Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 124

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 124 119: Oscar Vs Cooler Ii

"Rejoice, you lowly Saiyan. You will be the first one to witness my true power!"

Announcing this, Oscar raised his eyebrows. Ignoring the cheering crowd, he decided to wait. Cooler was currently in his third transformed state, having the same appearance as Frieza's final form.

However, Cooler was much taller. His bottom half was also purple, including his tail, unlike Frieza's, whose was mainly white. Still, it's not like Oscar had to wait that long. He immediately started to see Cooler crouch down, bending his arms toward him, and clenched his fists.


Oscar felt Cooler's Ki suddenly start to skyrocket. Yet, it proved useless, because he felt his own energy still largely triumphed over Cooler's! Oscar was currently at 750 million battle power.

Nao could easily sense this thanks to his Godly Ki sense. He was calmly watching from the side, yet inside he was almost freaking out getting to see Cooler's transformation in person!

Once Cooler reached the fourth form, Nao remembered his battle power became 470 million in the original story. As to whether that still held true, Nao wasn't sure. This was still a ways off Oscar's but Nao currently sensed Cooler's Ki increase by millions every second!

He would have to wait out the next couple minutes to make an accurate judgement but regardless of what his power level would be at, his transformation was definitely within Nao's top five favorites of all time!

The ring's tiles started to vibrate like crazy once again, and some slowly rose up into the air. Only a few seconds passed until he saw visible changes occur on Cooler's body. To start it off, Cooler's muscles expanded out, becoming more bulky!

After that, his bone-like white armor that covered his chest started to grow and develop large shoulder pads. After that Oscar could no longer see his pupils, as they vanished, and Cooler's eyes blood red!

His yelling soon turned into low pitched growls. Four bone-like protrusions grew outward from his head, two on each side and two on top. After that, the two small fins of Cooler's two bone-like white gauntlets on his arms extended outward. They now appeared much like two shark fins!

While all of this happened, Cooler grew at least a couple feet in height and his muscles bulged out, appearing to be very thick. Oscar then saw Cooler, before speaking out to him.

"Now that you've seen this, I will beat you senseless so you won't be able to return from the fiery pits of Hell!"

Just as Cooler announced this, he clenched his teeth, revealing four decent sized fangs. All of a sudden, Oscar heard the sound of a shutter opening, and Cooler's mouth became enclosed by a white bone-like mask!

All of this only happened in a mere couple minutes but the audience became shocked seeing Cooler's new look! Nao was finally able to have a good look at him, and unlike in the original story, he could feel his battle power soar to an even 600 million!

Thanks to this massive rise in energy, Cooler healed himself of his previous injuries. Both of them were now at an even playing field again. While Oscar did have 150 million more battle power, it's not like he could beat Cooler in a single attack. This type of difference became less marginal as battle power levels increase into the billions, trillions, and so forth.

If Nao fully developed his Godly Ki, would it still be able to translate that into battle power? He could only ask this question for now, and just decided to continue watching the final match.

A momentary silence spread throughout the area, causing the audience to gulp, as they didn't want to miss what would happen next. The audience then blinked once, and the two suddenly vanished from sight!

Continuous loud bangs started echoing around all corners of the ring, creating streaks of lightning in the process. Bang! Bang! BANG!

Every time the bangs resounded, Oscar and Cooler would reappear, clashing their fists at one another. Every so often Oscar would punch out into a left or right hook, aiming for Cooler's bone like mask.

Oscar would get some hit in, but it didn't send Cooler flying. Only some blood sprayed out every time. In the midst of this, Cooler managed to catch Oscar's right fist with his own left fist!

Seeing this, Oscar punched out with his other fist, and managed to catch Cooler's this time. This caused them to reappear, and were now at a standoff in the middle of the air high above the ring.

Both of their speed's movement were insanely fast, so Kinoko could only watch on in silence. Once they appeared locked together in a deadlock up in the air he became excited. He then announced what he was seeing.

"E-everyone, these two fighters have been exchanging blow for blow, and now it looks like they're in a stalemate! How will they break free from this!?"

As soon as Kinoko yelled this into the microphone, the crowd roared as they watched the intense match. Of course, Oscar and Cooler were ignoring this and their eyes were locked onto each other.

They both tried to overpower each other's grips by tightening their fists, but that proved useless. Seeing this, Cooler decided to speak out to Oscar.

"Looks like I was right to transform early like you did. Unlike my foolish little brother, I don't underestimate my enemies! Let's kick things up a notch, I wonder if you'll be able to block this!"

After Cooler said this, he immediately hardened his tail with his purple Ki. He then lashed out at Oscar, with the hopes of blasting him away to create some distance!

However, Oscar grinned seeing Cooler's tail lash out at him. All of a sudden, he managed to get out of the deadlock grip and his hands became free!

"Heh, I was waiting for this you bastard!"


Before Cooler could halt his tail, Oscar swooped his hand toward it! He managed to grab a hold of Cooler's tail and dispersed his purple Ki with his own golden yellow Ki. Cooler exclaimed seeing this, but soon he started to feel his body start to twirl around, faster and faster!

"Not...this...again! F*ck lowly Saiyan!"

Hearing Cooler curse out at Oscar, his grin became wider.

"We Saiyans excel in close combat, didn't you know that? You say you don't underestimate your enemies but you just fell for the same trick twice, haha! Here, take this as a gift from me, you bastard!"

Cooler's body kept twirling around faster and faster. He tried to launch purple Ki blasts at Oscar during this, but he couldn't take an accurate aim and they all flew past him, destroying the ring below even further!

All of a sudden, Oscar's grip stopped, causing Cooler's body to come to a sudden halt. Oscar then yanked Cooler toward himself. Forming a fist with his right hand, Oscar struck out right at Cooler's face, creating s extremely large bang. BANG!

Spitting out a large mouthful of blood, Cooler started to fly downward, skidding into the ring upon contact, slowly making is way closer and closer to the ring's edge!