Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 120

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 120 115: The Divine Language Makes An Appearance?

As soon as the Grand Kai said that, before Nao could do anything, the Grand Kai snapped his right fingers. All of a sudden, a huge influx of knowledge went into Nao's mind!

As a result of this knowledge entering his mind, Nao felt his head start to pound heavily. He proceeded to clutch his head with one of his hands. However, Nao was still able to remain upright in his posture..

This wasn't a throbbing pain like he felt from his nightmare, it just made his head feel very full. Thankfully at this time all of the audience's eyes were on the announcer, who was currently seen with a microphone in the middle of the ring.

They saw Kinoko speak through the microphone, and his voice resounded throughout the whole ring with an excited voice.

"Ladies and gentlemen, that was a really exciting but quick match! We will immediately proceed onto the second match of four for the second half of the top sixteen bracket. Cooler and Eir, please step onto the ring!"

Hearing two names being announced by Kinoko, the crowd roared once more.

Meanwhile, Nao continued to clutch his head. This did not go unseen, as Queen Elena was currently looking at him with a worried expression. She wanted to see what expression Nao had after reading her card, but little did she know this would happen.

She saw the Grand Kai do something, and thought his trauma triggered once again. Miya also sensed this but unlike Queen Elena, she did not have a worried look , as she knew what was going on Nao's mind. However, before Queen Elena could do anything, the Grand Kai sent a direct message into her mind saying he was just imparting knowledge to Nao.

This calmed her down, and sure enough, after a couple minutes passed, Nao stopped clutching his head. Things inside his mindspace also went through a strange experience.

During the couple of minutes after Nao arrived in his mindspace to heck what was going on in his mind, the first thing he witnessed shocked him greatly. Spinning around his sealed Saiyan God soul and his mostly broken soul-bound chains, he saw a golden apple!

He was not expecting to see this little guy here, and the golden apple immediately made a beeline straight to Nao after detecting his presence. Nao smiled as he grabbed a hold of the golden apple. However before he could do anything else, he felt a large influx of fluctuations toward the top of his mind!

These fluctuations tore through his mindspace, and he started to see rainbow letters and runes in a language he had never seen before enter his mind.

Almost like a cyclone, they started to spin rapidly. Most of these rainbow letters and runes got absorbed into his sealed Saiyan God soul. Nao could only smile wryly seeing this. He figured this was how the Grand Kai imparted knowledge to him.

Seeing it in person was quite fascinating. However what he didn't expect was that some of these letters and runes formed words that got absorbed into the golden apple! This caused the golden apple to shine a rainbow hue.

Only a couple minutes passed before the cyclone stopped. About eighty percent of the rainbow letters and runes flew into his sealed soul. The other twenty percent went into the golden apple, whose appearance soon returned to normal.

Before everything resumed back to the way it was, Nao saw four of these letters hover in front of him. He was finally able to see what they looked like up front, and seeing them shocked him greatly once more!

They appeared to be using the same letters found in the common universal language everyone speaks throughout the galaxies. Yet these four letters were reversed, and was spelled backwards. Nao saw it as 'LaeH'!

'...Isn't this the divine language of the gods!? The same language Whis spoke when the super dragon balls were used?', Nao thought to himself.

But before he could do anything, the four letter word shone brightly for a few seconds. It then flew straight into Nao. He then heard a notification from Rebirth, stating he had successfully learned one of the Kai Attendant's abilities, Heal!

He sighed as a result of this, seeing things turn out well. He then had another look at the golden apple, gently rubbing it. Nao in turn felt a warming sensation spread throughout his body. He then spoke his thoughts to it.

'..I was not expecting you to be in this space, little guy. Were you able to gain something out of this?'

As Nao asked this, he felt his mind was struck with another sensation. This time it was firm, as if the golden apple was trying to answer him, 'yes'.

"Good. This bond we have is definitely a special one. I did see you fly over here, I'm sure Master would be shocked if she saw you do that, even when you haven't even been born yet, haha. I need to go now though, so I'm going to cut this connection. I'll try to bring you out of my pocket dimension soon, I promise."

After letting out a light laugh and promising the golden apple once more, he felt another warming sensation. He then cut his connection from his mindspace, and his vision returned to normal.

He then had a look at Grand Kai once more, and bowed lightly.

"Thank you for this, Grand Kai. I was able to learn Heal. Hopefully I won't need to use it though.

Hearing this, Nao heard the Grand Kai laugh, then he spoke while pointing his finger toward the ring.

"Heh, heh, it's good that you did. That just proves you've got Godly Ki developing inside you. Otherwise, your mind would have rejected the divine language right then and there."

"So that really was the divine language the gods use?"

"Yeah. But more importantly, look. The next fight is about to start. That Cooler fellow sure is hidin' his strength."

As soon as the Grand Kai spoke this, Nao"s eyes followed the Grand Kai's finger. He soon saw a rather tall purple-skinned humanoid with a white bone-like chest-plate of sorts and head with a dark blue gem resting on top of it calmly walk toward the ring.

Next to him was a female harpy-like figure wearing a light green combat span. Their wings were massive too, its wingspan was similar to that of an eagle's. She also had claws and talons for hands and feet.

Nao heard the all so familiar mechanical-like sounds Cooler's legs made with each step. He heard flapping sounds from Eir, who was the harpy-like figure next to Cooler.

He did not want to miss this one. He would step in once the match was over if he needed to. While there were rules in place for this Other World Tournament and Cooler was a lot more mature than Frieza, frost demons were still a very cruel and unforgiving race.

However, Nao quickly concluded these thoughts. He saw Kinoko announce the start of the match once the two got into their fighting stances. Well, Eir at least, as Cooler still had a bored look in his eyes, causing him to not put up any stance.

With the start of the match underway, time stopped for no one, and the sands of time began to churn once more...