Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 118

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 118 Story Progress Update Question For The Readers Not A Chapter

Hey guys Aht here. With the whole COVID-19 stuff today was my first day getting situated with working from home instead of my office, so I got settled into that today, and decide not to write a chapter for today. So instead, I will give some story updates and some straw polls for you guys to enjoy!

As you guys may or may not be aware, Nao's childhood arc is soon coming to a close. There will be time skips, most of Z will be skipped, mainly except for the Majin Buu saga.

For the current tournament arc, with Sayuri's match done, I will only be writing one more fighting scene, which is the final match. As you guys have probably guessed by now, it will indeed be Oscar Vs Cooler. I can't wait for it myself!

I have an interlude chapter currently in the thought process for the story as a whole, so here is the first straw poll, would you like to see this interlude next or move straight to the final match and wait to release it until the childhood arc is complete?

Link :

Moving onto the second straw poll, this is none other than for the second world choice! I made a post to my pa treon about it, I will be linking it here too!

It is indeed time for the big reveal, the next two worlds in line for Nao to travel is none other than the Overlord world, and the Pokemon world! This voting will impact which one you guys want to see first. Don't you guys worry, once the first choice is finished, Nao will move onto the other one for his third world!

Link :

Once these two worlds are done in writing, I will then post the next set of two! I plan to keep doing this until World #9, and World #10 will be the final world, will be an original world I create, hopefully.

And for those who can't vote on the straw poll, I will leave the answers down below in the comments for you guys to like it accordingly. The answers with the more likes will be the winner!

As a final note, my heart goes out to those afflicted, stay safe out there guys. I will give you guys until first half of the day tomorrow is over to finish answering the first question. The second will remain available until the first world is coming to a close. Cheers until the next chapter!