Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 11

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 11 8: Two Years The Tuffle's Final Struggle 1

Nao didn't think he would have a chance to see one of the characters from the original story so soon. While he didn't watch all of the movies, he still watched from the beginning of dragon ball to the end of DBS. He had hoped his first encounter would be with characters he enjoyed more like Bardock or members of his squad, but little did he know that his first encounter would be with Nappa. He remembered Nappa mostly from the start of Z and not prior to his life living on Planet Vegeta but one of the few things he did know that, prior to becoming teammates with Prince Vegeta IV, he was one of the Saiyan army's generals. As he received a plentiful amount of combat experience and the fact that he was a general perhaps that was why he appeared in front of Nao today. After meeting King Vegeta II and despite his temper, he seemed to have high expectations for Nao and Miya.

Shifting time back a bit, Nappa was in between missions and resting at his residence when one of the Palace guards arrived. He received a summons from the Palace guard to arrive at the Palace to train two new young Saiyans. While the Palace guard did not disclose too much information to him the one thing he did mention is that the two he was going to train had the potential to end the Tuffle War. Just knowing this did a hint of fear in appeared in Nappa's eyes, but his blood soon started to boil. Nappa himeelf resided in the middle-class district but he didn't dare to question the order from His Majesty. It was the middle of the week when he received the summons and he would meet the two brats the following day. As his excitement didn't calm down he decided to rest early. The gossip of a white and red haired saiyan eventually reached Nappa's ears as well but he didn't have the capacity to link the two events together. The next day soon arrived.

Not wanting to anger His Majesty, Nappa soon arrived at the Palace bridge prior to the scheduled time and he saw five other elite Saiyans who were part of the Palace guard and all stronger than Nappa. Nappa's own power was around 2000 whereas the guards strength varied from 2500 to 4000. He really questioned what worth he had to be here among these elites but perhaps it was due to the amount of experience he amassed as a general. The five guards did not say much but they were relieved that Nappa showed up on time prior to their scheduled meeting. Nappa tried to intoduce himself to the five Saiyans but they didn't budge and soon became dispirited. He decided to remain in front of them, and time slowly moved forward as Nappa arrived shortly after dawn.

The sun soon shifted to the center the planet, signaling it was high noon. Nappa soon saw a figure approach from the steps leading downward and a beautiful mature woman with long black straight hair and a black tail wrapped around her waist soon appeared. Nappa was not expecting a beautiful woman to show up according to the report he received which stunned him for a moment. He did not want his emotions to take control of him at this time as this meeting was to important to him. He soon saw two smaller figures in her arms and let out a sigh of relief. It appeared the the woman was the mother of the two children mentioned in the report. He could see the woman talk quietly to her children for a bit but was unable to hear it as she was still quite a ways away from him. Before long she let down the two children and one them approached Nappa energetically while the other approached him calmly.

Nappa was quite tall being over 6 feet and seeing two small two-foot saiyan children approach him with drooping tails caused him to chuckle a bit. He soon then began to take a close look at the lwo, and was shocked at what he saw. The boy had white hair and a white tail while the girl was red, it was just like the rumors that reached his ears a couple days ago. He then sized them up and down, and soon felt a hidden pressure from the two, and what surprised him this time was the pressure he felt seemed identical. He finally recalled the report he received earlier again and it mentioned the trio's name again. Nao, Miya and their mother Iona. While Iona wasn't a fighter like their father was, Nappa still had to give her respect due to the difference of their birth but Miya soon started to feel restless.

"Brother Nao, is this scruffy uncle going to be our teacher?"

Before Nao could reprimand her like usual Nappa let out a sudden laugh.

"Hahaha! To think I would be called an Uncle. No matter, do you two think you have the guts to survive the Palace's training? Madam Iona, His Majesty specifically mentioned to give these two brats hell, and when they're under my wing they won't want to live to see the next day! If there is nothing else we will be departing shortly directly to the training grounds."

"I understand, General Nappa. Please take care of my two children. Hopefully you won't regret doing this later."

Iona strangely smiled at him and then she hugged her two children, saying her goodbyes. Miya still felt reluctant parting with her mother as she was still a three year old child but Iona wanted the best of her two children, and soon started to walk down the Palace stairs and eventually vanished from sight. After seeing Iona disappear, Nappa soon let out an imposing pressure, which was not strong as His Majesty's the day prior to this, but his pressure was enough to startle Nao and Miya. A grin soon appeared on Nappa's face and Nao felt like he was facing an entire army in front of him. Nao didn't fall on his butt like last time and he soon shook out of it, returning to normal. Nappa became pleased after seeing Nao withstand his pressure of an experienced veteran.

"Good! You two brats definitely have the potential to become strong elite warriors. We will soon depart to the training grounds further behind the Palace, and it is rather deep within the main mountain. While I will mainly serve as a guide during your training, you will mostly be facing against the five elite Saiyans behind me. Those five are all stronger than me! Haha!"

As Nappa conversed with Nao, and Miya, Nao suddenly heard Rebirth's ding he had gotten used to in the last three years in his mind, which startled him for a second.

*Ding!* Host has received their first side quest! Side quests mainly offer bonuses to the host and may or may not impact each world as a ahole. See what treasues lie ahead!*


Combat Training I

Host has been given the chance to train and hone combat techniques of the Saiyan race. Before host's training is over they must:

-Reach Level 10

-Achieve 20k BP

-Activate Ki


-Skillbook : Frost Aura

-10k RP

-Choose 1 : 1x 10 pull Gacha ticket or 1 Rebirth Roulette spin.

Failure upon completion:

-1 Level

-10 stat points

-Gacha and Rebirth Wheel will no longer be available.


It appeared another quest became available for Nao. Nao really wondered how these events got triggered. He reviewed the mission this time and became excited as it was mainly to promote his strength. He did not originally have a goal other than to activate his Ki and train in it but now he has a more definitive goal. He also saw both the rewards and penalties were rewarding and harsh accordingly. Nao didn't play much gacha in his previous life so he wouldn't care if those functions stopped but he was far more worried about the level and point loss. He had yet to level up as well so he didn't know the point gain per level, so for now Nao will focus all of his attention torwards training, despite not receiving an ounce of it during his lifetime. A smile unexpectedly appeared on Nao's face and seeing this, Miya decided to tease him a bit more.

"Brother Nao, stop leaving me out! Did something good happen again? Hehe."

*Bonk* Nao suddenly received another urge to bonk Miya on the head.

"Stupid Miya, you should know just as I know, we do have a shared conscious after all. Stop trying to goof around, We will soon start to exercise our bodies to become warriors.""

"Hehe. But this world sure is a lot different from your previous one though, brother Nao. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this!"

"There will be plenty to enjoy later. We mustn't waste any more time in front of General Nappa."


Miya smiled back at him and after having this bit of conversation with her, Nao felt he had enough resolve to approach Nappa now. Miya and Nao were still a few feet away from Nappa and the five Saiyans behind him. The two whispered during their conversation earlier so it wasn't overheard. Nao began walking forward towards Nappa with Miya in tow and arrived at his position. Nappa looked down at the two and grinned at the difference in height, as he towered over them. Seeing a giant close up scared Miya a bit but she stood her ground behind Nao.

"It seems you two brats are ready. There is a path off to the right after crossing a bridge which turns into a wide deserted area surrounded by cliffs. Once we arrive there will be no turning back. I will grind your bodies into dust before you two can even think about fighting! Haha!"

Nao nodded firmly at his words. The five Saiyans behind Nappa did not say anything and soon started walking back towards the Palace. The walk on the Palace bridge was fairly quiet and didn't disturb the peace around them. Before long they arrived in front of the Palace and the five Saiyans soon veered off to a path on the right hand side, which lead through a tunnel. After walking a few minutes through the tunnel it eventually turned a wide area which opened up to the sky and all Nao and Miya could see around them were giant magenta cliffs with purple sand underneath. It literally was the point of no return for the two of them. The five Saiyans soon sat down in the center of the area, which could be said that it was wide enough to hold several football fields from his previous life, and closed their eyes. Seeing them close their eyes actually surprised the two but Nao recalled that Nappa said all five of them were stronger than him. Perhaps after finishing with Nappa's lessons would they soon receive the others?

After Nappa saw that the other five Saiyans weren't disturbing them anymore, he then started to walk along the left part of the cliffs until he arrived at one of the openings. Of which there were for main openings of the cliffsides, the one Nappa arrived at, one directly behind the five Saiyans, one to the right of them and the other which was the tunnel that led back to the Palace. Nao and Miya followed him without saying anything and they soon entered the opening, which revealed a large courtyard-like room. various amounts of training gear could be seen and most of them were body weights.

"Nao, Miya, this area here is where your training will start. Saiyans need to constantly train their bodies to have enough energy to use Ki during our fights. While activating Ki depends on one's potential, the best way to reach there is through hard repetitious training! And using these weights will help speed up the process. Once you two feel like you have enough energy, we will proceed to the next step. Besides our meals and sleep, the rest will be spent on training. I hope you two are ready!"

Nao nodded at Nappa, confirming that he was ready and Miya nodded as well. Nappa soon went ahead and saw various body weights lined up according to their weight and grabbed some of various kinds. After carrying an armful he approached Nao and Miya and smiled, dropping them at the same time. The weights caused a hole to appear a few feet down, shocking Nao and Miya. Nappa grinned.

"Let's begin!"