Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 107

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 107 104: Becoming Friends With Zeno?

Nao rubbed Miya's head as he said that. He wiped away the tears forming in her eyes. Miya felt this and saw the resolution in her brother's eyes. She could only climb down from his back reluctantly and watch on.

After she did so, she stayed close by, readying herself for any uncertainty that may arise during this.

After this little scene happened, Nao bowed to the Angels once again for this disturbance. The Grand Minister dismissed it, allowing Nao to continue. Nao nodded, and moved his right hand back toward his left middle finger. With a 'shing', the silver Time Ring was pulled off from his finger.

Nao only needed to remove the silver ring. The Green Time Ring only contained an alternate timeline, it did not prevent his Time powers from being used. As soon as the silver Time Ring was removed, the Angels saw Nao's irises change. Only a few seconds passed but his irises enlarged, and changed from golden to pure black.

As for Nao, his vision started to darken again, and before long he could not see anyone. This was the result of him seeing many black spheres of varying sizes become attracted and absorbed into his body. Even though he could no longer see, he could still move his body around just fine.

After another moment passed, Nao's aura started to surge, and before long, his whole body became surrounded by a black aura. The Angels and the Grand Minister raised their eyebrows seeing this aura cover him.

While the Angels couldn't sense anything as they were only observing through their respective screens, the others present felt no evil from this black aura. Instead, it gave off a feeling of emptiness. At this time, Nao started to feel his conscious being pulled upward, as if it was trying to leave his body.

Nao knew at this time he had to act now, otherwise he would be pulled into another vision again. Even though he couldn't see, his right hand was still close by to his left. Nao immediately slid the Time Ring back on his middle finger.

As soon as he did that, his eyes started to shrink back to normal, changing from black to golden again. This allowed Nao to see the black spheres leaving his body, back into the atmosphere around him. Time existed in all places like Space does, they co-exist with each other. It didn't take long for Nao's black aura to vanish too.

It only took a few moments for Nao to return to normal. Miya let out a sigh of relief seeing this, and she didn't not need to act. If it went out of hand, she would have immediately rushed to his side and put the Time Ring back on his finger herself, but thankfully she didn't need to do that.

Momentary silence soon spread out among the group, but everyone saw Nao bow at the Grand Minister, before speaking again.

"Grand Minister, I apologize for cutting that demonstration short, but I thank you for letting me test this. As you all can see, my Time power is very unstable, I have no control over any of it right now. I hope by studying under Master, I will slowly be able to control this. As for how long that will take, I don't know..."

Nao knew his Time Affinity had advanced into [Intermediate] when his soul bound chains became 50% broken. However, this was rewarded through Rebirth, he had yet to even dive into this element yet. In the end, it turned out to be extremely unstable the first time he used it, unlike Space.

Having higher Affinity only meant that he was closer to the elements than others were, he could sense and feel them easier. Using them, however, was an entirely different matter, one had to put in practice no matter what element it was.

Anyways, Nao saw the Grand Minister nod his head after Nao spoke that. Nao then saw him speak.

"I could definitely feel instability from your body's aura. I wasn't expecting your body to be so special, having the ability to communicate with the elements itself. Unlike your other element, Space, Time is very fickle and unpredictable. One wrong move and who knows what could happen. You should treasure this ability of yours, Nao."

Hearing this, Nao nodded, and thanked the Grand Minister. Nao then proceeded to explain the rest of the situation to the group.

"Thank you for your kind words, Grand Minister. When I first used this, it went out of hand, and as a result it gave me a very powerful vision. Actually, there is something else I would like to show you guys too, but as to whether it's part of the true timeline, or another alternate timeline, I'm not sure. If I dare ask Grand Minister, do you have the ability to show my memories to everyone here, let's say on a screen like the other Angels are using?"

Nao saw the Grand Minister nod his head, confirming he did have the ability to do so.

"Yes. While Angels, we do have the ability to read people's memories, we typically don't allow it unless the situation is dire. I can definitely transpose it into a material form if you desire that. You said earlier it heavily impacted Universe 7. With the fate of one of the universes on hand, I too wish to see this. However, before I proceed with that..."

Hearing this, Nao watched the Grand Minister turn around in silence. The other Angels did so as well. Nao saw the Grand Minster start walking past the group, back toward Zeno's Palace. Seeing this, Nao's eyes started to turn wide, before he heard the Grand Minister speak out to Zeno, who was still residing in his throne room.

"Lord Zeno, would you like to meet the guests I've brought? The Outsider I've mentioned to you last time is included among them. We are about to do something interesting too."

As soon as the Grand Minister finished speaking this, everyone heard a childish voice resound throughout the whole Palace. Once the other Angels heard this voice, they immediately knelt down on their knees.

"Ehhhhhh? The Outsider is here? I wanna see!"

Nao also immediately knelt down upon hearing this voice. Seeing Nao kneel down, the Supreme Kai of Time also followed suit. Miya was the last one to react, she stared blankly into the Palace, not responding. Nao saw this, and forcibly grabbed her head, and pushed down, allowing her body to go down onto her knees. He then sent an irritated voice into her mind.

'Stupid Sister! That voice belongs to Zeno! We have pay our proper respects, otherwise I don't know what would happen!'

Miya turned her head to the side, before smiling at Nao, sending back her own thoughts to him.

'Ehehe, I apologize for that, Brother. Even from the knowledge I've obtained from looking through your memories, I still find it hard to believe a person like Zeno is the most powerful being in this world.'

As Miya finished sending her thoughts to him, the group soon heard footsteps echoing from inside the Palace. Before long, three figures emerged. Besides the Grand Minister, everyone else was knelt down, bowing.

One person could be seen in the middle, with two very tall figures on each side. Each one was slightly over ten feet tall, but unlike Nim and Jake, they were rather skinny. Both could be seen wearing very large high collared purple jackets with golden lining. 12 sets of buttons went up its center. With their long pointy tipped bronze hats, they had menacing eyes and their hands were folded behind their backs. They were Zeno's Attendants!

The other figure in the middle was none other than Zeno himself! He was currently looking at the group of Angels in front of him with a deadpan expression, before his eyes looked at the Grand Minister, asking him a question

"Hey, is this a gathering? Where is the Outsider?"

"Yes, Lord Zeno. As for the Outsider, he is the young white haired boy down in front. I was not expecting for the group to become this large, but it appeared my other children were interested, so they decided to join."


Hearing this, Nao, who was still looking down, heard Zeno's footsteps approach him after the Grand Minister spoke this. It didn't take long before Zeno reached Nao. Nao then heard Zeno speak out to him.

"So you're the Outsider? What do Outsiders do? Is it fun? Teach me!"

As Zeno spoke this, Nao finally raised his head while shock appeared on the Angels' faces, who were still kneeling. Nao became silent, as he was now only a few feet away from the most powerful being in the D*Z Universe, the Lord of All!

Nao did not want to anger him, so he decided to immediately respond, doing so in a calmly manner.

"Yes. According to the Grand Minister, I am indeed an Outsider. As for what we do...I guess we like to travel to new places?"

Hearing the white haired boy speak out to him, Zeno tilted his head in confusion.

"Travelling? That sounds boring. I've been bored for a while now. Playing with planets isn't fun anymore. I did play a game of hide and seek a while back, but I get mad whenever I think about it. Are these new places you speak of fun?"

"It depends, Lord Zeno do you know about the Multiverse?"

Hearing Nao suddenly speak Lord Zeno's name, the two attendants next to him suddenly surrounded Nao glaring at him very menacingly. However, Nao saw Zeno recall them, and told them to shut up. Zeno continued to speak.

"Of course, the Multiverse is my home! I thought I explored it all but you say there are still new places?"

Hearing Zeno's question, Nao nodded.

"Yes, Lord Zeno. For example, where I came from isn't a place your Lordship has been to yet. To go back there now...isn't likely, but before long, I do think it's possible!"

"That sounds interesting! I love finding new things! What's your name?"

Zeno then proceeded to ask what Nao's name was, of which he immediately responded.

"Lord Zeno, I'm Nao."

Hearing Nao speak his name for the first time, Zeno got a good look at him before he continued the conversation.

"That's a simple name to say, like mine! I like that. Nao, you can be my friend! Can we go to those new places you spoke of now?"

Hearing this, Nao became shocked seeing how Zeno invited him to be friends. Nao immediately responded.

"It is my pleasure to be friends with you, Lord Zeno. I deeply apologize, but I do not have the ability to go to these new places."

"But we just became friends! How come we can't go?"

"A special method is required, Lord Zeno."

"Special method?"

Nao saw Zeno tilt his head in confusion once again, and he proceeded to answer.

"Yes. For me to fully obtain this special method, I would have to spend around forty years, Lord Zeno."

Hearing this, Nao saw confusion remain in Zeno's eyes. Zeno then turned and walked toward the Grand Minister, only to ask him a question.

"Hey, how long is forty years?"

The Grand Minister immediately provided an accurate response after listening to Zeno's question.

"Lord Zeno, forty years is equivalent to forty three million, eight hundred thousand Taks." (AN: Calculations taken from the wiki)

Hearing this, Zeno frowned.

"Forty three million...too long! Make it shorter!"

Nao saw Zeno approach him again, asking this. Zeno saw Nao bow lower, and apologized.

"I deeply apologize, Lord Zeno, but this method is really special. Besides, that much time would give you time for a nap, wouldn't it?"

Hearing this, Zeno's eyes lit up. Seeing this, Nao sighed inwardly in his heart, knowing he dodged a bullet there.

"A nap sounds really nice! Nao, I will give you this so you can come to me when it's time to go!"

As soon as Zeno spoke this, Zeno approached Nao, and extended his small arm forward. Opening his palm, Nao found a purple button with a blue colored presser on top of it. Nao almost jumped backward seeing this, but he remained calm. This was none other than the button Zeno lent Goku, which would allow Nao to call Zeno to wherever he was, or vice versa, sending him to Zeno's Palace in a flash!

Nao took the button out of his hands. Zeno saw Nao's eyes flash a golden color for a brief movement as Nao began to cycle his Ki. Zeno then saw Nao put the button away into his pocket dimension, causing his eyes to sparkle even more.

"Hey, what was that?"

"That was a pocket dimension, Lord Zeno. It allows me to put stuff in here for safe keeping."

"Ah, I know about those! You really are interesting Nao, I'm glad we became friends! I'm going to go ahead and take my nap now. I can't wait to go visit these new places!"

"I hope you have a good dream, Lord Zeno."

Hearing this, the group saw lord Zeno smile and became shocked. Zeno then turned around and immediately darted straight back into his Palace, leaving the others speechless. The two attendants immediately followed him in, after giving a glare at Nao one more time. Even though he was the most powerful being in this world, Nao wondered why he liked to act like a child most of the time.

Thankfully it appeared Zeno was able to understand most of his words, and as a result he even became Nao's friend! Nao just wanted to make it through this part alive, he hadn't a clue it would end up this way!

As for Nao's idea of the future, his plan would allow characters from his previous worlds to interact with him every now and then while Nao was living in the next worlds he would choose to go to. This method would be quite a feat if he manages to pull it off!