Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 104

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 104 101: The Angels Are Gathering

Meanwhile, as Zeno started to show his interest in the incoming guests to his Palace, Nao could still be seen kneeling in front of the Supreme Kai of Time. Unlike previously, however, her serious atmosphere vanished. She then proceeded to put her hands at the sides of her waist, and smiled.

"Well, then, that ceremony is finally settled! You know, Nao, you happen to be the first Kai Apprentice I've officially taken. I do have other students and the Time Patrollers back at Tokitoki City, but none of them expressed any interest in becoming a Kai. Ever since Whis found that you possess the power of time in your body, I knew I had to take action. Moreover, that's not the only element you possess, is it?"

Hearing this, Nao was a bit shocked, but then again, Whis had countless ways to observe things. Nao proceeded to nod his head in confirmation.

"Yes. Master, I do have a question before I explain. Have you heard of the Three Higher Elements?"

"The Three Higher Elements?"

The Supreme Kai of Time tilted her head in confusion, as this wasn't a term that she was familiar with. She then turned her head toward Whis, asking him the same question she had just heard.

"Whis, is this something you've heard of before?"

Hearing this, she immediately saw Whis lightly shake his head.

"No. While I do have a guess as to what they are, our universe mainly practices the use of Ki. We do have races that know Magic, but I do not recall a naming convention like that for the elements. We just simply call them by name."

Hearing this, Nao immediately thought, 'I can't really tell them this naming convention comes from one of my favorite game series in my past life, now can I?'. He then shook this thought away, and decided to further explain.

"I see. Well to put it simply, they are the three elements closer to the power of the universe, Time, Space and Reality. Reality has a simpler name known as Mirage, but I think it's more tied to Creation? Well, out of the three, I'm currently most proficient in Space."

"Interesting. I'll go contact someone to see if they know anything about this. Also, Nao were you aware a small burst of energy just spread out from here right after the ceremony finished?

"Small burst of energy?"

Nao didn't feel any sort of energy like that. Little did he know that a very small change was currently happening inside of him! As Nao answered like this, he saw Whis let out a light chuckle after placing his hand over his mouth.

"Ohohoho, if you couldn't feel that energy now, then you'll likely be in for a surprise later. Now if you'll excuse me everyone, I'm going to make a call."

Hearing this, Nao could only nod. The Supreme Kai of Time and Miya were also interested. Miya was still in her attire she put on back at the Other World.

She took this time to take out a Hoi-Poi capsule, which soon revealed a simple red one piece dress and blue panties. As she was hidden inside the covers, it was easy for her to change. A minute passed and she now moved the covers aside.

Taking out another Hoi-Poi capsule, she pressed it, and the bed she was sitting on suddenly went 'poof', going back inside the capsule. She then made her way next to Nao's side. Her red tail was currently wrapped around her waist, holding the dress tightly to her legs.

As for Nao's tail, he also did not keep it hidden any longer, and it wrapped around his robe. acting like a belt. Nao now felt Miya beside him, and felt her warmth. He had a quick look at her, she remained quiet all this while. This was a very serious situation they were currently in so he was glad she was also taking this seriously.

The two then saw Whis's staff shine a green glow, before the orb turned green. It then started to distort, before revealing an image inside of it. Before long, another light blue skinned figure dressed in the same style as Whis appeared inside the orb. Unlike Whis however, they had a long white ponytail that extended downward well past their neck.

The robe this figure was wearing was forest green instead of of maroon. They were not wearing a cuirass either, and instead had baggy shoulder pads. That's right, this was none other than Vados, the Angel assigned to Universe 6's God of Destruction, Champa! Whis then raised his voice at the orb.

"Sister, do you read me?"

Meanwhile, Nao heard a calm feminine voice come out of the orb.

"Oh my, is that you Whis? Such an unexpected call. What brings you out here?"

"It's nice to see you again, Sister Vados. I was wondering if you had time for a few questions."

However, before Vados could respond, the group suddenly heard an impatient voice, appearing angry, escape from the orb.

"Oi, Vados! Did you find out the bastard who interrupted my meal time yet!?"

"Be quiet, Lord Champa. I'm currently on a call. You still have more to eat, don't you?"

As soon as Vados reprimanded the angry voice, the group suddenly heard the sound of shuffling feet. Whis then saw another figure squeeze their way into the orb.

This figure was a purple cat-like humanoid equipped with a collar similar to Beerus's but it was pink and red with white lining around its edges. They also wore baggy red robe-like pants, and had golden bangles and arm rings on both arms.

This was none other than Universe 6's God of Destruction, Champa, Beerus's twin brother! He immediately saw Whis on the other side of the orb, and called out to him.

"What brings you here, Whis? Is that lazy ass brother of mine there?"

"It's good to see you again as well, Lord Champa. Unfortunately, Lord Beerus is not with me right now. I'm currently about ten minutes from arriving at Lord Zeno's Palace. I just wanted to see if Sister had time for a few questions before we land."

"L-Lord Zeno!?"

As if this word became a trigger, cold sweat started to pour down Champa's back. He then glanced back at Vados, and spoke out to her in a hurried voice.

"V-Vados, f-for some reason I-I feel full all of a sudden! I-I'm going on ahead and take a nap. Y-You deal with this without me!"

The group then saw Champa try to leave. However, it turned out to prove useless, as Vados immediately extended her free hand outward, grabbing Champa by the collar. She then reprimanded him once again.

"Lord Champa, it's rude to excuse yourself like that in front of guests. Moreover it seems something is happening over on Whis's side. Aren't you a bit curious?"

At this time, Whis spoke out to Vados, without waiting for Champa to respond.

"Hold on Sister, let me enlarge this so you two can see better."

As soon as Whis finished saying this, he raised his staff slightly. It shone once again, and the green orb soon returned to its black color, and suddenly a blue holographic panel appeared on top of them, a few feet away. It revealed more than what could be seen previously. Vados and Champa could now be seen at the side of a large granite stone table, with various exotic foods placed on top of it.

Vados took this time to move her hand over her eyes, as if she was trying to spot what could be seen far off in the distance. She then smiled.

"That definitely helped Whis. You really are not far off from Lord Zeno's Palace. Has something happened?"

Hearing this, Whis nodded at Vados's question in confirmation.

"Yes. Father sent out an invitation to someone. I'm currently on the way bringing him there. In fact he's here right with us."

Hearing this, Vados became even more interested. Her eyes then shifted downward, and saw four other figures. One of them was a white haired boy wearing a posh Kai purple robe. She even saw one Potara earring on his right ear. Her eyebrows then moved upward, intrigue could clearly be seen in her eyes.

"Whis, was this little one the cause of the energy burst that we just felt?"

"Yes. This was actually one of the reasons why I called you so suddenly. So you could feel it too, Sister? If that's the case, if I had to take a guess, the others probably felt it too."

As soon as Whis finished saying this, anger appeared on Champa's face. But before he could yell out at Nao for disturbing his meal, the group suddenly heard a thwacking sound. Thwack!

Vados struck Champa in the head with her staff! She saw it clearly Champa was going to lash out at Nao, so she took the initiative. This caused Champa to rub his head, and glared at her.

"What'd you do that for, Vados!? That hurt!"

"Lord Champa, you really are easy to read. Also, I'd advise to you read the situation before lashing out against someone. Whis isn't too far away from Lord Zeno. If you did something, he probably would sense it."

As if a cold bucket of water poured down on Champa, he froze for a second. His anger dissipated immediately. However, his voice still contained a hint of annoyance.

"I-I know that already! Still, this boy ruined one of my favorite dishes. He should at least compensate me!"

As soon as Champa finished saying that, another thwacking sound resounded. Thwack! Vados once again struck Champa's head in the same place, the small bump that appeared now grew larger.

"Oww, why do you keep doing that, Vados!?"

Hearing this caused Vados to giggle lightly. She then spoke out to him once more.

"You still have terrible manners as always, Lord Champa. You still have other dishes to eat right? Go resume your meal while I continue talking with Whis. Do I make myself clear?"

Champa then saw anger appear in her eyes, and more chills went down his spine. He then tucked his tail between his legs, and faced the other way.

"F-Fine! But this isn't over yet, you hear me!?"

As he finished speaking this, Champa finally left from the screen, returning to the dining table, out of sight. However, at this time, before Vados and Whis could continue their conversation. the group suddenly saw many distortions of space take place in the sealed cube they were in!

Along with Vados's blue screen, ten more suddenly appeared out of the blue! Each panel had revealed light blue skinned humanoids dressed in a similar fashion as Whis. They all had different hairstyles, but it was clear that a pale blue ring floated around each one of their necks.

Nao became shocked seeing all of these blue screens suddenly reveal themselves. He was at most expecting to arrive at Zeno's Palace, but he had little to no idea that the other Angels would now take this time to show themselves! Nao thought it must've been because of the energy burst that was released earlier.

This was very strange to him, as Nao could not feel what that energy was once-soever. However, it appeared the ten other Angels have now gathered in front of them, most of them having curiosity in their eyes. This unexpectedly turned out to be a gathering of Angels, which made the cube they were in suddenly feel a lot more cramped!