Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 110

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 110 106: Return

Quick Author's Note. The first arc is coming to a close. Goku's birth will be one of the final chapters of MC's childhood arc. Major time-skips will happen. I'm planning to finish the first world around the Chapter 200-250 mark. Just giving you guys a quick update on the story's progress. Enjoy!








Time seemed to have sped up as Nao relived his memory while relaying the Tournament of Power to the Angels, the Grand Minister, and the Supreme Kai of Time. Nao began with the introduction of Son Goku to the group, stating he is another Saiyan much like himself with an endless amount of potential. The group nodded, allowing Nao to continue the scenes.

They wondered what the Tournament of Power encompassed, and Nao revealed how it started. For those who weren't so familiar with this, it all began when Beerus and Champa held a mock tournament to determine a victor for the use of the Super Dragon Balls.

Near the end of that tournament, Zeno made an appearance, appearing annoyed that a tournament was held between Universes and he wasn't present. This led to discussion after discussion, only for Zeno come up with the idea of hosting the Tournament of Power. He then created a power ranking for each Universe, and revealed that he had plans to eliminate eight of the twelve Universes.

Of course, this wouldn't effect the Angels or the Grand Minister at present, so they weren't so shocked by this. This wouldn't even effect the Supreme Kai of Time, since she lived in her own domain outside of the Universes. Zeno also revealed that Universe 7 was second to last in the power ranking, and Universe 9 was dead last. This only happened in the original though.

In regards to the world Rebirth created, mortals that didn't exist in the original have started to make their appearances, such as Nim, Jake, and Elena. It also brought in characters from the movies and spin-offs like D* Heroes. This world also had to factor in Nao and Miya as well. Nao guessed that due to these influences, Universe 7 will likely climb from its original position.

Zeno also stated that four Universes, those being the first, fifth, eighth, and the twelfth Universe, were exempt from erasure. The Grand Minister nodded especially at this point. During his observations of the Universes since time immemorial, these four proudly stood on top from the rest of them.

The scene then shifted to the actual start of the Tournament. Nao didn't want to reveal all of it. If he revealed that Goku went Ultra Instinct, that might have repercussions down the line. He only showed a bit of the fighting, how flashy it was and the many explosions to follow, and last but not least, Zeno's twinkling eyes. Future Zeno was also there having fun watching it.

This 'vision' of Nao's ended the same way the previous one did, and his memory cracked into pieces. Before long it revealed his mindspace turned back into the vast white expanse again, and Nao and Miya reappeared. They waited for the Grand Minister to respond, who could be seen absorbing all of this information.

Nao then saw the Grand Minister speak out to the two of them.

"Thank you for sharing this, Nao. This 'Tournament of Power' is quite similar to Lord Zeno's previous event he hosted. Moreover, I just did a quick check, this 'Son Goku' you say, he hasn't been born yet, has he?"

As the Grand Minister asked this, Nao shook his head.

"No. Actually my mother and Goku's mother are very close friends back at my home planet. I can ask her later to see how Goku's mother is currently doing."

The Grand Minister nodded after Nao answered him, and replied back to Nao.

"Very well. I won't inquire any further about this. From the looks of it, this event won't even happen until a few decades pass. Since that is the case, I will mark this the end of the agenda for today. Everyone but Whis, Chronoa and my two guests are free to leave at this time. Some of this information may impact your Universe directly, so I advised you to speak with your fellow gods. If nobody has anything to say, I will retire back to Lord Zeno's side."

Hearing this, the Angels nodded at the Grand Minister's words. At this time, spatial distortions started to happen around the group. Starting from the left, one by one, the Angels' blue screens vanished. After a couple moments, only Whis, the Supreme Kai of Time, Merus, the Grand Minister, and the blue panel connecting to Nao's mindspace remained.

Nao then saw the Grand Minister speak out to him once more.

"Nao, thank you for responding to my summons. I will now disconnect you. I advise your sister to return back into her own body before I break this connection I have with you."

Hearing this, the Grand Minister saw Nao nod. Miya was ready and her figure vanished from Nao's side. In another moment, her eyes fluttered a bit, and opened. Her conscious returned back into her body.

Seeing this, the Grand Minister removed his hand from Nao's back. He then snapped his right finger, and the blue panel started to distort in front of them. It then disappeared. Nao did not feel any discomfort as this happened, he actually didn't feel a thing. He just felt his eyes move a bit, before they opened.

Nao then had a good look around him. He only saw four other figures, and the other blue panels were no longer here. He saw Miya to the left of him, also sitting cross-legged. Nao decided to stand up, and stretch a bit. He then reached his hand out to Miya, and she grabbed it, pulling herself up.

Dusting themselves off, Nao turned to face the Grand Minister, and bowed one more time.

"I also thank you for having the opportunity of coming here. Also, you did invite us while the Other World Tournament was happening. Is there any status update on that?"

Seeing his bow, the Grand Minister did nothing. The group saw Whis approach them, instead. Nao then saw the Grand Minister walk toward Zeno's Palace, only to turn around. Whis then spoke out to the group.

"Yes. Thankfully this meeting didn't last that long, and only took a few hours. Lady Chronoa had instructed the Grand Kai to make your match last, but unfortunately there is some bad news. Would you like to explain, Lady Chronoa?"

Hearing this, the Supreme Kai of Time who was quiet all this while, nodded her head at this time. She then looked at Nao, and spoke to him with a serious tone.

"Gladly, Whis. Nao, unfortunately, but you will no longer be able to partake in the Other World Tournament. By accepting the position of a Kai Attendant, you are no longer classified as a mortal. and your body has started to develop its own Godly Ki as a result. Only mortals are allowed to partake in that tournament. I hate to explain this so late, but I hope you understand."

Nao nodded at her words.

"I'd thought there was a possibility of that happening. I'm glad I went all out during the Preliminaries then. I was able to achieve a result I was satisfied with, even obtaining a new transformation. Would I still be able to watch it with my family? It's not like my training is that urgent to start, is it?"

"No, it's not. You are free to do whatever you want, Nao. The Time Ring will help suppress the power of Time in your body. Once you feel like you want to train it, you can use the ring to teleport to my domain. Oh yes, there is one more thing. I will give you something when we arrive back at at old man's planet."

"Eh? There's still something else?"

Hearing, this, Nao saw the Supreme Kai of Time lock her hands on her h.i.p.s, bending her arms at an angle. She then let out a prideful laugh.

"Of course there is! You'll definitely love this one. It's a surprise though! I won't tell you until our trip is over. In fact it's kind of something for both of you."

Nao tilted his head in confusion, as the Supreme Kai of Time refused to say what it was. It seemed she was going to give something else to both him and Miya. Little did the both of them know, that she would be giving them something left over from the Origin Tree back on the Sacred World of the Kais, which showed massive signs of decay!

The two could only wait until then. Nao then saw the Grand Minister wave goodbye to the group, before vanishing back inside Lord Zeno's palace. Whis then took this time to speak out to Nao once again.

"So Nao, with Father's agenda concluded today, we are now free to travel back to the Other World. As Lady Chronoa said, you and your sister are free to watch the remainder of the tournament. Once I deliver you three back there, I will return to Lord Beerus's side."

Nao nodded, confirming with Whis that he and Miya were ready to depart. The Supreme Kai of Time also nodded that she was ready.

"We're ready when you are Whis. How are we to do this, will you create that sealed space of yours again? This trip is around 12 hours, right?"

"Yes, it definitely takes 12 hours to arrive back at the Other World. Nao, you seem well rested now. I will not create that space this time, you three will just place your hands on my back. It will be over before you know it, ohohoho."

At this time, the three saw Whis cover his mouth with his spare hand, letting out a hearty laugh. 'Looks like standing it is then...', Nao thought. He did not know how this return trip will go, since he was unconscious on the trip coming here. He wasn't much of an idle conversationalist, mainly speaking up when he needs to.

Nao hadn't tried meditation standing up before, so perhaps he can try that during the trip. Anyways, Nao then spoke out to Whis.

"Sounds good to me. Miya, Master, when you two are ready, let's leave."

Hearing this, Miya responded happily, while the Supreme Kai of Time let out a disgruntled sigh.

"Sure thing, Brother!"

"Ugh, you really are spiteful sometimes, Whis. Well let's get this over with. Can Supreme Kais even get leg cramps?"

Whis decided to ignore the Supreme Kai of Time's remark. She was the first one to place her hand on Whis's back. Miya followed second, and Nao last. The three saw Whis tap his staff on the ground once.

Immediately following that, a huge rainbow pillar rose up from the ground. In a blink of an eye, the four zoomed out of Zeno's Palace, finally making their way back to the Other World!