Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 125

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 125 120: The Decided Victor

With a very loud bang, Oscar yanked Cooler by his tail, forcing his body to fly inward toward Oscar. Oscar then struck out with his right fist, fiercely punching Cooler in the face head on. This caused Cooler to fly downward, skidding into the ring upon impact!

Tiles and dust flew up into the air. Crash!

They were near the center of the ring, so Cooler skidded quite a ways until he approached the edge of the stage. His body repeatedly flipped over, causing more bruises to appear. It took a good moment to stop in his stacks.

As he did, he could be seen partially over the ring's edge, causing the crowd to cheer once more. However they saw Cooler stand up, avoiding a knockout. He was back in the game for now.

Dusting himself off, Cooler spat out some blood off to the side. He then glared at Oscar, who was still calmly flying in the air above the ring with barely any injuries on him.

Cooler on the other hand, now had several bruises and blood trickling out here and there. The two locked their eyes together and a brief moment of silence spread.

Oscar then extended both of his arms downward at Cooler, and started to cycle his golden yellow Ki like crazy. Opening his palms, yellow light soon started to condense inside it!

Seeing Oscar start condensing Ki inside his palms, Cooler scoffed at him, obviously knowing that he was about to fire off some sort of Ki blast.

In order to gain the upper hand, Cooler started to cycle his purple Ki like crazy. In no time at all, raised his fight finger in the air. He then yelled out to Oscar once again.

"Hmph, I will no longer let you make a mockery out of me, damn Saiyan! Feel a taste of my wrath. I will incinerate you to dust! Once I win this tournament, with what I was promised, no one will be able able to stand in my way. I'm the one detained to rule this universe!"

Announcing this with a crazed voice caused the audience to turn silent. Even Kinoko dropped his microphone onto the ground after it slipped out of his hand. A flurry of curses soon resounded out from them, telling Cooler to f*ck off, or yelling at Oscar to kick Cooler's ass!

Cooler obviously ignored this, and in fact he grinned evilly. All of a sudden, Cooler pointed upward while his arm was raised. Screeching sounds immediately followed that as a fiery red-orange ball of Ki appeared his finger's tip.

It actually kept growing larger and larger until the audience became blinded by the massive fiery ball. They couldn't see Oscar any longer!

It appears Cooler is wanting to finish this match in one go as this massive fiery ball of Ki is known to be one of his finisher moves!

"It's time to get vaporized! Go, Supernova!"

After saying this Cooler swung his arm forward, flicking his finger. Cooler's Supernova started to move upward, aiming straight at Oscar!

Oscar on the other hand did not cower away. He too wanted to end this match before it got too out of hand. He had heard things about Frieza and his ability to destroy planets, and seeing this massive ball of Ki in front of him made that information all the more true, especially since he felt his skin tingle from how much energy was currently in it!

To prepare for this, Oscar started to cycle his Ki like crazy as well. His Super Saiyan golden aura streaked across his whole body, even lightning streaked across it every so often. However, it was clear Oscar was not at the Super Saiyan 2 level yet.

After letting out a shout, Oscar's arm and leg muscles started to bulk up out of nowhere, increasing his over all height! Afterward the two golden Ki orbs condensing on his two palms now converged into one. While he did not have a name for this, it was clear it was quite powerful!

It was about half of the size of Cooler's Supernova death ball. Seeing the result if this, Oscar faintly smiled, then thrust his arms out. This pushed his golden Ki sphere away, hurling at a fast speed toward the fiery ball of Ki heading his way!

Cooler's Ki releasing stopped as soon as he launched his attack, but that wasn't the case for Oscar. Led behind his giant golden Ki sphere was a continuous stream of golden Ki, much like Goku's Kamehameha wave or Vegeta's Galick Gun!

Before long, two giant spheres clashed against each other. Immediate screeching and loud booms resounded throughout the whole ring. Schreech! BOOMMM!

That wasn't the only thing to happen. This clash immediately blinded the audience, bright golden-red light flashed around. Also upon their impact, a huge wind blast blasted horizontally too.

The two spheres were at a stalemate for a few moments, refusing to move either way. Just seeing this happen caused great shock to Cooler, as he predicted Oscar's Ki blast would immediately get sucked away. Unfortunately for Cooler, however, the opposite started to happen!

Being continuously pushed by Oscar's attack soon started to shift Cooler's Supernova death ball back toward him! Slowly but surely, Cooler's attack was being pushed back. Cooler yelled out seeing this.

"I-Impossible! Supernova is capable of obliterating planets into dust! I refuse to accept this!"

After yelling this, Cooler shifted his body and extended outward, cycling more of his Ki in hopes to push it back toward Oscar. Unfortunately for Cooler, that proved to be useless, especially after Oscar yelled out once more.

After he did, his bulged muscles increased in mass even more! This caused a huge burst of golden Ki to burst out of his palms, further increasing the size of his golden sphere. At this time, the golden Ki actually stated to overtake the Supernova!

Before long, over half of Cooler's Supernova was swallowed by Oscar's attack. It didn't stop there, and in just a few more moments, it fully got absorbed!

Now there was nothing more to resist Oscar's attack, and it immediately hurled toward Cooler! His eyes turned wide seeing his attack vanish just like that. Cooler raised his arms further, as the giant golden sphere immediately arrived at his side. He couldn't even flee!

Once his hands came into contact with it, he felt a very strong force. Cooler tried to block it, but his hands also got absorbed into the golden Ki. Fear now crept in his heart, and immediately turned tail to flee, but that proved useless. He couldn't move an inch!

Sereng Cooler now stuck inside his attack, Oscar grinned.

"The universe is far too wide for it to be ruled by an evil bastard like you. It's a shame I can't kill you right here, but hurling you toward space is the next best thing!"


After Oscar said that, he actually swung both of his arms to the right. This caused the massive golden sphere to shift its position. To be exact, it's downward position soon shifted upward, taking Cooler with it!

Cooler could yell out one more time as the golden light became smaller and smaller, hurling toward the space above the tournament grounds!

"I-I will not be defeated!"

However, what Cooler said were only empty words. Oscar's attack vanished from sight, allowing the crowd to look up. Only a few seconds passed before Cooler struck the ceiling consisting more of the ring's tiles, before an earth-shattering explosion rang out. BOOOOOMMMMMM!

Hearing this, the crowd roared seeing Oscar standing in the air. That meant Cooler was the one who received that attack!

After the explosion ended, a figure suddenly dropped toward the ring flying down at a very fast speed. They appeared insanely bloody, and their eyes were pure white, appearing unconscious. Cooler was no longer in his fourth transformation either, and had revered back to this third transformed state during that blast.

It only took a few seconds before the audience heard a loud plop strike on the grass outside of the ring!

Seeing Cooler unconscious and knocked out, it took a moment for the crowd to react. However, once they did, they cheered, and kept on cheering. The final match of the Other World Tournament was now over!

This meant Oscar was declared the victor!