Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 106

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 106 103: Revealing The Vision

"Nao, I hereby congratulate you for being the first mortal of Universe 7 to ascend into godhood, accepting the position of a Kai Attendant."

As soon as the Grand Minister announced this, about half of the Angels raised their eyebrows while other half, including Vados, Whis and Kusu, lightly clapped in applause. Nao had cold sweat pour down his back for a brief moment after listening to the Grand Minister mention that his soul could have been eradicated when he first entered this world.

Sure, Nao had the Rebirth system, but unlike other worlds where he could have gone to first, the world of D*Z was littered with gods and mortals alike. Thankfully it turned out well, and he was accepted the gods who were standing before him. The only variable now was how Zeno would react to Nao. Little did he know Zeno had already expressed interest in him.

Anyway, to respond to the Grand Minister's announcement, Nao took this time to express his thanks in a calm, unfettered voice. He then looked at the Grand Minister straight in the eyes. The Grand Minister saw this himself, and he did not feel any wavering feelings from the white haired boy, and his smiled remained.

"I thank you for the opportunity of welcoming me here, Grand Minister. I will not let my Master down."

Hearing this, Nao saw him nod. The Grand Minister proceeded to speak more calmly this time, but still contained an authoritative voice.

"Your Master did indeed choose well."

After speaking this, the Grand Minister then turned his head to look at the Supreme Kai of Time, who was currently to the left of Nao, kneeling down.

"Chronoa, I do believe we have not met before. Your feat in raising an infant Tokitoki divine bird while exposing the wizard Demigra of his crimes was not easy to do. If this was left untouched, I'm afraid that all of the universes would have been at risk, given the severity the time distortions the Tokitoki divine bird created. Even though this happened millions of years ago, I still wanted to thank you for keeping the universes in check. I also see that you've gotten pretty close to Whis too."

The Supreme Kai of Time was not expecting to get addressed by the Grand Minister so she was at a loss of words for a couple seconds. The Grand Minister was essentially three realms above Supreme Kais, so him thanking her was nothing to laugh out.

While mortals could train and obtain Godly Ki on their own and become a god, ascending to the rank of a Kai Attendant was one of the official ways to enter the path of godhood. Beyond Kai Attendants were the Kais. Following that were the Supreme Kai Attendants, and the Supreme Kais themselves.

All of those ranks could be classified into the Lower Realm. In the Higher Realm, it started out with the Gods of Destruction being at the bottom. Working its way up were the Angels, followed by the Grand Minister, Zeno's two guardians and finally Zeno himself.

However, the Supreme Kai of Time, was an exception. She floated somewhere in between those two realms, since she had her own Time Domain!

In regards to Super Saiyan God, that transformation alone was still classified into the Lower Realm. Even when Goku first transformed and fought Beerus, he couldn't do much damage to Beerus, as he was still in a whole realm higher than Goku. The bottleneck from the Lower Realm to Higher Realm was humongous.

Goku finally managed to break that wall when he achieved Ultra Instinct, officially stepping into the Higher Realm near the end of S*per.

Anyways, as Nao had at least sixteen years before his Ki completely converted into Godly Ki, he probably wouldn't be able to transform into a Super Saiyan God until then, so he shook those thoughts out of his mind for now, and watched the fl.u.s.tered Supreme Kai of Time in silence.

Nao saw her almost bite her tongue, but she managed to pull through, speaking back to the Grand Minister.

"I don't deserve such thanks from a higher being like yourself, Grand Minister. I was just doing my job. I am indeed rather close with Whis, but that is because Universe 7 is the closest to my Tokitoki City. But now that I think about it, I haven't had the chance to meet the others yet..."

"You need not to belittle yourself, Chronoa. But it does appear the other Angels have not known of your existence yet. Let's wrap up the pleasantries right away then before getting down to business. I will introduce the Supreme Kai of Time to you all, you all may rise."

At this time, the Grand Minister looked away from the Supreme Kai of Time, and proceeded to walk toward center of the group. The eleven screens were part of one side, while Whis, Merus, the Supreme Kai of Time, Nao, and Miya were on the other. Everyone proceeded to rise, while the latter turned around to face the Grand Minister. Everyone saw him continue to speak.

"Everyone, before I go over the agenda today, I would all like you to be introduced to another Supreme Kai. Chronoa, if you would please step forward."

As the Grand Minister called her out, she immediately walked forward next to him.

"Chronoa, I do believe this is your first time coming here, yes?"

As the Grand Minister asked this, she nodded her head.

"Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm called Chronoa. I'm a Supreme Kai who watches the flow of time in a separate realm. Whis did mention he had siblings, but he never went into detail...I wasn't expecting this many. Does that mean there is a total of twelve universes?"

Hearing this, she saw the Grand Minister nod at her.

"Yes. There used to be more Universes but those Angels are still recovering from their injuries back at the Angel Realm after Lord Zeno destroyed those Universes due to a rampage. Even my wife wasn't spared. Anyways, as you all have heard, if you guys experience any Time related issues, you all are free to consult Chronoa here."

The Angels present nodded their heads, confirming the Grand Minister's words. They then saw him turn around to look at Nao, who was standing behind him a few meters away. The Grand Minister then spoke once again.

"Now with the introductions out of the way, it's time to move onto today's agenda. I brought back Merus to return to the Angel Realm so he can recover from the heart of justice he recently developed as he trained with the mortals of Universe 7.

Besides that, I sent an invitation out to Nao and his sister, mainly so we can acquaint ourselves, since the Universe had acknowledged you two. You all may not be aware, and even I was shocked to find out that there exists worlds outside of Lord Zeno's rule. You come from one of those worlds, right, Nao?"

As soon the grand Minister announced this, shock appeared on the Angels' faces. Even Korn expressed his shock to them.

"That's impossible! There shouldn't be anything existing outside of Lord Zeno's rule! Even the 12 Universes we live in are endless! How could anything exist beyond that!?"

As soon as Korn expressed this, the other Angels started to enter their own thoughts, before nodding their heads in agreement. The Grand Minister turned around again and saw this. He raised his right hand, telling them to calm down in an authoritative voice. The Angels immediately silenced their voices.

"Quiet down now. I don't want to go back and forth with this. Nao, I'm sure you can explain things, right?"

Hearing this, Nao proceeded to walk forward and enter the center of the group right beside the Grand Grand Minister, and nodded. Nao then turned his head and looked at the, Grand Minister again.

"Yes. I'm more than willing to explain this. However, I apologize, I'm afraid I have a more critical matter to discuss first..."

As soon as Nao spoke this, the Grand Minister nodded at Nao immediately, as if he knew what Nao was currently thinking.

"Ah, yes. You must be referring to that green ring on your finger. It appeared you had a vision of sorts? Looks like it was a really powerful one too seeing that it created an alternate timeline."

Hearing this, Nao nodded in confirmation. Nao then proceeded to explain the situation to the group, and all eyes shifted to him. His composure remained calm, and wasn't as stiff as he felt last time this happened.

"Yes. I indeed did have a vision. It was so powerful that it threatened Universe 7 itself. I would like to show this scene to you all, but before that, I would like to show something else first, if you don't mind, Grand Minister."

As soon as Nao spoke this, he bowed to the Grand Minister and the blue panels floating above him a few feet away. The Angels raised their eyebrows, as he saw Nao act very polite, and not out of hand. The Grand Minister nodded, and acknowledged his request.

"Very well, Nao. what is it you would like to show us? Is it related to your Time power by chance?"

Nao sighed in his heart after hearing this, but he still proceeded to speak calmly.

"Yes. Everyone, please watch me closely. I promise things won't go out of hand."

As soon as Nao finished saying this, the Angels and the Grand Minister nodded, while the Supreme Kai of Time and Miya watched on in silence. Miya's body tensed up as she heard Nao speak that last line.

Following that, Nao took in a deep breath, and soothed his mind. His eyes shifted downward and he extended his left arm upward. His other arm reached toward his left hand. He was going to take off the silver Time Ring!

Seeing Nao starting to take off the Time Ring with his right hand, he heard Miya shout out at him in worry from behind and she rushed at him, clinging onto his back.

"Brother, don't do that! I don't want you to go through that again! I don't know if I'll be able to save you a second time!"

As Miya clung onto him, Nao felt her warmth and he paused for a moment. He then looked down at her and saw tears starting to form in her eyes. He felt touched seeing this, and he rubbed her head, before speaking out to console her.

The Angels saw this and they either remained indifferent or tilted their heads and entered their own thoughts They were able to see this girl definitely had some sort of relation to the white haired boy in front of them.

"It'll be alright, Miya. I will only take my ring off for a few seconds. I merely wish to show how unstable my Time power is. I'll put it back on right after, so don't cry...okay?"