Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 114

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 114 110: Family Gathering Concludes The Second Half Starts Now

"Gahaha, my future daughter-in-law definitely gave me a run for my money! That magic stuff was really interesting to fight against. We fought in the semi-finals. My last match I had was against a massive giant. We just need to wait for the second half of the matches to start now."

Hearing this, Nao nodded. Nao did not see Elsa's full power because of the sudden Potara fusion during his battle when she fought alongside him in the Preliminaries.

As to whether she did against Oscar, he was unable to see. However, from the looks of it, Oscar still triumphed and won. Oscar did reveal to Nao earlier that he achieved the Super Saiyan state during his five years of training in the Other World under the South Kai.

"Father, did Elsa push you enough to transform?"

Hearing this caused Oscar to remain confused for a second by what his son meant, but he then recognized what Nao was referring to.

"Actually yes. I was able to handle her Ki rapier in my base but she ended up revealing two more of her family's techniques, forcing me to turn Super Saiyan. What were they called again...?"

Since the group was now nearby Nao and his family now, Elsa's long ears twitched slightly after hearing Oscar talk about her.

However, before Elsa could respond to Oscar, Nim took this time to walk up to Nao and butted his way into the conversation. His body was massive, standing over thirteen feet tall. Nao's stature paled in comparison to his, but seeing Nim approach didn't phase Nao one bit. Seeing this, Nim smiled, and then spoke out to Nao.

"That's a fancy outfit you got on there, boy. You gave us quite the scare yesterday but looks like you managed to pull through. Situations like these will only help temper your will to be even more firm. Little Belle did indeed choose wisely, haha!"

After Nim let out a deep laugh, the ground around him started to vibrate a bit. Nao could only smile wryly listening to this.

"I do admit Isabella is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met, but I've only just recently met her. Are you sure you aren't rushing this?"

The silent Jake next to Nim raised his eyebrows, but decided not to say anything. Nao then saw Nim shake his head.

"As I mentioned previously, this is not being rushed. Once Little Belle decides on something, it's set in stone right then and there. It's not like you don't like her right? Besides, even I can tell you're still a child right now. You've got what, like ten years or so before you come of age?"

"...Yes. Ill be turning nine in a couple weeks actually. You have pretty good eyes."

Hearing this, Nim let out another deep laugh, causing the ground near by him to vibrate once more.

"Haha! This is years of wisdom, boy. Even I have lived to be over 1000 years! Age is of no difference to our clan. Little Belle will still look the same, if not even more beautiful in the next ten years. Still, 1000 years is probably a far cry to that Master of yours. Even I can't make an accurate judgement on her."

"That's probably because she is in an entirely different realm than you are. You don't mind if I take it slow with Isabella, do you?"

"As long as the ceremony is done as planned once we schedule it, you're free to do what you want, boy. It would probably be best to take some time before the next ten years to visit our home world to get acquainted with it. Wouldn't you agree with that as well, Queen Elosa?"

As Nim asked this, Nao's eyes turned to the and saw the voluptuous Queen Elena and her daughter Elsa, who was currently in her embrace. Nao saw Queen Elena smile, and nodded.

"Yes. Nao I would like for you to come to Planet Elosyia in the near future as Nim had just mentioned. We are actually working together to get this ceremony set up. You should expect it to be quite grand. Besides that, I do have one other thing that has been bothering me, if I may so ask."

Nao raised his eyebrows hearing this, but he saw Queen Elena turn to her right, only gaze upon Sayuri. She then left her daughter's embrace and gracefully walked up to her. Sayuri blinked her eyes a couple times, only for her eyes to turn wide after hearing Queen Elena speak out to her.

"Sayuri, after finding out your race was wiped out, it pained my heart. My race went through something similar, and it was very violent and unbearable to watch. I'm guessing your situation was like that too. It does seem you have a good family now in the Galactic Patrol, but they can only do so much. Would you be interested in becoming my adopted daughter?"

Sayuri almost stumbled backwards a bit after hearing this. She then let out a surprised gasp, much like the others who heard this. Nao still had his eyebrows raised.

"...Ehhhhhhh!? T-That is...a rather...sudden question, Miss Elena...I'm not sure I can answer that right now. I do appreciate what the Galactic Patrol had done for me all this while....Aww, I was not prepared for a question like this...geez!"

"Fufu, Sayuri, you don't need to answer right away. Besides, if you do become my adopted daughter, Little Elsa here will become your big sister! No matter what your choice is, I'll respect it. I just wanted to give you this opportunity. By the time this tournament ends, you are free to give your response. If you still haven't decided by then, I can give you a way to contact me."

Hearing this, Sayuri could only nod meekly. She then turned red out of embarrassment and couldn't look at anyone with straight eyes any longer. She covered her eyes with her hands, and her fox ears drooped down. Seeing this caused Queen Elena to let out a light giggle.

'My, what a cute reaction.', Queen Elena thought.

Seeing this happen, a glint streaked across Nim's eyes.

"So that's what you're planning, eh, Queen Elosa?"

Hearing this, Queen Elena's right cheek twitched a bit out of annoyance. She then reprimanded Nim for saying that.

"Zip it, you. I just happen to find Sayuri really cute. It just makes me want another daughter like her. Unfortunately my husband passed away during that war. But I don't need to worry much about that, our royal bloodline will continue thanks to Little Elsa here."

"Haha, so we're in the same boat then! I wish we'd be able to continue this gathering some more, but Grand Kai, the intermission is just about over, right?"

The Grand Kai to decided to remain quiet after he finished speaking with Nao and the Supreme Kai of Time, nodded his head in confirmation.

"Heh, heh. That's right. Everyone, please make your way back to my mansion. It seems the other guests have gathered there already so you guys are the last bunch. We've got four matches lined up next before the quarterfinals start."


As the Grand Kai said this, everyone nodded. The Grand Kai then looked back to Nao. He then spoke out to him.

"Once we're back at the tournament grounds, you'll be sitting with me, Nao. You need to start your way of seeing things as a Kai does, through their eyes. As Lady Chronoa said, you are no longer just a mortal anymore."

"Understood, Grand Kai. Wouldn't it be better for me to stand next to you? I'm still a lower rank than you after all."

"That'll be up to you then. I just wanted to let you know you'll be watching the event beside me."

Hearing this, Nao nodded. The group then walked toward the giant white mansion in the distance. It didn't take long for them to arrive.

The Grand Kai then did his wacky movements leading everyone in a single file line inside the first floor. Two giant wooden doors was the destination all the way back, but the Grand Kai still walked through many corridors and went up and down many stairs.

Everyone soon arrived at the wooden doors, and went inside revealing the same artificial Space this room created when they first entered it.

Everyone then flew alongside the Grand Kai to the tournament grounds. After arriving, Nao split off with the rest of his group. Miya did not pout once so ever, as she knew this was her brother's current path, so she was taking this very seriously.

Miya went along with Iona and the others back into the guest seats up above the two large fighting rings. It was packed once again. Some noticed a new figure standing calmly with their hands placed behind their back next to the Grand Kai, who was now back in his raised chair. He was dressed in his formal attire.

Nao was also dressed similarly to the Grand Kai, so the guests thought he was a servant or something, and ignored him. Nao did have a flashy and explosive fight with Isabella yesterday, but it seemed the crowd was too entranced by her, and forgot about Nao. He sighed in relief seeing this, since he didn't feel like explaining things to people he didn't know.

The same mushroom head announcer made his way to the two rings. Seeing this, the crowd started to cheer loudly. The second half of the top 16 matches were about to begin!

With his mic in his hand, Kinoko proceeded to announce the first match.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed that one hour intermission. We will immediately proceed with our next match. This one will be a doozy. Sayuri, and Paikuhan, please make your way onto the ring now!"