Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 122

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 122 117 Oscar Vs Cooler

Time once again passed by in a blink of an eye as the audience watched Cooler's unstoppable rampage. He left his opponents in a mutilated state every time, just like Eir's. Thankfully he only had two matches after Eir's.

Still, Nao decided to step in and healed them as the injuries of those two were life threatening. Nao knew he couldn't touch Cooler Nao, he only hoped his Father is able to give him a good thrashing.

In the original, Cooler's power evenly matched Goku's Super Saiyan state after Cooler's final transformation. Nao had yet to see his Father turn Super Saiyan in person, but according to him, he could. Nao also didn't forget his Father still had his tail either.

By some chance something unexpected happened, he could always go Great Ape. Still, not counting *T, no Saiyans ever turned into their Great Ape form after Vegeta's first battle with Goku, so at this point in time, Nao wondered if he would get to see a golden ape.

If Oscar did end up going Great Ape and became a golden ape, he could have a good chance at attaining the ascended Great Ape form, or commonly known as Super Saiyan 4! Only Saiyans who have achieved Super Saiyan could venture onto this path!

Yet,, that was still a myth as of now, and Nao was only speculating Thankfully, the top two match was about to begin. Nao was still next to the Grand Kai, calmly standing. He saw Kinoko start walking toward the ring.

A moment of silence spread throughout the area before Kinoko reached the ring's center. He stayed silent while he checked the feedback of the microphone he currently had in his hand.

Checking that it was fine, his energetic voice resounded. The crowd then burst into a cheer as Kinoko made his announcement!

"Ladies and gentlemen, no matter how many times I announce like this, it still brings me excitement to this day! Unfortunately, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this will be the last match of the 150th World Tournament located here in the Other World! But don't you guys worry, the best match has yet to start. Will our final two fighters make their way to the ring now!"

Announcing this, the cheers kept getting louder and louder. Oscar was currently seen sitting near the South Kai. The South Kai was even massaging his shoulders for good luck, obviously in an excited mood. After all, a fighter under his Area made it to the finals!

Speaking of the other Kais, both King Kai and West Kai became dejected seeing they no longer had any fighters in the tournament and were all knocked out. King Kai especially, he had no idea Nao would tur out this way, he had high hopes for him! Yet now, he didn't dare to question him.

Let alone angering the Grand Kai, Nao was now a disciple of a Supreme Kai. King Kai thought they only existed in legends! To find one actually alive shocked him to the core.

This shock was much the same when Goku and the others found out Shin's true identity of being another Supreme Kai. King Kai was also observing Goku when this reveal happened.

Anyways with those two sulking in a corner, South Kai managed to say some final remarks to Oscar.

"Oscar, you've been training extensively with your weights under me these last five years. Your body is really endurable now! Even though East Kai's fighter is rather strong, go kick his ass and bring home the trophy!"

Hearing this, Oscar sighed. Yet he still had a firm resolution that could be seen in his eyes.

"I don't need your petty talk, South Kai. It's a given I'll beat his ass to the ground. With such evil shown already, my pride as a righteous Saiyan will crumble if I don't do something about it! It's a shame my son couldn't advance to the finals, it looks like I'll be taking his place instead."

After saying this, Oscar proceeded to stand up, creating some space between him and the South Kai. The South Kai even backed away a bit, which allowed Oscar to walk toward the ring.

Cooler as well, proceeded to stand up from his corner. Hearing the ever so familiar mechanical sounds as he took each step, both Oscar and Cooler made their to the ring.

The audience roared once again seeing the two respective fighters make their way to the ring. It didn't take them to reach the center. Distancing themselves a few meters apart, they now stood in silence. Oscar and Cooler only stared at each other, while Cooler's tail started to twitch around his body.

Seeing this, Kinoko smiled. He then proceeded to announce the start of the fight. He then yelled out in a large voice, echoing throughout the area.

"Looks like the two of you are ready. Everyone, this will be the final match of the 150th Other World Tournament! Who will stand victorious and take home the trophy!? Oscar, Cooler, let the final match, begin now!"

As soon as Kinoko finished saying this, he hurriedly dashed off the ring. Unexpectedly, the two didn't take any stance, only allowing silence to spread around them.

This silence became interrupted as Cooler smiled with an evil grin. He then proceeded to speak out to Oscar.

"So it's going to be a Saiyan for my final battle. I've been hearing stories about them from my little brother, Frieza. He keeps saying your race is a proud warrior race, but you monkeys can't even win against his army! Hah! How pitiful. Even though you're already dead, I can put you out of your misery once more!"

"I dare you to even try you shitty frost demon. Sure I was shocked learning you're related to Frieza, but I've been keeping watch of the current events. Just knowing there is more than one of your shitty race out there ignites my righteous heart even more! Even though I can't kill you now, by some chance I'm able to go back into the Realm of the Living, the first thing I'm going to do is hunt you down, you bastard!"

Hearing this, Cooler's tail twitched around yet again, his evil grin remained.

"Oh? Such strong words coming from a monkey like yourself. Let's put that to the test, shall we?"

Obviously being taunted like this had no effect on Oscar. He remained still, and actually smiled back at Cooler. Oscar then started to cycle his Ki, planning to go all out from the start. He then proceeded to yell out to Cooler once more.

"You know, your brother Frieza has a right to be scared of us. It looks like you don't even know what we're truly capable up. Just looking at you even for a second longer is starting to piss me off! I'll show you the wrath of us Saiyans! Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Cycling his Ki like crazy, Cooler started to see obvious signs of change. Even though Oscar could only see with one eye thanks to his massive scar, the one pupil he could still see with started to change from brown to a lime green!

Oscar began to bend his back and crouch his knees slightly. He kept yelling out while he was powering up. At this time his hair started to flicker. After flicking between to colors, Cooler suddenly saw Oscar's hair change from brown to golden-yellow! Even his tail changed to gold!

Oscar was then surrounded by a golden-yellow aura. That's right, Oscar just transformed into a Super Saiyan!