Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 115

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 115 111: Sayuri Vs Paikuhan I

"Sayuri and Paikuhan, please make your way onto the ring!"

As soon as Kinoko announced this, another wave of cheers burst from the crowd. The audience seats they were currently in circled around high above in a full circle around the ring, allowing them a very good view. Miya and Iona could currently be seen sitting next to Queen Elena, Nim, Jake and the four guards they brought along with them.

Even though they were cheering as well, they still gave an imposing feeling to the other guests who were sitting nearby. Thankfully the Galactic Patrol was close by as well, so if things got out of hand, they would be able to take action accordingly.

Queen Elena's eyes then shifted downward, and saw Nao directly below her, standing right next to the Grand Kai. The Grand Kai donned his formal black posh Kai robe. He further wore yellow robes underneath. Unlike the Grand Kai's robe however, Nao's purple posh Kai robe had no symbols on it, much like Kibito's.

She then rested her right hand on her cheek, looking a bit worried as she saw Nao standing calmly next to the Grand Kai.

"Oscar's son really has changed since yesterday. Before, he was easily able to express his emotions, but now, he's just way too calm...Lady Chronoa did mention he witnessed a vision, but it seems that did more harm than good..."

Queen Elena's eyes then wandered to the left of her, where Elsa currently sat. Elsa also decided to join the audience again, since she lost, instead of waiting at the area set aside for the fighters. Those who lost were given the chance to watch with their family back at guest seats up above, or remain at the fighters' area. Elsa chose the prior. Seeing this, Queen Elena grabbed her and put her into her embrace, and started rubbing her head.

Elsa did not expect this at this time, but she saw a serious look on her mother's face. She decided to wait in silence, enjoying her mother's warmth. Her cheeks lightly blushed.

"Elsa dear, you best give your support to Oscar's son okay? That black aura we witnessed yesterday was not normal. Something definitely harmed him. We were told he witnessed a vision but it appeared that did more harm than good. He may appear fine now but you never know what could happen..."

"Yes, Mother...Speaking if which, I actually had a girls talk with sister Miya already. Mother, can I ask you something?"

Hearing her daughter ask this, Queen Elena stared right back at her.

"You can ask me anything, Elsa dear. What is it?"

"Mother, I've decided to accompany Nao on his journey. Even though I made my decision after talking with sister Miya, I'm now even more firm on it after fighting alongside him in the Preliminaries. I-I want to support him all I can. If we happen to go to places where Mother can't reach, would you be fine with that?"

Elsa stuttered once as she spoke this to Queen Elena. Queen Elena turned silent after hearing her daughter speak. Elsa's blush remained, and even her long ears started to turn red. The length of her ears looked akin to that of a high elf. (This will be important for later worlds). Queen Elena then nodded, which caused Elsa to sigh in relief.

"I can see the resolve in your eyes, Elsa dear. It doesn't matter where you go. But do promise me to give me grandchildren at some point, okay? That way it won't be boring back at the Palace, fufufu."


Queen Elena grinned as she teased Elsa at this time. Elsa's blushing remained, and she looked the other direction, away from her mother. Queen Elena decided to have this conversation as Sayuri and Paikuhan got ready to go on the ring. It didn't take long for those two, and the crowd was once again interrupted by the announcer's voice. All eyes soon turned to him.

"Welcome all to the top sixteen bracket of this year's Other World Tournament! We will kick it off with Sayuri, one of King Kai's direct disciples, and Paikuhan, the top disciple of West Kai. Both King Kai and West Kai have been rivals for ages, so who will come out on top!?"

Hearing this, the crowd roared once more. The other two servants that were on standby next to the Grand Kai felt extremely nervous, as they saw someone dressed similarly to their Master, and they weren't saying anything. All they saw was him observing the ring. Unlike the two rings during the Preliminaries, it appeared the Grand Kai condensed them into one giant ring for the rest of the matches.

In the middle of it, Nao saw Sayuri doing some stretches, and Paikuhan doing the same. After that, Sayuri crouched down, and Paikuhan shifted his right leg back a bit. They were no more than a few feet apart from each other, and were now waiting for the call to start.

Seeing the two participants entering their stances, Kinoko nodded. He then proceeded to announce the start of the match.

"Looks like you two are ready. Let the first match of the second half, begin!"

As soon as Kinoko said this, the Grand Kai took the ancient bronze gong from the servant's hand next to Nao. He then struck it, signaling the start of the match.

Sayuri immediately jumped back on all fours several feet but Paikuhan remained still. Paikuhan could be seen wearing his tall black turban-like hat, similar to Piccolo's, and weighted boots. His eyes became serious, seeing Sayuri enter her stance.

"I'm not going to go easy on you foxgirl. I don't care about the rivalry between the West Kai and King Kai. I mainly enjoy fighting stronger opponents. You were a force to be reckon with back in the Preliminaries. Think I'll go all out from the start!"

As Paikuhan said this, his arms soon reached for the black turban-like hat on his head. He started to unravel the white cloth around it, which prevented it from falling. Before long, he revealed his bald head, and various black spots could be seen on it. He then dropped his headgear onto the ground. Thud!

A loud thud suddenly resounded in the ring, causing some shock to the guests. The loud thud was the result of his headgear actually burrowing itself into the ring some feet downward! Without saying anything, he proceeded to remove the white loose robe tied together by a belt he had on his body. This caused a louder thud to resound, and the hole in the ring became larger.

With his weighted clothes removed, Paikuhan could now be seen wearing a simple blue long-sleeved shirt and white pants and a red belt. He started to hop up and down a bit. He then shifted his right leg back a bit more and extended his right hand outward, forming a fist. Paikuhan then shouted at Sayuri.


"Hmph, trying to take things at your own pace? I'll just have to overpower you then. I had a grudge my last fight, so I got a bit out of hand. You seem to be a proper fighter, but that doesn't matter, I'll still shred you apart and advance onward to the next round!"

"I wouldn't expect any less from a fighter like you."

This was not a provocation, just a statement that Paikuhan was actually looking forward to this match! Sayuri proceeded to let out a yell, and started cycling her Ki. Before long her body was clad in her orange-red aura. A sound of clashing metal struck Paikuhan's ears shortly after. Shing!

Orange-red Ki claws immediately extended outward from Sayuri's hands and feet. This was her normal state when attacking opponents, aptly named, Sunlit Form!

"Take this!"

Sayuri arched her back, and vanished from her spot, leaving behind a few afterimages. A second later, she reappeared to the right of Paikuhan, with the intent at swiping his arm. Paikuhan's eyes reacted quickly to see this, and he blocked Sayuri's claw swipe. However, he heard a piercing sound, and his skin became punctured by one of her claws, and blood started to flow down his arm.

This caused some pain to Paikuhan, but he ignored it. With one of her claws stuck inside his arm, she tried to get away, but before she could, Sayuri saw Paikuhan withdraw both of his hands and crouched into a ball. Paikuhan then started to cycle his Ki, only to unleash it outward.


Paikuhan released a massive wave of Ki from his body, extending outward in all directions. This force struck against Sayuri's body, and her claws got blasted away. She flew several behind Paikuhan. While this knocked some wind out of her, she did not feel much pain from this attack. However, this is what Paikuhan wanted, to create some distance.

Not giving Sayuri a chance, Paikuhan suddenly flew up several meters into the air. Sayuri began to crouch down again seeing this, ready to pounce at him. But before she could, Paikuhan let out another shout. This shout became continuous as he puffed out his chest and extended his limbs. As if it had a mind of its own, Paikuhan's body started to twirl around faster and faster.

Seeing this, the mushroom announcer finally knew what was going on. He then announced what was going on.

"This match is already starting off strong! Pikkon is already starting with one of his signature moves, Hyper Tornado!"

Paikuhan ignored Kinoko's voice, and allowed his body to twirl faster and faster. Before long, wind started to kick up around him. It didn't take long for a tornado to form! Starting from Paikuhan's body, the tornado soon touched down, releasing massive amounts of wind blowing in all directions. The guests who didn't have much resistance to this had to hold onto something to avoid being blown away.

"Hyper Tornado!"

Nao heard Paikuhan shout this, and seeing this attack in person caused a wave of nostalgia streak across his mind. He managed to stay his ground, only allowing his robe to flutter. Nao saw Sayuri try to block this incoming attack, but even she wasn't safe, and ended up being swept in by the tornado!