Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 123

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 123 118: Cooler's Final Form

Oscar finally revealed his Super Saiyan form yet again to the audience! It wasn't the first team he had shown it, but it was the first time Nao had seen it. Seeing a Super Saiyan transform before his very eyes excited him greatly. Yes he did achieve it himself, but watching someone else do it just didn't feel the same!

The crowd roared seeing Oscar's Super Saiyan. Some even yelled out to him stating to kick Cooler's ass! Hearing this, Oscar chuckled.

Meanwhile, the tiles of the ring around them started to float upward and hover in the air thanks to the massive amount of Ki Oscar was releasing. Even thunderous dark clouds formed high up in the air. Every so often, streaks of lightning would strike down onto the ring!

Nao had a close look at his Father. After sensing him, he could feel his energy around 750 million battle power! Even though this was factoring the x50 multiplier of the Super Saiyan form, that still left his base power at 15 million!

To rise from around twenty thousand back when Oscar was still alive on Planet Vegeta to 15 million just goes to show how harsh he had been training these last five years under South Kai. Even though Nao had a special exception and was trained by the royal guards of King Vegeta's Palace, Saiyans didn't actively train much back at his home planet.

Instead, they treated their missions, killing races far and wide and selling the planets to the highest bidder, an act of improving their strength through active combat experience.

It was no wonder Goku and Vegeta were training junkies! Anyways, after Oscar chuckled, he saw Cooler frown.

"So what if your hair turned yellow? You're still a dumb monkey! I'll still pommel you to the ground!"

After saying this, Cooler yelled and cycled his Ki. He then surrounding himself in his purple aura, and Cooler's eyes started to flash. In no time at all, two thin but very powerful Ki beams streaked out of Cooler's eyes.

"Darkness Eye Beam!", Cooler yelled out at Oscar.

Seeing two beams coming at him, Oscar decided to hold his ground. The two beams streaked across the ring in mere seconds. At the same time, Cooler flew upward and backed a bit away. That was only his opening strike and he was about to follow it up with another!

Cooler extended his arms out with his palms facing forward. Pale yellow light started to condense in his palms. Seeing enough energy gather, Cooler grinned and yelled out once more.

"Take this you damn monkey, Death Flash!"

A huge screeching sound resounded out of Cooler's palms. Pale yellow Ki started to expand rapidly and suddenly launched out of his hands! The energy soon enveloped half of the stage!

Oscar on the other hand, saw the incoming darkness eye beam while Cooler flew upward. He felt confident in his own strength. Once the beams reached him, Oscar actually slapped them away, sending them toward the left of the ring! BOOM!

A large hole suddenly burrowed into the ring, creating a large boom. Seeing the battle start, the crowd started to cheer loudly, while the others watched on, not wanting to miss out on any of the battle.

However, Oscar had no time to spare. He saw the ring suddenly shine brightly as a huge pale yellow energy blast cover over half the stage in mere seconds! He himself only had a few seconds to react, but seeing this, Oscar only smiled.

"Don't think you can beat me with this, you bastard. Tear for me!"

Oscar crouched down, only to leap up in the air. The pale yellow energy soon struck Oscar head on, but his Super Saiyan aura protected his body. Flying rapidly in the air, he struck out his right arm and formed it into a fist. He flew straight into Cooler's attack, and started cut it in half with his body alone!

Cooler's eyes turned wide seeing his Death Clash being torn through. He doesn't underestimate his opponents like Frieza tends to and took this match seriously from the start. However, seeing his first two attacks not affecting Oscar, he decided to power up once more.

"Hmph, you may actually be more than a mere monkey seeing you're able to take my attacks head on. However, I will not let you tale advantage of them! Nova Chariot!"

Cooler started to power up like crazy and his purple aura streaked around him. Oscar soon was halfway toward Cooler before a large sonic boom resounded. BOOOOOM!

Cooler kicked off his feet in the air, much like Oscar did. However, Cooler stretched out both of his arms and formed fists, instead of one like Oscar did.

The booms soon turned into bangs as Oscar's golden aura clashed against Cooler's purple aura. It caused a blinding light to radiate outward toward the audience. Some even had to close their eyes!

Oscar was unfettered by this and his fist soon collided against Cooler's. Sounds of breaking bones struck against their ears. Crunch!

Cooler winced in pain seeing his fists immediately become overpowered by Oscar, even breaking some bones within it! Oscar's fist did not stop there. Oscar yelled out, punching at Cooler straight in the stomach.

Cooler suddenly felt a large impact strike against his gut.This knocked a lot of wind out of him, disturbing his aura in the process. His aura then vanished, revealing a slouched over Cooler, hurling at Oscar. Bang!


Unfortunately, Oscar's onslaught did not stop there. After punching Cooler's gut, Oscar suddenly halted in the air right beside him. He then grabbed Cooler's right leg. Cooler couldn't prevent this thanks to the overwhelming power level difference, and he started to spin rapidly in circles.

Twirling Cooler around in circles by the leg pleased Oscar greatly. He hated Frieza for what he's been doing in the North Area, and being able to strike back against another frost demon is starting to calm his righteous heart. However, as he continued to spin Cooler around and around, he actually heard Cooler curse out at him!

"Damn lowly Saiyan! I will...not let you...make a mockery...of me!"

Hearing this, Oscar suddenly halted his swinging, causing Cooler to come to a halt. He became dizzy thanks to this sudden action, but before he could do anything, Oscar suddenly yanked on his tail!

Being yanked on his tail caused Cooler's body to move toward Oscar. Taking this opportunity, he punched out, aiming straight at Cooler's face. BANG!

Cooler spat out a mouthful of blood and immediately flew backwards after Oscar released his grip. Thanks to his dizziness, it took Cooler a bit to regain his clarity. But before he did, his flying speed closed the distance against the barrier protecting the audience and his body clashed against it!

Cooler now felt some pain inside his body, and he finally regained his composure. He then proceeded to spit out another small amount of blood, and wiped his mouth his his hand. He then looked at Oscar without saying anything, slowly flying back toward the ring.

Thanks to Oscar cutting through his Death Flash, most of the ring behind him became destroyed, instead of Oscar. He then slowly flew toward Oscar. He could now be seen just a few meters away.

Giving Oscar a glare, Cooler then extended his arms outward, only to bend them up. He then opened both of his hands, and a smirk appeared on his face. Cooler then proceeded to speak out to Oscar.

"Hmph. Looks like you've managed to gain some power. I wonder if you know I'm currently in my third transformed state? We frost demons can also transform. Unlike my little brother, however, it happened. I was able to find a forth one beyond his! You should be grateful you lowly Saiyan, for you shall be the first to witness my true power!"