Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 109

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 109 106: Concluding Business Ii

The eyes of the Angels and the Supreme Kai of Time were now focused on the blue panel floating outward from Nao, who was currently seated in lotus position. On the screen showed Nao and surprisingly, Miya, in a pure white space. Before long this pure white space started to distort, and Nao and Miya's figures vanished from the screen.

A vast darkness soon replaced them, and a sense of emptiness spread out from within. The white space was no longer. Those that looked at the screen just felt nothing. Typically when one had a vision, it would reveal something or someone, but this was different.

Yet, the Angels remained silent. A few seconds later, ear screeching roars resounded around them, but thankfully it wasn't noisy enough to penetrate the walls of Zeno's Palace. The Angels raised their eyebrows hearing the constant roars, and before long they saw the screen shine a bright white.

Huge white Ki beam blasts suddenly appeared one after another, being fired off into the endless darkness! They covered thousands and thousands of meters instantly. The scene then shifted, revealing a tall white-haired man who no longer had clarity in their eyes, much like how Broly was during his rampage. This figure was rampaging around endlessly.

They were flying around erratically, but Angels were able to see his white hair and his white tail clearly. They immediately concluded it was none other than Nao!

Before the Angels could start discussing, they suddenly heard curses and shouts coming from behind the a.d.u.l.t Nao, far off into the distance. It appeared he was being chased. The Angels soon saw four figures flying rapidly behind him, trying to catch up.

They were Toppo, Jiren, Ribrianne, and a heavily injured Miya! The one who had an immediate reaction to their current conditions was Marcarita. She was one of the most polite Angels out of the bunch, always having a steady posture. She frowned seeing seeing Toppo and Jiren.

The Angels heard Jiren's remark about Toppo recently becoming the God of Destruction of Universe 11. The Grand Minister knew Belmond, the current God of Destruction of Universe 11, recently accepted a disciple, and had plans to retire soon. From this, the Grand Minister was able to confirm this definitely was pretty far off into the future..

They then saw Toppo enter his God of Destruction mode once again, shocking the Angels greatly, which allowed Jiren to recover the rest of his stamina so he could enter his full power mode as well.

All this while, Nao continued to launch attacks in random directions, not even giving a glance to the figures who were approaching him.

After hearing the conversation back and forth between the four people, they saw Miya die in Ribrianne's arms. Even Sour, another one of the other more serious Angels with a calm demeanor, raised his eyebrows as he saw Ribrianne appear among them.

However, before the Angels saw anything else happen, the vision ended with the sound of a screen cracking, and they saw it shatter into pieces. Nao's white mind soon showed up again, and Nao and Miya reappeared.

The Angels remained silent, waiting for the Grand Minister to speak out to Nao.

"That...was not something I was expecting to witness, Nao. Destruction of a full Universe bears heavy consequences, but do not fret. I was able to discern what happened."

Turning back time a few minutes, before the Grand Minister spoke out to Nao.

As the vision cracked into pieces, Nao's mindspace turned back into the white expanse. Nao's body could currently be seen shivering. Thankfully that was it, and it didn't appear to be worse, not like the first reaction he had. Miya still saw this however, and she hugged him, trying to calm down his body.

Feeling Miya's warmth, the shivering soon stopped. Nao smiled back at Miya.

'Thank you for being here, Miya. My body is fine now. I was expecting some reactions but thankfully it wasn't worse than this.'

Hearing this, Miya nodded happily. She then backed away. As the white expanse returned to normal, their eyes shifted upward to the blue screen, and they saw the Angels back on the outside. Nao then heard the Grand Minister speak in a serious tone.

Shifting back to present.

Nao heard the Grand Minister say he had found the cause of the vision for it to turn out that way. This immediately interested Nao, as he had no idea, he only saw the result of what happened. He did not doubt the Grand Minister's power one bit. He kindly asked the Grand Minister about the conclusion he reached.

"Grand Minister, may I ask what conclusion you reached? As you all can see, that vast what was left of Universe 7. I originally thought my power went out of control, but after having a closer look, is it possible this was caused by some external factor?"

Hearing this, Nao saw the Grand Minister nod.


At this moment, Nao, Miya, the Angels, and the Supreme Kai of Time suddenly saw the Grand Minister snap his fingers. Following that, another blue panel suddenly appeared beside Nao's mindspace panel. It only was blue for a second, before an image suddenly appeared on it.

This image revealed a tall pale-skinned man with blonde, slicked-back golden hair. They wore a large black coat with yellow fur on its edges, and red pants. Two yellow stripes went down the each side of his face, and he could be seen wearing an orange visor over his eyes.

Nao was stunned seeing this person, but before he could say anything, he continued to hear the Grand Minister speak.

"It seems in this timeline, a Time Criminal known as Hearts broke out of the Galactic Patrol prison. He then managed to hop to different timelines, gathering powerful foes to join his side, before gathering the core energy of each Universe. Each Universe was powerless to stop him. After successfully managing to kill Lord Zeno with the power of the Universe Seed he created, he managed to find you, Nao.

He thought his actions were for a noble cause, and wanted to restore mortals' freedom, but yet that power ended up driving him insane. After finding you, Nao, he sought his allies on your family members, killing every one of them in the process. You did appear quite enraged in that vision, that was from the aftermath of having your family members killed one by one by them."

The Angels immediately started to talk among themselves as the Grand Minister spoke this. Even the thought of killing Lord Zeno angered a few of them. As to how this Time Criminal accomplished that was not seen, as Nao's vision only showed the final bit of what happened.

Nao was at a loss for words. He knew he created this world through Rebirth, but to even bring characters from DB H*heroes into this! What he saw the Grand Minister do next shocked him even more. He snapped his fingers once again, revealing five more panels.

The Grand Minister moved Hearts' panel away from Nao, and with him in the center, five more images soon appeared. They were none other than C.u.mber, the Evil Saiyan, Oren and Kamin, the two Mutant Tuffle twins, Rags, a member of the Glass Tribe, and Fused Zamasu!

Most of these figures the Angels didn't know only having to see them for the first time, but Kusu immediately frowned seeing Fused Zamasu on the blue panel to the left of Hearts. She found him very familiar for some reason, and voiced her opinion out to the Grand Minister.

"Father...I have a very familiar feeling when I see that green-skinned humanoid with the white hair. The Supreme Kai of my Universe recently accepted a disciple, much like Chronoa did here a bit ago. His name his Zamasu, and he bears a striking resemblance to this figure on the screen..."

"Zamasu? Hmm, Kusu you may want to keep an eye on him then. According to this timeline, his sense of justice became extremely warped. You often advised the Supreme Kai of your universe, it'd be best for you to warn him about this. Even though this is an alternate timeline, it's not like something similar couldn't happen in ours."

"As you wish, Father. Once we end this meeting, I will seek him out at once."

Hearing this, the Grand Minister nodded at her words. The other Angels also nodded, reaching the same conclusion it would be best to keep on the lookout for a situation like this and warn their respective people.

The Grand Minister then slid his right hand, and the six blue panels vanished. He then looked at Nao, who had a shocked look on his face still.

"So then, Nao. I take it you may know these people?"

Hearing this, Nao suddenly regained his senses. He immediately nodded at the Grand Minister's words.

"Yes, Grand Minister. While I have not personally met any of these figures, they are quite powerful. You wanted to know more about Miya and I right? Well, as you saw, Miya and I came into this world with our souls, and started a new life. This ability was given to by the god in another part of the Multiverse I used to live in. This ability provides quite a few benefits, one of which grants me a massive amount of knowledge." (AN: The power of the wiki lol)

The Grand Minister nodded, confirming Nao's words.

"Knowledge is always a good thing to have, Nao. Thank you for explaining your ability to us. I'm curious to what the other benefits are, but I won't pry any further until you are willing to tell them. That seems to wrap up the vision then. You did say you had another thing to show, right?"

Nao proceeded to nod, hearing the Grand Minister ask this.

"Yes, I thank the Grand Minister for allowing me to do this. I wanted to show the vision I had first. I do have something else. I don't know what timeline this impacts, but it's possible it could be the true one..."

As Nao finished saying this, the Grand Minister quieted the group down once again. Before long Nao's mindspace distorted once again. Time started to speed up as he began to show the proceedings of the Tournament of Power to the group...It was equivalent to watching a movie inside his mind, reliving his memories of the original story!