Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 121

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 121 116: Moving On Upward The Final Match Of The Other World Tournament Begins

Before Nao knew it, the sands of time began to churn after Kinoko announced the start of the match.

Seconds soon turned into minutes, cause it only took that long until the match was concluded!

Eir immediately sensed something wrong with how Cooler was behaving, so she shifted into her Eagle Form, and dominated the stage with her wind Ki and speed. Yet that proved to be worthless, seeing Cooler manage to hold his ground.

She even coated her wings in wind Ki, becoming light green in the process. However, right after she swooped in, Cooler's tail immediately vanished. Eir then felt something latch onto her throat.

Seeing this the audience's eyes turned wide in shock.

In the end, Cooler revealed another evil smirk. Eir started to gasp for air, as his tail began to constrict her throat. Cooler immediately dashed in toward her. Letting out a small yell, he cycled some of his Ki, revealing a sinister purple aura, similar to that of Frieza's.

Cooler then struck out both hands after forming two fists, aiming directly at Eir's chest. BANG! SNAP!

A flurry of four punches were launched in quick succession, each creating a loud bang! The last two punches creating ear-piercing snapping sounds, causing Eir to shriek!

However, with her constricted throat, Eir's voice couldn't escape from it, and only coughed out a large amount of blood instead! The last two punches broke some bones in her rib cage, and if one looked closely m, two large fist indents could be seen on her chest.

The blood she spat out of her mouth directly landed on Cooler's face. He then proceeded to wipe away the blood from his eyes, and now a look of scorn streaked across his face. He then spoke out to Eir with a disdainful voice.

"And here I was thinking you would had some power. Guess I was wrong. I can't even count you as a toy to ease my boredom of this shitty place.The one I wanted to fight is no longer participating too. Guess I'll just end this quickly. I wonder what would happen if I tear those wings off of you, hmm?"

Hearing this, Eir's eyes turned wide in horror. She knew now she had no no hopes in beating him. She started to struggle out of his tail's grasp like crazy. She even tried to turn the other way and fly with her wings, but that proved of no use. Cooler had her firmly stuck on the ground!

The audience became quiet seeing Cooler extend his hands toward Eir's left wing. Some even closed their eyes, and before long their ears were assaulted by the sound of tearing flesh. RIPPPP!

Eir suddenly felt the most excruciating pain she had ever felt in her entire life. Her vocal cords resounded like crazy, causing Cooler's tail to lighten its grip enough for her voice to yell out. As soon as this happened, the audience's ears were struck with a bloodcurdling scream!


Even Kinoko started to shake uncontrollably seeing Cooler's violence as it happened. Sure, he brutally beat up that Devian in the Preliminaries, but tearing off a harpy humanoid's wing was far worse! Their wings were essentially their lifelines!

Even Nao frowned hearing this scream. Even though he could do something now, the match was still ongoing. Once it was officially over, he would take immediately action. He figured by that time, Eir would only have a few moments left to live.

Sure enough, Nao's guessing was right. After letting out that scream, an amazing amount of blood sprayed out from Eir's back, spraying all over the ring. Cooler's left hand currently held Eir's torn off wing. He soon felt no more movement as Eir's eyes rolled back behind her head, and small white foam forming on her lips.

Felling this, his evil smirk soon turned into a grin, and let his tail loosen its grip. He soon retracted his tail back behind him. Eir's body started to fall, and he caught it as it did.

"Hmph, at least I have an audience to witness my terror in action. Hey, announcer, catch this will you?"

As soon as Cooler said this, he swung Eir's body and let it fly directly at Kinoko, with her torn wing in tow. Kinoko saw this incoming in shock, and safely managed to dash out of the way. Eir's body then slid off the ring, landing on the grass below, another knockout.

He took a few seconds to regain his composure, but he still stuttered as Kinoko announced the end of the match.

"L-ladies and gentlemen, w-we have another knockout! Cooler will advance to the n-next round!"

A mixture of cheers and boos soon resounded as Kinoko announced this. Without saying anything, Cooler cycled some of his Ki, creating a small wind blast to remove the blood that was sprayed on him. He then ignored everyone else and calmly walked back to a corner of the fighters' area, not wanting to be disturbed.

Seeing Cooler off the ring now, Nao cycled his golden Ki and chanted another [Gate], only to reappear by Eir's side. He could see some other female harpy figures rush toward Eir in panic, but Nao halted them.

He didn't want to explain things which could take more time, seeing Eir was still bleeding profusely out of her back. He calmed his mind, and placed the torn wing back in place where it used to be. He tried to recall the rainbow letters and runes in his mind.

Nao managed to remember it, and with a shout, he yelled 'LeaH'!

As soon as this happened, he was struck with another pounding headache. He paid that no mind, and saw Eir become surrounded in a pale white aura. The harpies took a defensive stance again Nao as they heard him speak out in a language they never heard before.

However, shock soon streaked across their faces. They saw Eir's wing magically latch onto her back again and the wound started to visibly close before there very eyes! As this happened, they heard Eir start to groan.

Not only did Heal cure the majority of wounds and restore stamina, if it was chanted in the divine language like Nao just did, its effects were even more potent! It could save people from life threatening conditions and could heal destroyed limbs, in this case, Eir's wing.

For some reason, Eir felt her stamina restoring itself like crazy, and her pain rescinding. As a result, she slowly managed to open her eyes and managed to get a look around her. She now saw herself out of the ring.

Turning her head a bit, she saw her fellow harpy guards, and a white haired boy dressed in a fancy purple robe, who currently had his hand placed on her back. Eir then heard him speak calmly.

"Looks like you managed to regain consciousness. I'm glad I was able to make it in time. You are no longer in a life-threatening condition."

"It's you...are you...healing me...?"

Hearing Eir speak softly, the harpies around them started to hug each other, seeing their Queen alright. That's right, while Eir appeared young, she was actually the Aeron's Queen!

"Yes. I managed to reattach your wing and close the majority of your wounds. You should still take plenty of rest and keep the pressure of the your wings. I highly advise you to not engage in further combat for the moment."

Hearing this, Eir meekly nodded. She then proceeded to speak in a soft voice.

"Thank you for doing I recall you are also under King Kai? I will not forget your help. Us harpies always repay their debts...As their Queen, if you need my assistance, my army will rush to your aide at once..."

Hearing this, Nao raised his eyebrows, learning about Eir's identity. He then saw Eir struggle to stand. Even though her body had just recovered and felt she had plenty of stamina, she still felt out of it. Eir then saw her turn around only to see her guards.

"Everyone, let us depart. I apologize to you all for having to witness that battle."

As the guards heard this, they panicked a bit, telling her not to worry about it. Eir also instructed two of them to carry her Nao's advice. Before long the group left, and Nao returned to the Grand Kai's side once again.

He didn't say anything this time surprisingly and only smiled. This battle was just one of many to cone to display Cooler's cruelty. Time itself was a cruel mistress and the audience struggled seeing Cooler advanced onward and upward, all the way to the top of the second half!

This time went by in a blink of an eye. The top 16 matches concluded, only leaving two final fighters. A fated battle between a Saiyan and Frost demon was about to begin, and the winner of this match would be crowned the victor of this Other World Tournament!