Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 113

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 113 109: Let The Other World Tournament Resume

"I am willing to raise it as a mortal, Master. I will not let you down."


As soon as Nao answered that, Supreme Kai of Time happily nodded. Also, as if it were music to his ears, a familiar ding sounded off in his mind. Curious, Nao decided to see what it was. To avoid any suspicions, he looked back down at the golden apple snugly resting in his hands.

He had actually received more than one notification this time!

[*Ding! Congratulations to host for receiving a Supreme Kai egg! This egg is the last of the dying Origin Tree. Unless host manages to restore it or plant a new one, it will be unable to bear any more fruit. As host's intent will turn off the quest function soon, the Quest, Restore the Origin Tree will not be given. All other active Quests will de-activate once Rebirth undergoes its next update. If host decides to turn this function back on before host's soul moves onto the second world, host will automatically receive this quest.]

[Ding! Receiving an egg of a Supreme Kai is a first feat that has never been accomplished! Rewarding host with the Soulbound function. This function will not be bound by any worlds' laws. This will allow host to bind willing souls to host's soul, and allow them to be taken with you back into the Plane Creation space.]

[*Ding! Host has received a Supreme Kai egg. Recommending host to drip a drop of blood so it will recognize host as the father. Now determining hatching time...Calculating...Remaining time : 10 years, 13 days...]

Hearing this sound in his mind made Nao turn silent. 'Soulbound function...I was looking a method for my companions to allow them in accompanying me to my next world, guess I don't need to worry about that now. Moreover, it even gave an estimated hatching time for this golden apple...', Nao thought.

After the Supreme Kai of Time answered Nao like that, she saw him enter his own thoughts, becoming silent. She then spoke out to him out of curiosity.

"Is something wrong, Nao? I really do appreciate you doing this favor for me. Seeing your polite attitude and behavior back at our meeting point, this little guy will be definitely be in good hands."

Hearing the Supreme Kai of Time's voice reach out to him caused Nao to get out of his momentary stupor. He then looked up back at her again.

"Haha, sorry about that Master. I was wondering, you remember that ability of mine I told you guys about when we were back there?"

"Of course I do. I found it pretty surprising myself. What about it?"

"Well, actually it had just triggered again, Master. This time it gave me more information about this golden apple. It suggested me to drop some of my blood onto it, and it gave an estimate of when it would be born..."

Hearing this, shock streaked across her eyes. She raised her voice a bit louder but she was still talking relatively quietly to Nao. Besides Nao's family nearby, the other group saw the two were still busy, so they split off a bit and entered their own conversations.

"...Seriously!? How much longer did it say this little guy will be born!?"

The Supreme Kai of Time's shock soon turned into anticipation, as she waited for Nao to answer. He immediately did so to not keep her waiting.

"It appears it will be born in around ten years, Master. Unfortunately, it did not tell me its gender."

"Ten years? That's a lot sooner than I expected! We Core People have very long life expectancy, even when we haven't been born yet. Ten years to us is like one year to you guys. We just simply forget how much time passes. This is rather good news for me!"

"It is?"

"Definitely! What's more, it gave you information to drip some blood on it right? I was actually going to suggest you to do that next, but it looks like you beat me to it. This is the best way for this little guy to be accepted by you as a parent."

"Very well, I will now proceed with that, Master."

Hearing the Supreme Kai of Time say it was fine for Nao to drip his blood onto the golden apple, he proceeded to do so. Gently placing the golden apple in his right, hand, he freed up his left. Nao proceeded to bite into his left thumb, piercing a bit of his skin. This did not really cause any pain to him, and he soon saw blood droplets form from the punctured skin.

Moving his thumb over the golden apple, Nao's blood slowly began to drip on top of it. Nothing happened at first after his blood landed on it, but Nao soon saw the golden apple began to absorb his blood. Once his blood vanished, he moved his thumb back down. Not even another moment passed before Nao felt a unique connection form with the golden apple in his right hand.

This connection felt very warm, and sent soothing energy inside his body. The golden apple offered no resistance at all, recognizing Nao immediately. As to what gender this new Supreme Kai will turn out to be, only the heavens will be able to decide that. Nao will have to wait.

Seeing the golden apple absorb his blood with no resistance, the Supreme Kai of Time smiled, letting out a small laugh.

"Hehe, looks like this little guy has fully accepted you, Nao. I'm glad! With that, my time here is done. But before I forget..."

Hearing this, Nao tilted his head to the right slightly. However, he saw her turn her body the other way, and walked toward the Grand Kai who was still kneeling with his head raised up, watching them.

"Old man, I'll be taking my leave soon. Watch out for Nao, okay? He does have the means of coming to my domain but he won't go until he is ready to start his training. Even though he is just a Kai Attendant now, he is still considered a disciple of a Supreme Kai! Do I make myself clear?"

Her voice suddenly became imposing as she spoke to the Grand Kai. He immediately nodded.

"Of course, Lady Chronoa. Even if you hadn't said that, I would have gladly done so. Before long, he will soon become another grandchild, just like the other four. I hope you have safe travels going back."

Hearing this, the Supreme Kai of Time nodded once again, and smiled. She was happy with how he responded. She then walked back toward Nao and his family, finally bidding them farewell.

"Well, this is it for now then. Nao, just remember to use your Time Ring to get in contact with me, or if you feel like coming to Tokitoki City. I will be waiting for you! Farewell, everyone!"

She raised her voice this time so the other members of the group could hear her say goodbye. The others turned their heads, seeing the Supreme Kai of Time wave at them. The others waved back, and some appeared reluctant, as they still wanted to talk to her.

Before the group could do anything else, they heard her chant a spell, only to immediately vanish afterward!


As soon as she chanted that, her body started to flash, and suddenly vanished into thin air. The Supreme Kai of Time had finally left. This whole event was finally over for now!

Well, part of the event anyways, as the top sixteen matches of the Other World Tournament was still well underway!

Seeing her leave, Nao became hesitant on whether to store this golden apple into his pocket dimension. In the end he decided to do so, but still whispered into it.

'I'm not sure what to call you yet...seeing we can't identify your gender. Please bear with me, little one, I will temporarily put you into another space. Once I'm done here and arrive back home, I will take you out again, I promise.'

As Nao whispered this to the golden apple, he suddenly felt another warming sensation spread inside his body. He raised his eyebrows while feeling this. It was as if the golden apple had acknowledged him! He did not want to bring any trouble to the golden apple, since he will be in a massive crowd with other people, watching the rest of the tournament.

Nao proceeded to gently rub the golden apple for a moment. He then cycled his golden Ki, and opened a small pocket dimension. All he really had in here now was his senzu beans, instant transmission tablet, and the Hoi-Poi capsules Dr. Brief gifted him back on Earth. He then gently placed the golden apple inside, before closing the pocket dimension.

With everything returning to normal, the group suddenly swarmed Nao and his family. However, Nao remained calm despite this, and they saw him walk toward the Grand Kai, only to speak out to him.

"Grand Kai, thank you for your patience. I did hear that when we arrived back here, the tournament is in another intermission, right?"

"Heh, heh, that's right. The first half of the top sixteen matches have already concluded. We were able to proceed smoothly, since I received a notice that on top of your arrival back here, you were not going to participate any longer. It's a shame I know, but Kais and even Kai Attendants aren't allowed to partake in these tournaments. Still, those matches were plenty exciting."

Hearing the Grand Kai return to his usual attitude, Nao nodded. He then continued the conversation along.

"So that means three matches have already been done. I know both Elsa and my father was in the first block."

As Nao spoke this, he soon turned around and looked at his father. Oscar matched his gaze, and walked toward him. Nao then continued to speak.

"Father, how did you fare? Were you able to advance?"

Hearing Nao's question, Oscar let out a guffaw. The others in the group nearby them also calmed down at this time, seeing that the atmosphere finally returned to normal, despite Nao's current appearance.

"Gahaha! You bet your ass I was able to advance onward! My future daughter-in-law gave me a run for my money as well. I wasn't expecting her to turn out to be such a fighter. That magic stuff is really interesting to fight against."

"You fought against Elsa?"

"That's right! That was the semi-final match. I was able to take down a massive giant in my final match. We now are waiting for the second half to start. Whoever comes out on top during that will be the last opponent I face to determine the overall winner of this Tournament!"