Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 12

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 12 9: Two Years The Tuffle's Final Struggle 2

Year 728, Elite Saiyan Training Area within Palace Vegeta

Nao and Miya could be seen standing in front of Nappa with various kinds of training equipment around them in a large square room carved out of magenta stone. The two saw Nappa drop the weights he gathered onto the floor just a few moments ago and the weights burrowed into the ground a few feet under. Nappa looked at the two while Nao and Miya stared down at the hole for a few minutes and the two started to shiver a bit. If this is just the start and they were already heavy enough to cause this, then what would happen in the later stages of their training? Nappa started to explain the course a bit more as Nao and Miya continued to stare down at the hole.

"You two will start off with these. We mainly brought arm and leg weights and the lightest one of them are the ones you see down there, which are twenty pounds a piece. That means you two will start off wearing 80 pounds! Your bodies have not been trained yet so we will leave the heavier weights during your later training. While you two might have high battle power you have no way to exert it! The first step to exerting your battle power is to develop your muscles to withstand it. If you use it now your bodies will just collapse."

After hearing Nappa talk a bit more, Nao and Miya soon lifted their heads and looked up back at him. They then nodded to confirm Nappa's explanation of their training course. Nappa then approached the hole, and reached his hand downward, easily grabbing onto the set of weights. Each set contained four different weights for each arm and leg and there were two sets of them. Seeing Nappa lift 160 pounds like it was nothing definitely surprised the two and then they saw Nappa lay down a weight set in front of Miya, and then in front of Nao. What appeared in front of them were two gray metal circlets and two gray metal anklets and they appeared to be tailored to the two of them. Not wanting to lose to Nao on wanting to be the first one to try it out, Miya tried to grab the left circlet, only to struggle trying to lift it up, and she even squatted while doing so. It took a bit of effort but after squatting while trying to pull it up, she eventually felt it budge and soon lifted it into the air. This pulling caused her legs to get a bit off balance and she soon fell back on her butt, holding the circlet in her hands while on the ground again.

Nao inwardly laughed while seeing Miya attempt at lifting the weights, as this was pretty similar to people who just started to work out at gyms in his previous life. However he did know Miya liked play tricks on him from time to time. Unable to resist the urge to try it out anymore, Nao looked down at his own set of weights. They appeared to be crude but they were still effective in the long run. Nao lowered his left hand to grab the left circlet that was placed on the ground in front of him. As he was only two feet tall it didn't take him long before he touched the weight, He took a firm grasp of it and while it was small, he tried to lift it up and it was just like lifting a really heavy bowling ball. Unlike Miya who used exerted a bunch of her force to lift it up only to fall down on her butt, Nao was able to lift it up but his muscles were unable to maintain the weight and the circlet soon fell back to the ground with Nao's hand still on it, causing Nao to fall forward onto the ground. This really shocked now as it was much heavier than he anticipated, and he had to wear four of these altogether! Even if he did manage to equip all four, would he even be able to move?

Nao then gritted his teeth and attempted to pull it up again from the ground, and he was successful at keeping it in the air this time. Not wanting to tardy any longer, he slid the left circlet onto his left arm and was successful in equipping it. Putting another 20 pounds on him caused some pressure on his left arm. He felt relieved that he was able to maintain his arm in the air for a while and decided to go for the second circlet. He decided to use his other arm to pick it up as he thought 40 pounds would cause quite a bit of stress on his left arm muscles, and he picked it up successfully. He then slid it on his right wrist and it was a perfect fit. As soon as he had the other circlet equipped, he immediately felt the weight of 40 pounds on his arms crush down on his arms and they fell down straight to his waist, and started to struggle trying to lift them up.

Miya, who was sitting on her butt, was trying to maintain the first circlet in her arms. Before long she was able to accomplish it and it fit onto her right wrist. She then looked over at Nao and a smile appeared her face, seeing that her brother had both circlets equipped, while she only had the first one. She did not want to lose out on him and she immediately dove for the other circlet with her left arm. It took more effort as she was already feeling the effects of the first circlet but she managed to slide it onto her wrist without much trouble. However, as soon as both circlets were equipped she felt the force of 40 pounds, which was equivalent to two heavy bowling balls and her arms soon fell down to her waist, unable to move them much, just like Nao in his present situation. While Miya and Nao were halfway done with their first challenge, Nappa grinned while seeing the two struggle. He went through the same situation when he first received his training many years back as a child and seeing this caused him to be a bit nostalgic. He soon returned his senses to the present and laughed, causing Nao and Miya to look back up at him.

"Listen here, brats. 40 pounds is nothing compared to being an elite Saiyan's training. However you two are still brats that need to lay their groundwork. Only with a stable base would you be able to grow stronger with minimal risk. Listen up now. Your first goal is to equip all four weights. Once you two feel comfortable will your training soon begin. Until then you can't eat or sleep. Haha!"

"Uncle Nappa, 40 pounds is already causing my body to be sluggish. This isn't fair, right brother Nao?"

Before Nao could respond to her words Nappa let out another laugh.

"Listen here Missy. His Majesty specifically said to give you two hell. If you two are struggling with just these, then you wouldn't even hope to begin what's in store for you two. Your Hell hasn't even begun yet, hahaha!"

Laughter soon echoed throughout the hollowed out room. This caused Nao and Miya to lose their focus and lost the strength of their arms, which made the two fall face first onto the ground. Seeing this, Nappa couldn't stop laughing.

"Hahaha! You two little shits. It won't be long before the sun falls. If you brats still have not accomplished this task before the day is over, you will get no meal!"

After saying this, Nappa's laughter soon died down and he appeared serious again. The meat saiyans eat help replenish lost energy and Nao knew without a doubt they would be consuming a lot of energy just from having the weights equipped. As Nao was thinking on his next step Nappa reminded them of another thing.

"I almost forgot. Putting the weights on is just the first step. Once they are equipped you two can't never take them off unless the weights are being switched for heavier ones. That means you'll even be sleeping with them on!"

Nao and Miya were startled by this comment. It appeared the days of peace they had during their time in the pods were now over. Would the weights even let them get a good night's rest? Nao couldn't begin to think of being crushed by their own weights. However he didn't want to disappoint his mother who consented them to receive this training from Nappa. He still had his mother and little sister to protect in this world so he knew he had to improve his strength quickly, and felt more resolve in his eyes now. Nappa had a good look at Nao and nodded. He had nothing else to say at this time and didn't want to disturb the two children any longer. Nappa soon left for the room's entrance only to sit down in the middle of it, and soon entered a meditative state. Nao saw that Nappa didn't have anything left to say, so his gaze returned back down towards the ground with the two metal gray anklets. Miya also looked back down at her two anklets seeing that the giant uncle didn't have anything else to say to her.

They soon started having a staring contest with them as Nao or Miya couldn't lift their arms much. But Nao knew he had to exert more effort, so he struggled moving his arms downwards tried to pick up the first anklet. While it was just another twenty pounds, his arms already started to feel a burning sensation as he lifted up the first of the two anklets. he managed to slide it onto his left leg and soon went for the other one, not wanting to stop the momentum. He now had 60 pounds on him and most of his body started to feel like it was on fire. He didn't know how long it took to put the last one on his right leg but he soon collapsed back onto the ground drenched in sweat. However a smile appeared on his face knowing that he had accomplished the first task Nappa gave them. Seeing Nao lost in his own world after putting on all four weights, Miya saw that she lost out on him again and started to pout. She didn't hesitate any longer and reached out for the first of the two anklets and managed to put it on her left leg. Just like Nao, she also started to feel a burning sensation in her muscles and it was a new feeling for her, as this is the first time she had a real body.

While the sensation continued, it wasn't painful enough for her to stop and she immediately grabbed the other anklet and managed to put it on her right leg. She now felt the force of 80 pounds just like Nao and she soon started to struggle standing up, and the force soon pulled her downwards. Miya could now be seen next to Nao, sitting in the middle of the room next to the hole that was created by the weights earlier, sweating. Both of them exerted what little energy they had currently to accomplish this task and even though their muscles started to burn, they soon started to get sleepy, and soon fell asleep feeling each other's warmth.

The sun now set beyond the tall cliffs around them and it was now dark out. A smell of roasted meat soon wafted towards Nao and Miya, causing their eyelids to move a bit and they slowly woke up, with rumbling stomachs. However as soon as they woke up they felt a heavy force on their bodies and almost forgot what happened earlier. They soon went towards Nappa who was cooking their meal. While it was tough, they still managed to eat the meat that was cooked for Nao and Miya. It felt like eternity before the next day arrive. Nao and Miya soon started getting used to the weights on them. They soon saw the sun rising and sun setting more frequently and started being able to walk around with the weights on. Time soon started to pass again before their eyes as they were absorbed in their training...