling in came to a halt. As soon as it did, the stars and planets around them stopped moving at a very fast pace, and now stood all around them in silence.

Further beyond, only a couple million miles away, one could see endless golden clouds. Within this endless amount of golden clouds stood a myriad amount of stars and planets outlined in a rainbow hue.

Within all of this, if one looked closely, a giant floating ocean-blue jellyfish could be seen. At the very top of it, a castle stood. It wasn't massive per say, but it was built in an extremely unique fashion. Its structure was shaped in the Japanese kanji, Zen, corresponding with the English meaning, 'All'!

That's right, this was none other then Zeno's Palace, home to the Ruler of All, or commonly known as the Omni-King, ruler of the twelve Universes! If one had a close look at the outside of the Palace, one could see twelve giant floating pillars. At the top of each of these pillars stood a total of twelve giant black orbs. Each orb contained a Universe within it!

As soon as the Supreme Kai of Time announced this, an invisible wave of energy immediately spread out in all directions. It encompassed all things within the Universe in mere seconds! This energy could only have been felt by a select few, and one of them could currently be seen standing outside of Zeno's Palace.

This figure was relatively small compared to the other Angels. They were currently wearing a long, dark blue sleeved shirt with baggy shoulder pads, which extended well past the red belt that was equipped around his waist. There was a gold plate in the center of this belt. It contained a symbol of another Japanese Kanji, 'Dai', corresponding to the English meaning, 'Great'.

He was also wearing pants in matching color as his sleeved shirt, with white boots to top it off. An orange upside down triangle appeared in the center of their shirt. He had white hair like the other Angels as well, which slicked backward. He could also be seen with a pale blue ring, but it floated on top of his head like a halo, and not around his heck like the other Angels. This was none other than the Grand Minister!

His eyes currently landed on the teal cube, which halted a couple million miles away. While this appeared to be quite the long ways away, at the rate they were travelling, they could cross this distance within a mere few minutes. They were only about ten minutes away from arriving! The Grand Minister could currently be seen with his eyebrows raised, admiring the wave of invisible energy that just spread out from the cube.

"Oh? To think that the Outsider just achieved a rank of a Kai...This is rather interesting. Even if it's just the status of a Kai Apprentice, this hadn't happened for eons. It looks like I won't have to worry about the boy's upbringing then. He will be taught well under the Supreme Kai of Time's guidance."

After he said this, he turned around. He closed his eyes, and a smile appeared on his face. At this time, he suddenly heard a childish voice echo from inside the Palace.

"Heyyyyyyy, I'm bored~ Is something interesting happening outside?"

Hearing this childish voice, the smile remained on the Grand Minister's face. His eyes flew open, and proceeded to speak calmly. His voice wasn't loud but it was clear enough to where it could be heard by the voice that just spoke from inside the Palace.

"Yes. I've invited a rather unique guest. He is not someone from the twelve universes."

"Ehhhh? Would they be an Outsider then? How interesting! I want to seeeeeeee~"

"Haha, Yes it is as you say, Lord Zeno. He is indeed an Outsider. They will be arriving in a few minutes, he is currently being brought here by two of my sons. Please look forward to it. In the meantime, please wash yourself up. We will start the meeting soon."