Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 111

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 111 107: Back To The Other World

A rainbow pillar suddenly encompassed Whis, Nao, Miya and the Supreme Kai of Time, heading off into the vast expanse of Space in mere seconds. The Grand Minister stepped out of the Palace again, observing the rainbow pillar taking off. His eyes then landed on Merus, who still hadn't said anything all this while, and only observed what happened thus far.

Merus then heard the Grand Minister call out to him.

"Come Merus. I will send you back to the Angel Realm. If you manage to rid your heart of justice, you will be free to train with the mortals again. Until then, you are not permitted to leave."

"Understood, Father."

Merus bowed, acknowledging the Grand Minister's command. All of a sudden, without doing anything, the space to the right of the Grand Minister began to distort. An oval shaped portal appeared. No one could see what was on the other side, and only appeared distorted.

Still, it's size was tall enough to allow Merus to walk through it. Without saying anything, Merus's figure slowly vanished within the portal, and it closed again. Seeing Merus leave, the Grand Minister looked up into the sky one last time, and a glint of light streaked across his eyes.

'Nao, that little fairy of his, and now this 'Son Goku'...I wonder how far you'll be able to reach? You may not know it Nao, but your potential is far higher than the likes of this 'Son Goku'...Still, it'd probably be best to keep observing things for now. I must make my way to Lord Zeno's side to see if he has started his nap yet.', the Grand Minister thought.

After processing his thoughts, the Grand Minister soon vanished inside Zeno's Palace. No more sounds could be heard, and the peace around it resumed. The massive blue jellyfish down below then gently swayed its tentacles, and started to move in this vast expanse of Space with no destination in mind...

Meanwhile, in another part of Space. In a blink of an eye, over eleven hours have passed uneventfully! Whis's rainbow pillar could now be seen streaking across the endless golden clouds and the pinkish purple sky belonging to the domain of the Other World.

While this rainbow pillar was travelling at a very fast space, it somehow seemed calm inside of it. Whis was currently focused on his travelling, eyes looking out straight ahead. Nao's eyes were currently shut, and could be seen standing right behind Whis's back, deep in meditation, breathing steadily.

Miya on the other hand could be seen propped up against Nao's right shoulder, eyes also closed. Her head was nodding lightly, she was currently asleep. Yet despite that, both Nao and Miya had her hands on Whis's back.

Last but not least was the Supreme Kai of Time, who currently had a defeated look in her eyes. Her hand was also placed on was back. Whis was quite taller than the three, so it was more like they were touching the hem of his robe. The Supreme Kai of Time was actually a bit shorter than Nao's current height! She ended up letting out a sigh, seeing Nao and Miya.

"Sigh...I swear these two like being in their own little world...not much for idle conversation now are they?"

"Ohohoho, Lady Chronoa, they probably deserve it. Even if they entered our world, do remember they're still children right now. On top of that, to make out of Lord Zeno's place unharmed is a feat in itself, let alone becoming his friend. That was something I didn't anticipate."

Whis let out a light chuckle after hearing her question. She then continued the conversation along.

"I almost forgot about that. How old are these two exactly? They never did mention that."

"It appears they are a couple weeks away from turning nine years old. It looks like they spent a year in a Time Room as well. So technically they would be approaching 10 years."

Hearing this, the Supreme Kai of Time raised her eyebrows.

"Almost ten years old? That's still really young! He's already a monster at this age."

"That's not the only thing, Lady Chronoa. I've observed these two quite for quite a while now. Are you aware that they're twins?"

"Twins!? Seriously!? They don't look similar at all to me!"

"Yes. It is quite hard to tell, but they are indeed twins. The boy took after his father, and the girl her mother. It's best to learn more about your new disciple now, right? Lady Chronoa, do you happen to have the boy's training regime lined out for him yet?"

Hearing this, the Supreme Kai of Time flinched, and remained quiet. A look of guilt appeared on her face. Whis let out another haughty laugh seeing this reaction of hers.

"Ohoho, looks like you don't then. Well, that's fine. These children should experience the rest of their childhood in peace. I fear there may be some turbulence in the near future."

"The near future...? Don't tell me you peered into it!"

"Yes. After Lord Beerus woke up recently, I decided to. He kept spouting nonsense about a Super Saiyan God. That power I saw in the future was marvelous, but these two will experience some hardsh.i.p.s to obtain it."

"What kind of hardsh.i.p.s?"

"Now now, Lady Chronoa. It's no fun spoiling on what's to come. It's possible the boy may have seen this as well. Future sight is certainly a powerful ability to have. If he learns to train that Time power under you properly, it will definitely improve his technique in battle too."

"We'll see about that. He will first need to get that power under control! Also look, it seems we're just arriving at the old man's place now. For some reason I now have an urge to bonk these two on the head. That'd make a good wale up call, right, Whis?"

"I won't stop you from doing that but whatever happens as a result is of no concern to me. I'm just here to deliver you three back to the Grand Kai. I will return to Lord Beerus once I'm done."

"Great! Nao, Miya, it's time to rise and shine!"

At this time, the Supreme Kai of Time smirked, seeing that Whis won't stop her. She proceeded to raise her free hand in the air after forming it into a fist.

However, as she swung at Nao's head with her fist, she saw his eyelids flutter. They then flung open, revealing his eyes. Nao's gaze immediately turned left, who saw the Supreme Kai of Time about to land her fist on his head. He then squinted his eyes and spoke out to her.

As she heard his voice, she flinched, and halted her swinging arm halfway.

"Exactly what are you trying to do here, Master?"

It took a second for her to respond, and she immediately took back her arm. She then did a dry cough, pretending that didn't happen.

" really know when to react...I was just trying to wake you two you know!"

Hearing this, Nao let out a light chuckle, responding to her.

"Haha, before coming to this world, being on time was practically drilled into me. Besides, it's not like I was actually asleep. I've just been deep in meditation."

"I-I know that! Did you end up hearing everything we said?"

At this time, Nao only smiled in response to her question. He then felt some movement on his right shoulder, only to look over, seeing Miya rub her eyes, and let out a small yawn.

"Yawn...Brother, is nap time over...?"

Hearing Miya's voice, the Supreme Kai of Time ended up sighing in defeat, and calmed down.

"Sigh...guess that's twins for you. Look, you two, we're just a few moments from touching down on the old man's planet. Looks like Whis was right, twelve hours went by in a blink of an eye."


Nao raised eyebrows hearing how much time had passed. Before the three could respond, they heard Whis make an announcement.

"We will now be descending. It looks like we've got some company waiting for us down below too."

As soon as Whis finished saying this, the rainbow light surrounding them suddenly touched down on a solid surface.

The four had now arrived back on Grand Kai's Planet! The rainbow pillar descended near the banquet area designed for the four Areas to eat food and chat with one another, and didn't land inside the Grand Kai's mansion.

As the rainbow pillar vanished, Nao immediately saw a group of about thirteen people. They were of course the three girls, his parents, Nim and Jake along with their two guards, Queen Elena and her two guards, and none other than the Grand Kai!

The Grand Kai received a message of when Nao's group would return and promptly showed up on time. However everyone was stunned seeing Nao in his new outfit. He appeared much more calm as well. His mother was the first to rush out to him.

"Little Nao, Little Miya, welcome back! I almost mistook you Little Nao for a different person. Why are you dressed like that...?"

As Iona said this to Nao, before he could even answer, he saw the eyes of the Grand Kai nearly pop out of his sockets, once he got a good look at Nao. He then hurriedly and approached him and the Supreme Kai of Time, kneeling down.

Seeing this happen, Nao scratched the side of his head with his right finger and turned to look back at Iona.

"I'm back, Mother. As you can see, quite a bit has happened..."