Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 119

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 119 114: Calm Before The Storm

Nao suddenly heard the sound of water droplets drip behind him, before hearing Queen Elena's voice reaching his ears. At the same he felt two large very soft mounds press against his back and two hands cover his eyes.

After hearing Queen Elena tease him for staring at Sayuri, who just won the match, he sighed. He then moved her hands to the side, allowing him to see again.

Thankfully the audience was still in shock seeing a bloodied unconscious Paikuhan laying down on the grass next to the ring. Their eyes currently rested on him instead of Sayuri. who wasn't as injured, but her clothes were largely torn apart , revealing a lot of her tanned skin.

"Now is not the time for that, Queen Elena. I must go to Sayuri's side, if you'll excuse me."

Queen Elena blinked as she heard Nao say this. Before she could do anything, she saw Nao cycle some of his golden Ki. Opening his pocket dimension, he took a Hoi-Poi capsule, and with a 'poof', a plain blanket revealed itself.

Golden spheres entered Nao's vision, and he willed them toward his feet. Opening up the space below his feet, Queen Elena only stared at him, unable respond, before his body literally fell into the ground. All she could hear was Nao's chant before his body vanished!


Nao's body vanished into the ground, leaving behind a stunned Queen Elena. She soon regained from her stupor, only to lightly frown, hearing how he replied back to her teasing. She stared at the ring, seeing him reappear next to Sayuri, before entering her own thoughts.

'Just because you've a different status now doesn't mean you need to he so distant...looks like Little Elsa will have a high hurdle to cross...Still, at least he still is able to care for others...Guess I'll have to give my cute daughter another push', Queen Elena thought.

Meanwhile, Nao reappeared from the ground up next to Sayuri. Sayuri became surprised seeing Nao suddenly appear to the right, but before she could do anything, she felt Nao place a blanket around her body.

Only now did she realize how exposed her body was. Thankfully her important bits were still covered, but she still turned red. Grabbing a hold of the blanket to cover herself, she heard Nao speak out to her.

"Sayuri, you had a wonderful match against Pikkon. While it is fine to enjoy your fights like that, do keep your body in check, okay? I know you're interested in me, and actually I do feel a unique connection whenever I'm near you as well...I'm sure you realized that by now?"

"Little brother feel the same way I do? Also thank you for this blanket. Looks like the audience was too much in a shock to pay attention to my current state, haha."

Even though Sayuri was still blushing, she managed to let out a small laugh. She then saw Nao nod in response to her.

"I do, In fact there is something I want to test later. You see I've obtained a rather interesting ability as of late. Would you be interested?"

"A new ability to test later? Sure, I'd be down for that. But little brother, I've still got matches to win. You can wait for me, okay?"

However, as soon as Sayuri said that, she saw a serious look appear on Nao's face, causing her to tilt her head in confusion. Nao then spoke out to her in a serious tone.

"About that, Sayuri, I'd advise you to forfeit your next match. Cooler will be up next and he is fighting that harpy girl. As of now you're probably no match for him...You're familiar with frost demons since you're in the Galactic Patrol, yes?"

Hearing this, shock streaked across her eyes.

"Cooler is a frost demon!? No it makes since as to why he looks like that, very similar to that tyrant in our North Area, Frieza."

Sayuri let out a small gasp of surprise but Nao still tried to shush her, to not raise any suspicion.

"Don't raise your voice too loudly, Sayuri. To be honest I don't know why he is even here in the first place, but it appears he struck a deal with East Kai. Cooler is actually Frieza's older brother. His strength is far above Frieza's!

Hearing this, Sayuri's eyes almost popped out in shock. She immediately closed her mouth to not let out another surprised gasp. It took her a few moments to regain her composure, and nodded at Nao.

"Alright, little brother Nao. I'll do as you suggested. If that Cooler does advance to the next round and fights me, I'll forfeit before the match begins. It's unfortunate but I already accomplished what I wanted to do. Making it past the Preliminaries was enough for me."

"Accomplished what you wanted to do? You mean your battle with Rei?"

Sayuri proceeded to nod her head in confirmation after hearing Nao's question.

"Yep! Finally kicked that bastard's ass into the ground. Destroying his crown was just to rub salt into his wounds. I have no more desire for revenge now, and my parents can finally rest in peace in Heaven. Even though he didn't directly cause their deaths, his actions did."

Hearing this, Nao went silent for a moment. He then proceeded to ask Sayuri another question.

"Your parents...I'm not sure if you left them on a good note. This place is the Other World you know. Even though I just became a Kai Attendant, I could probably make an exception with King Yemma allowing you to see them one more time."

As soon as Nao said this, a warm feeling spread in Sayuri's heart. This comforted her a lot, but Nao only saw her smile back at him.

"I appreciate the kind offer, little brother, but I don't want disturb my parents in the afterlife. If anything, if you happen to meet them down the line, you can tell them what I just said to you."

"If that is your wish, then alright. Let's proceed to get off the ring. Look, the doctors are already starting to carry Pikkon away. I could heal him, but this will be a good setback for him. I don't think he has lost many matches yet."

"Sure thing. In fact Ill go on ahead of you! I need to change my clothes, so I'll head off to the locker room back inside the fighters' area. Take care, little brother!"

Hearing this, Nao saw Sayuri happily run off back inside the fighters' area where they can relax and watch the matches. This area also contained a locker room for each gender as well. Seeing her depart, Mao turned his head, only to see the mushroom announcer approach him.

"Hey buddy, why are you on the ring?"

As Kinoko said this, he had a good look at the white haired boy dressed in a purple posh Kai robe. Shock then streaked across his face, realizing who this was. He then spoke out to him

"Say, weren't you the fighter who beat Miss Belle in the Preliminaries? That was a hell of a match I tell you. Now that I got a good look, you do seem very similar to the Grand Kai. Don't tell me you're a servant of his or something? He even announced your forfeiture from the tournament. Such a shame really."

"Something like that. Well, I did what I came here for, I'll go return to the Grand Kai's side if you don't need me. Also, be ready for the next match, the ring will likely end up being destroyed."

Hearing this, Kinoko saw the white haired boy wave his left hand goodbye as he walked away from him, heading back toward the Grand Kai. Confusion then struck across his face.

'The ring will get destroyed next match? That was definitely a weird thing to say so suddenly...Such a weird person. Well that's not my problem, I need to announce the next match!', Kinoko thought to himself.

Seeing Sayuri out of sight, Nao returned to the Grand Kai's side. Queen Elena was no longer there. Before he did anything, the Grand Kai called out to him.

"Heh heh, looks like everythin' turned out fine. I was curious as to why you went up there but looks like that's now over. That lady who appeared behind you left a small note for you. Catch."

Hearing this, Nao saw the Grand Kai flick a piece of folded paper at him. It was pretty small, but he still opened it up after catching it. All he saw written on it was 'Good work!'. Next to the words was a signed stamp of Queen Elena's name.

An urge to face palm himself suddenly spread throughout his mind. He did so after, and seeing Nao do a face palm, the Grand Kai let out a hearty laugh.

"Heh heh heh! That was a nice reaction, Nao. That Queen is full of surprises. Makes me wonder how she was raised. But let's not dawdle any longer. The next match is about to be announced."

Hearing this, Nao sighed deeply . He then proceeded to nod. Still, Nao did have one more question to ask the, Grand Kai, so he proceeded to ask it.

"Yes, Grand Kai. Actually, I do have a question, if I may so ask?"

"Oh, what would that happen to be, Nao?"

A moment of silence spread between the two, before Nao's eyes became serious.

"Grand Kai, I have an uneasy feeling for this next match. I don't know what will happen, but I do recall Kai Attendants are able to learn special techniques that Kais or Supreme Kais can't learn. Is that true?"

Hearing this, the Grand Kai turned silent yet again, before nodding.

"That's right, Nao. According to Lady Chronoa, you've just started to develop Godly Ki. These techniques weren't going to be taught to you until your Ki becomes stabilized with Godly Ki. Are you interested in learning them now?"

"Yes...while I don't need to learn all of them now, I fear there could be a casualty next match. Would it be possible to learn Healing? I do have items I can use but they're limited in supply. If I can learn Healing, I wouldn't have to rely on them as much. This is just for the worst case scenario."

"...Even though there is no killing allowed here , I won't doubt your words, especially after seeing that stuff happen from yesterday. Very well. I can teach you Healing. This is one of the lowest tiered techniques available for Kai Attendants so it'll be easy to teach you Nao. In fact it shouldn't take any longer than a few seconds! As to whether you can use Healing now, that'd be up to you, heh heh!"