Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 108

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 108 105: Concluding Business I

Nao saw Zeno happily enter back into his Palace. It had no doors, but it did contain darkness inside, and his figure slowly vanished within.

In regard's to Nao's future plans, at the bare minimum, he had to achieve Super Saiyan God and master the three higher elements! The prior had a timer countdown of a little over sixteen years, while the latter, he had no idea how long it'd take!

In the end, Nao only gave a rough estimate of 40 years. This would also put him 5 years before the events of S*per take place. The B*ttle of Gods took place in Year 778 with the rest of the events soon to follow in a two year time frame.

If Zeno woke up as planned then, he would be able to meet with Goku sooner than later. Nao debated on whether having Zeno stay for his vision reveal and 'introduce' Son Goku to the group, but he advised against it. He would only show him to the Angels.

Thankfully Zeno left before he would reveal his vision, and the future of the main timeline to the group. Nao mainly wanted to show them the proceedings of the Tournament of Power.

The Z Fighters will be able to handle the events of Z just fine and Nao did not want to take part in much of that. Nao did enjoy a lot of scenes in Z, but he had his own life to enjoy, along with his future family members. Besides, Nao's power was currently through the roof compared to others who have yet to even be born, like Goku. Speaking of which, he was due in four years. Nao wondered if Gine had started to pester Bardock in making another child yet back on Planet Vegeta.

Nao did want Rebirth to undergo another system 'Upgrade' as well, to remove more functions he didn't feel like using for this world. He could reactivate them at any time when he so wished to, but he wants to explore this world through his own ways, and not rely on Rebirth's quests and such.

He felt he would use these functions more for when he reincarnates into his next world. Nao knew what this world was, and was anticipating it! But for now, he will explore the world of D*Z to its fullest.

Once this meeting with the Angels is adjourned, Nao will likely go into a long recluse. On top of that, he will train with the Supreme Kai of Time, and deepen his bonds with Elsa, Mayuri, and Isabella and their families. Once Nao becomes of age, they will host one big ceremony altogether!

Nao might even journey to the other Universes, and observe what they're like, while comparing them to Universe 7!

But besides this, Nao definitely won't forget to introduce himself to the Z Fighters. He was thinking when the best time for this was, and it would probably be at the World Tournament at the start of the Majin Buu saga.

Anyways, all of that is in the future, and Nao shook those thoughts out of his head for now. He then looked at the Grand Minister, who faced to look at Nao, after giving a bow to the departing Zeno. He currently had a smile on his face.

Nao then saw the Grand Minister bow at him, shocking the Angels present once more. He then spoke out to Nao with a voice of gratitude.

"Thank you for lifting Lord Zeno's spirit, Nao. He has been pretty down lately for what happened in the All Universe Hide and Seek tournament he hosted recently. I didn't expect for you to become his friend either. Perhaps it's because of your nature as an Outsider...? Anyway, we mustn't tarry any longer. Are you ready to proceed, Nao?"

Nao didn't expect the Grand Minister to thank him like this, but he nodded calmly, and proceeded to answer him.

"Yes, I'm ready, Grand Minister. Is it fine if I enter a meditative position?"

"Yes. Once you do, I will place my hand on your back. After your mind is clear, I will proceed to transpose it into a screen so everyone will be able to observe your vision. I advise for you to close your eyes to avoid any distractions while doing this."

Hearing this, Nao nodded at the Grand Minister's words. The Angels also calmed down now. Nao was already in the center of the group, so he did not need to move, and proceeded to sit down into a lotus position.

Nao began to block out all distractions, and steady his breathing. Once it entered a good pattern, Nao closed his eyes. Nao entered his mindspace. Unlike the previous darkness, it was pure white like normal, where he could see his soul bound chains.

The Grand Minister saw Nao successfully enter meditation, even with all eyes on him, rather quickly. He raised his eyebrows seeing this, but that lasted only for a moment. The Grand Minister proceeded to walk back toward Nao, away from the Palace. Once he became within distance, Nao felt something touch his back. He knew the Grand Minister now placed his hand on his back.

Miya expected for something to happen, but strangely, nothing did, and the Angels weren't phased by this. A blue screen just like the ones the Angels were currently using, appeared out of nowhere without making a sound, as if it were natural.

However, Miya didn't want to take any chances with this either, so she walked up, next to Nao. She also sat down cross-legged, and closed her eyes. She soon formed her connection with Nao's mind, and Nao saw Miya appear inside his mind.

Seeing this, Nao floated toward her.

'You really don't have to be here, Miya...It should be fine this time."

'No, Brother. I'm doing this just as extra precaution. I won't stop you. I'm here just in case things go out of hand. I hope you don't mind."

"I don't. But what's with you lately? Was I really in that bad of a shape?"

Hearing this, Nao saw Miya nod.

"Yes, Brother! I don't want to see you like that again. I know I like to joke around a lot, but seeing you hurt like that hurts me too.'

Nao felt touched hearing Miya's words, and brought her into his embrace, and spoke out to her once again.

'I know my vision was only related to an alternate timeline, seeing your death really did put a number on me, from the looks of it. I hope I can count on you if it does turn bad, Miya.'

'Of course, brother!'

Miya nodded happily in response, seeing Nao rely on her. Nao felt at this time a foreign power come inside into his mind, and his mindspace started to distort. A blue screen suddenly appeared out of nowhere. A moment later, it suddenly connected to Zeno's Palace, outside.

As soon as that did, the blue panel floating outward from now a few meters up suddenly shone a blue color. After it dimmed down, the Grand Minister moved his eyes upward. The panel soon revealed not one, but two figures inside a pure white space!

The Grand Minister was surprised seeing Miya within Nao's mind. Back on the outside, he looked at her for a brief moment, and saw her meditating right beside him. His eyes then shifted back upward. He then tried to speak out to Nao to see if his connection worked.

"Connection has been successfully established. Can you here me, Nao?"

"Yes. I can also see you guys on the outside. This is rather a weird feeling. Grand Minister, I'm sure you must be wondering how Miya can be in here?"

As Nao asked this, he saw the Grand Minister nod his head. Regardless, the Grand Minister still urged the two on.

"That definitely is one of my questions, yes. However, I do not know how long this connection can last, based on your current mind power. We can save that for later. Once you are ready, please recall the vision within your mind."

"As you wish, Grand Minister."

Seeing the connection successful, Nao did not wait any longer. Moving along with the Grand Minister's words, Nao started to recall the vision he had of the distant destroyed future he had witnessed while he was travelling with Whis, Miya, Merus, and the Supreme Kai of Time.

After a couple moments passed, Nao's mindspace started to change color. The endless black darkness soon enveloped it again, but Nao was not worried this time. All he felt now was the emptiness he felt when he first witnessed this vision. It didn't long for the images to show up inside his mind!