Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 116

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 116 112: Sayuri Vs Paikuhan Ii

Sayuri couldn't stand her ground from the tornado that touched down on the ring, and ended up getting swept into it by the fierce winds it was currently releasing! Sayuri started to fly around in circles.

Due to the force of the wind, Sayuri couldn't get her bearing, and her body flew in closer and closer to the center of the tornado, where Paikuhan remained motionless. Even though he appeared motionless, his arms were moving at a very fast speed. Every time he moved his arms, cuts would appear on Sayuri's body!

Sayuri quickly reached the conclusion to not go against the wind's current. Instead, she tightened her body in, and started to glide along the wind currents currently being released by the tornado. Thanks to that, her body came closer and closer to the center. Her speed started to increase faster and faster.

Minutes turned into seconds every lap she did around Paikuhan. Her two piece combat dress became more and more torn with blood splattering here and there, but these were merely surface wounds. It only took a few minutes overall to reach Paikuhan in the center. Seeing this, Sayuri cycled her Ki once more, focusing it on her front claws.

All of a sudden, her orange-red aura became larger and larger, and two large claws suddenly struck out at Paikuhan! Even though massive wind currents were streaming around the two, Paikuhan acted as if the tornado didn't exist, and managed to put up his hands in an attempt to block these giant claws coming straight at him.

Sayuri's giant claws struck against both of Paikuhan's arms as he attempted to block this, causing more sounds of piercing flesh to resound. Puchi!

This time her claws dug deeper into his arms, striking against the would she caused earlier. Blood splattering everywhere. Paikuhan couldn't ignore the piercing pain this time, and his eyes winced. The crowd roared seeing lots of blood splatter, slowly dying the tornado red. Even the announcer was in shock seeing Paikuhan's Hyper Tornado getting interrupted.

Paikuhan soon lost focus, and the fast wind blowing fiercely around the two started to die down. The blood red tornado began to evaporate from the ground upward. It didn't take long for the tornado to disappear, only to reveal a bloodied Paikuhan latched onto two giant orange-red claws. With one last sound of piercing flesh, Sayuri retracted her claws, allowing Paikuhan to fall down to the ground.

The crowd became silent seeing the Paikuhan's destroyed arms as his body collapsed onto the ground, kneeling. Drip. Drip.

Blood kept pouring down his arms. Paikuhan felt searing pain now and looked Sayuri, who was cut up from all the slash marks the tornado caused earlier.

"You sure don't know how to hold back. Already destroying my arms in the first five minutes. Guess they serve no use now."

Sayuri grinned hearing this. Her attacks definitely had a clear effect on Paikuhan's body. Yet what he did next caused her eyes to turn wide. Paikuhan cycled his Ki, revealing a burning red fiery aura. He struggled to raise one of his arms, and moved his condensed Ki toward his right arm. He soon sent a Ki blast straight into it, tearing his left arm right off!

Another wave of searing pain struck against his body as he tore off his own arm, but he endured it. Immediately after, his forehead started to crease, as he began to focus his Ki in his stub of a left arm. Before long, a fresh new arm suddenly popped out of it! That's right, this was the same regeneration technique Piccolo has who has able to regenerate lost or destroyed limbs at will!

Ignoring the shocked crowd, Paikuhan endured the pain of his right arm, and blasted it away with his newly grown left arm. The same thing happened, and a new arm extended outward. No more injuries could be seen anymore, and the pain reduced rather quickly. Even so, Paikuhan started to pant, doing this costed him quite a bit of stamina.

"So you're able to regenerate your body, that's quite useful. I wonder how long you can last though? It's only going to get tougher from here on!"

Hearing this, Paikuhan smiled and let out a small laugh. Both West Kai and King Kai saw this quick clash. West Kai almost yelled at Paikuhan for getting his ass beaten right off the bat, but soon his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Paikuhan rarely smiles, so he knows Paikuhan is facing a very serious opponent!

King Kai on the other hand could be seen laughing on the floor rolling around seeing West Kai's changing expressions. West Kai reprimanded him but Sayuri and Paikuhan ignored their antics. Paikuhan then spoke out to her after letting out a big sigh.

"Phew...I tend to test the waters for fighters I don't know much about with that technique. I've still got more up my sleeve!"

"Hehe, likewise. Did you forget who I trained under? You've seen this once already. But I'll show you another finisher move I got as well! Sunburst Kaioken!"

Sayuri returned to an upright posture, and yelled out once more. Her aura started to dance wildly around her, and soon her white skin turned pinkish-red. She started to release heavy amounts of steam. Paikuhan was blasted away with a huge wave of hot air! She then spoke out once more to Paikuhan, who was trying to stand up again.

"I'm glad I stole this technique from that useless King. Even I'm surprised little brother Nao hadn't killed him off already. It's been a while since I sneaked into that guy's Palace, but whatever. You'll see how destructive this move really is!"

Sayuri began to hop to the left and to the right for a few seconds, before her figure suddenly vanished, leaving behind a few afterimages once more. She then appeared at the other side of the giant ring. Paikuhan and Sayuri were now several tens of meters apart.

Paikuhan saw Sayuri bend her back downward, almost to a forty five degree angle. Following that, Sayuri opened her palms outward, and locked her wrists horizontally. Her Ki started to become intense, and condensed inside her palms. As it did, orange-red lightning streaked across her, causing thunderous booms!

The crowd roared again seeing such a powerful move being initiated. Paikuhan saw this as well, and smiled once more, before speaking out to her again.

"Looks like you're preparing something deadly. Very well, I'll match it!"

As Paikuhan said this, he cycled his Ki once more as well and his energy surged forth. He was instantly clad in his fiery red aura again. However he did not stop and before long, his fiery red aura soon turned into pure blue flames!

As the blue flames appeared, Paikuhan began to swing his arms in a circular manner, starting with his left. His right arm then followed suit after his left arm made a half moon crescent. His arm then crossed over his left as they moved downward.

His stance ended with his left arm down downward and his right arm extended outward. He then formed both fists and slanted his back downward, much like Sayuri's.

However, Paikuhan's fists soon locked together, instead of opening outward. Blue flames congealed onto his fists, only to turn into burning red flames. A huge pillar of fire spurred forth out of Paikuhan's knuckles, directly aiming at Sayuri head on! It appeared Paikuhan was able to time his attack with Sayuri's, as both of them simultaneously yelled out their attack!

"Sunburst Final Flash!"

"Thunder Flash Attack!"