Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 105

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 105 102: Meeting The Grand Minister

Before Nao realized it, face after face suddenly showed up on each of the blue screens that appeared out of nowhere. Even though they were just screens in front of him, he still felt a hidden pressure spread out inside the cube.

Nao was not used to having as many as fifteen sets of eyes suddenly turn to look at him in a relatively closed space, so he remained quiet. At least the screens weren't in a disorderly manner. Angels were very keen on clean mannerisms among other things. All of the screens moved around until they were in a slight arch.

They were also in an orderly fashion. All the way from the left side started with the first universe, and the twelfth universe at the end of the right side. It went as followed :

Awamo of Universe 1, Quiff-style white hair, pink robe, a bit shorter than the other Angels and somewhat pudgy.

Sour of Universe 2. His white hair was shoulder length, styled similarly to Shin's Kai Attendant, Kibito. He could be seen wearing a black cuirass and yellow robes. A look of indifference could be seen in his eyes.

Camparri of Universe 3. His white hair slicked backward, and curved outward right at his neckline. He had a somewhat big nose, large cheekbones, and a decent sized mouth, which made his chin fairly large. He was wearing a dark orange robe with a black cuirass.

Cognac of Universe 4. His white hair was styled into a large pompadour, curving outward from his face. His robes were wine-red in color, and was seen wearing a black cuirass with shoulder pads, like the other Angels. Out of the ones so far, he appeared to be the most composed, barely showing any emotion beside a smile.

Cukatail of Universe 5. Out of the Angels, he probably had one of the largest frames. and is muscular with a broad chin. A dark teal robe could be seen underneath his black cuirass with shoulder pads. His white hair was styled upward, curving backward near the tip.

Vados, who was just introduced only moments ago, was the Angel of Universe 6, and Whis was the Angel of Universe 7.

Korn of Universe 8. His white hair was slicked backward similarly to the Grand Minister's. His robe was colored brown, and the same black cuirass could be seen. He is known to be very assertive, and has a very high opinion of himself. He does not hold back when he wishes to express something.

Mojito of Universe 9. One of the taller Angels. His white hair was shoulder length and parted right beneath his chin. He appeared to have an apathetic look on his face. His robe was teal blue and wore the same black cuirass.

Kusu of Universe 10. One of four female Angels, and is the shortest one out of the twelve Angels. Her white hair was about 80% braided which went down the right side of her face, with the rest of it combed at its center. Her robe was purple. She often advises Gowasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10, who is the current mentor of Zamasu.

In regards to Zamasu, it was currently unknown to how he was currently doing. The events of S*per won't happen for another good forty or so years. Nao did not know if his personality and sense of justice had been twisted to the extreme yet.

Marcarita of Universe 11. The tallest of the four female Angels. Her appearance is very similar to Vados's, except her hair is tied into twin ponytails with two thin long bangs going down each side of her forehead. She also wore a purple robe and black cuirass.

Out of the Angels, she is extremely polite. With the well being of Universe 11 in mind, she often gives opinions to her fellow gods. Toppo and Jiren from Nao's vision hail from this Universe, whereas Ribrianne hails from Universe 2.

And lastly, Martinu of Universe 12. Similar to Awamo, she is the only other overweight Angel out of the bunch. The Supreme Kai and God of Destruction of her Universe are really well off. She personally isn't required to do much for the well being of her Universe, but she still tries to put the 'oomph' into those two, trying to make it the best Universe it can be. She has short white hair slicked backward and wears a gray robe.

With the introductions out of the way, Whis smiled seeing all eleven Angels lined up in an orderly fashion. Whis then clapped his hands a couple times to get everyone's attention before anyone spoke up.

"Now, now, everyone. I was not expecting for all of you to come. I would like to welcome you all but as you guys can see, we are still in the midst of travelling. Before I say anything else, I'm sure you all felt that energy burst a moment ago?"

Hearing this, most of the Angels nodded in silence. Kusu took this time to speak out to Whis. A small feminine voice sounded out of her mouth.

"We all did feel that energy burst, Whis. What exactly was that?"

Whis smiled as he heard Kusu ask that.

"Thank you for asking, Kusu. We actually just performed a ceremony over here. Well, before I explain anything else, we are actually about ten minutes away from Father, near Lord Zeno's Palace. If you guys don't mind, I would like to teleport us all directly there. It is now within distance. It feels rather cramped in here now, ohohoho."

Whis let out a light chuckle as he answered Kusu. Everyone expressed their immediate answers, nodding in unison. Seeing this, Whis stepped back a bit. Before Nao could do anything, he saw Whis tap the floor of the cube twice with his staff.

Immediately following that, each blue panel suddenly vanished, just how like Kai-Kai was used. Everyone wasn't teleported individually, but Whis teleported the whole group in one fell swoop!

Year 733, End of December, Zeno's Palace

The Grand Minister, who was still calmly standing in front of the entrance to Zeno's Palace, suddenly felt the atmosphere distort around him several meters away. Feeling this, he smiled, and turned around.

Beyond his eyes, several flashes appeared out of thin air. Immediately following that, five figures and eleven blue holographic panels appeared on top of the massive ocean blue jellyfish below them. Nao had finally arrived at Zeno's Palace!

As soon as the group arrive, even though the Angels were on screen and not in person, they still immediately knelt down. Following that, Merus and Whis knelt down. The last three to kneel down were the Supreme Kai of Time, Miya and Nao.

The group remained in silence until the Grand Minister arrived in front of them. With an authoritative voice, he spoke out to the group.

"I welcome you all. This is a rather unexpected gathering, but I thank you all for coming nonetheless. Whis, you have followed my orders perfectly. Thank you for bringing back Merus and our two guests."

"Thank you, Father. I'm sure you must be aware why the other eleven decided to show up?"

"Yes. As you've all suspected, that was an energy burst of newborn Godly Ki. Universe 7 will soon have a new god."

As soon as the Grand Minister announced this, murmurs spread out from some of the Angels, while the others remained indifferent, and remained silent.

Nao on the other hand became shocked as he listened to this conversation. 'So that energy was actually Godly Ki? No wonder I couldn't feel it. Wait...if the Grand Minister said that, does that mean Godly Ki is starting to form inside my body...?', Nao thought.

As soon as Nao thought that, he suddenly heard the familiar ding go off inside his mind. He received another notification from Rebirth! 'Speaking of the devil...might as well check it out.', Nao thought. At the same time, he suddenly heard more chains cracking resound in his mind, shocking him!

[*Ding! Host has successfully become the first mortal to ascend to the position of Kai Attendant in Universe 7! Another 25% of host's soul bound chains have been broken. Rewarding host with a boosted gain of 70 million battle power. As a result of ascending to the position of Kai Attendant, Godly Ki has now started to form within host's body! Time remaining until Host's Ki fully converted to Godly Ki : 16 years, 13 days...]

As soon as this sounded in his mind, Nao heard more sounds of chains cracking into pieces resound in his mind. Immediately following that, Ki began to surge within! His 80 million battle power climbed all the way to a big 150 million! This was not hidden from the other Angels, including the Grand Minister, and a glint streaked across his eyes as he felt Nao powering up.

While Nao did not know what Godly Ki felt like. He inspected his meridians closely, and indeed felt a sliver of a foreign substance. However, he knew he did not have time to delve into this further, as he was currently just a few feet from the Grand Minister. Nao lifted his head up, only to see him directly in the eyes.

A momentary silence spread out, before Nao saw the Grand Minister smile. He then took a light bow, before walking toward Nao. All of the other Angels were now gazing at him, as they too felt Nao power up so suddenly. The Grand Minister proceeded with his next announcement.

"Welcome, Young Outsider. You really are full of surprises. Please do not worry and be at ease, I have invited you here as a guest. The will of the Universe had already accepted your soul. Otherwise, if you had even a slight change of heart when you arrived here, you would have been denied entry and eradicated on the spot. Congratulations are also in order, for you are to be the first mortal of Universe 7 to ascend their rank as mortal and accept the position of a Kai Attendant."