Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 117

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 117 113: Sayuri Vs Paikuhan Iii

Both Paikuhan and Sayuri simultaneously yelled out their finisher moves! Even Kinoko became excited seeing this, and he even stuttered a bit as he announced what he was witnessing to the audience.

"T-There it is everyone! Paikuhan's ultimate move, Thunder Flash Attack! Its flames are deadly but the orange-red lightning Sayuri is releasing seems to just be as deadly as his flames! Are these two looking to finish the match when it had just started!?"

Seeing Sayuri and Paikuhan launch their moves being launched at the same time caused the audience to become wide-eyed, and watched on in silence. Only some managed to keep cheering as they were not left in shock.

Sayuri's Sunburst Final flash launched ahead of her first, but Paikuhan's Thunder Flash Attack immediately followed. Loud crackling sounds kept emitting from her side while the crackle of flames emitted from his. It only took a few seconds for the flames and the lightning to clash against each other!

Flames burst forth and lightning danced. Loud explosions rang in the audience's ears as the two collided against each other. The middle of the ring caved in on itself almost instantly.

Paikuhan kept powering his Ki but any time he did appeared to not budge his flames one inch. On the other hand Sayuri could feel the excitement coursing through her body while she was launching this attack.

As a result, she felt a strong tingling spread throughout her tail. It actually started to glow, only to start expanding shortly after! Her tammy cat-like tail soon became a large bushy lush brown fox tail.

Seeing this, Sayuri smiled.

She powered up her Ki once more, letting out another yell. Her bushy tail started to crackle with orange-red lightning. It appeared Sayuri wasn't actually done with her attack!

Moving it to the right, Sayuri crouched a bit further while holding her arms in the same position. Her tail twitched like crazy before taking aim at Paikuhan. His eyes turned wide seeing the the tip of her tail start to glow.

"Bet you weren't expecting this, green man. Thieves are rather skilled at deception you know. Take this, Sunburst Point Blast!"

While Sayuri kept emitting her Sunburst Final Flash, her bushy tail suddenly fired off a large orange-red Ki beam! This beam blasted through the middle of her Sunburst Final Flash, of which it started to twirl around the beam itself. Sayuri had actually initiated a combination attack!

Paikuhan was completely caught off guard by this and cursed out. He then started to cycle his Ki like crazy. He saw his flames get pierced through once Sayuri's lightning beam reached the middle of their two attacks.

"S-shit! Full Power Thunder Flash Attack!"

Paikuhan's aura of red flames turned back to blue, causing his flames to become even hotter! He sent his blue flames riding along his red ones, in hope to block Sayuri's attack.

Unfortunately, even with his more powerful blue flames added into the mix, Sayuri's beam cut through his flames like butter. However the flames didn't disperse, and actually traveled along the sides of the orange beam lightning, still heading straight toward Sayuri's sides!

Seeing the orange beam lightning a couple feet away, Paikuhan cursed out one more, and shifted his fists up and bent his arms, hoping to block it. As soon as it struck his arms, he felt a very powerful shock streak across his body, becoming paralyzed. BOOM!

With a large boom, Paikuhan became stiff and couldn't move. This caused his body to get pushed to the edge of the ring almost instantly, and it didn't stop there. His body kept getting pushed back all the way till the barrier protecting the audience!

As soon as Paikuhan struck the barrier the audience heard large cracking sounds. Crack!


The heavy force immediately broke several of Paikuhan's bones. He could only watch on meekly as his flames kept travelling alongside the beam lightning.

Sayuri herself soon became very hot as the flames singed parts of her body. It did not cause any deep wounds, and most of them flew directly past her, colliding against the barrier on the other side of the ring.

Unfortunately, the flames still managed to catch her two piece combat dress on fire, slowly burning it away. This revealed large spots of her tan skin.

Nao saw this and blankly stared at her. Her attacks were really quite something to witness. Even Paikuhan, who could match Goku while even his Super Saiyan state, got thrashed around like that, and he now looked very miserable.

Sayuri soon finished cycling her Ki, and the orange-red beam lightning ceased from her palms and bushy tail.

West Kai couldn't believe his eyes. Once Sayuri ceased her Ki, it stopped blasting against Paikuhan. All of this resulted in white smoke spread throughout the left side of the ring.

Besides the audience right next to Paikuhan, the others couldn't see him clearly anymore. He now felt his strength drain his body. Coughing out a large amount of blood, he could only speak out to her one more time before the audience saw a shadow of a figure start to fall.

"Cough...I wasn't expecting you to contain such power, foxgirl...It's clear my strength doesn't match yours, I conc...cede..."

Paikuhan's body then started to fall down from the barrier. A few seconds passed and his body plopped onto the grass outside of the ring. He plopped down face first, and passed out, wearing a smile on his face.

The white smoke then cleared up and the audience, including the announcer, was shocked as to what they saw. It took a second for Kinoko to make the announcement.

"M-my eyes aren't playing tricks on me, are they!? I-It appears Pikkon has been knocked out of the ring! S-sayuri has won the match!"

Seeing an unconscious Paikuhan, the crowd started to cheer loudly. Nao continued to stare at Sayuri, as she was quite revealing with the flames burning her two piece combat dress. However, this did not go unseen. Queen Elena grinned watching Nao stare at Sayuri with a blank stare.

Queen Elena then turned her head to the side and spoke out to Elsa. Elsa heard this and she looked back st her.

"Elsa dear, please excuse Mother for a moment. First Stance, Droplet Movement!"

Elsa's eyes turned wide hearing her Mother chant one of their family's royal techniques so suddenly. Before she could do anything, Queen Elena's body suddenly turned into water droplets, allowing the seat below her to absorb them. She was gone from sight!

Nao soon felt a presence appear behind him. Droplets of water appeared out of nowhere from the ground, soon forming Queen Elena's body. Nao realized now who it was, but before he could do anything, he felt two hands wrap around his eyes, preventing him from seeing anything more.

He also felt two very large soft mounds pressed against his back, and heard a small chuckle from Queen Elena.

"Fufufu, Nao, just where are you staring at exactly? You still need to experience the rest of your childhood, so I won't let you stare at Little Sayuri's body. Not yet, anyways. You'll have plenty of time to do that in the future! Hope you don't mind me being here for a few minutes."