Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 126

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 126 121: Aftermath I

Seeing Cooler plop down onto the grass outside the ring bloodied and unconscious caused the crowd to cheer. Even Kinoko hurriedly went to pick up his dropped microphone, excitedly yelling into it afterward.

"S-such display of power, I'm in awe as much as you guys are! We have a knockout from the ring! Everyone, I hereby declare Oscar the winner of the 150th Other World Tournament! Congratulations!"

As Kinoko announced this, everyone's cheers began to get louder, fanfare music played in the background, overall it was a really fun time.

Yet sadly such good times must eventually come to an end. Oscar's aura soon died down, and his golden-yellow hair and lime green irises reverted back to its brown color. The lightning clouds high up above vanished, and any knocked up dust was blown away. A clear sight remained.

What remained was a ring that was half destroyed on the left side, while large skid marks could be seen on the right. Taking this time, Kinoko, while maneuvering around the scars of battle, made his way toward the Grand Kai and Nao, who also could be seen cheering Oscar on from the side.

Kinoko then passed the microphone to the Grand Kai, excitedly waiting to hear his closing remarks.

He definitely did. The Grand Kai took the microphone and got off his chair. The audience saw this and soon quieted down.

"Heh, heh, that truly was a spectacular final match. As the Grand Kai, I give my thanks to all the fighters who participated in this Other World Tournament. Besides the winner Oscar and his family, the rest of you are now free to leave the arena."

As the Grand Kai said that, everyone saw him snap his fingers. After doing so, the vast expanse of the artificial space surrounding the arena soon started to distort. Outer space suddenly vanished, only to reveal a gray room, surprising everyone.

The ring still stayed in tact, but this allowed everyone to slowly start heading out, seeing the event had come to a close. The doctors on standby also carried Cooler away on a stretcher. As to what Cooler would do after he regained consciousness, that was a story for another time. Thankfully, he would wake up back at his own empire located in the East Area...

It took a couple hours for everyone to depart, and everyone who came to watch conveniently had their own methods of returning back to the Realm of the Living. There were various stations, much like King Yemma's office, for housing different planets of each Area.

The audience returned to their respective stations. Each station had a judge which granted them passage into the Realm of the Living. Of course, the fighters who were already dead couldn't do this, and had to return to their respective dorm areas, until they left together with their Kai.

The Galactic Patrol also took this time to dismiss themselves. They wanted Sayuri to return with them, but she held her ground, and refused. This shocked everyone, even causing Jaco's eyes to widen. However, a look of curiosity appeared on the Galactic King's face.

The group consisting of the Grand Kai, Nao, his family, Elsa and Queen Elena, along with their two guards, Isabella, Dia, Nim, Jake and their two guards, remained alongside the Galactic Patrol. At this time everyone saw Sayuri approach the Galactic King, and looked straight at him, before kneeling down!

This caused some surprise to appear in the other's eyes. But before Sayuri could speak, everyone saw the Galactic King wiggle his tentacles up and down a bit, before speaking out to her.

"Sayuri, it appears you've reached a decision? I can see a firm resolution in your eyes. I only hope you will be able to enjoy your life from here on out. You were an amazing member of the Galactic Patrol. Just seeing this means anyone has the possibility to redeem themselves, starting anew just like you did..."

Hearing the Galactic King say this, tears started to swell up in Sayuri's eyes, before smiling. Jaco and Jiya on the other hand appeared shocked, hearing the Galactic King speak in a past tense.

"Yes, Your Majesty. I really do thank you for all you've done for me. Your Majesty, along with Jaco, senior brother Jiya, senior brother Merus, and the others treated me like family. I was really surprised to see senior brother Merus's true form, but he still treated me the same way..."

At this time, Sayuri proceeded to look at Jaco and Jiya one more time, before shifting her head back toward the Galactic King. He then heard her continue to speak.

"...However, I have decided to accept Miss Elena's previous offer. This is my chance to actually start a real family again! I won't ever forget my birth parents, but this isn't an opportunity I'm willing to pass up."

Hearing this, everyone saw the Galactic King nod his head. However, Jaco decided to raise his voice, causing an outburst. It was obvious he did not like what he just heard.

"B-but Sayuri, aren't we already your family!? You, me, senior brother Jiya and brother Merus, before he left, made up one of the best squads ever in the Patrol! Why does it sound like you're leaving!?"

Jaco yelled out saying that, causing all eyes to turn to him. However, he was immediately reprimanded by the Galactic King with a firm tone. This caused Jaco to shut his mouth almost instantly.

"Cease your voice at once, Jaco. I've already seen the resolution in her eyes. Don't tell tell me you think you can change that now, can you?"


Hearing the Galactic King reprimand him, Jaco began to stutter, only to turn silent. He blushed in embarrassment, and looked down, not daring to look at Sayuri directly any longer. The Galactic King then spoke out to him in a firm voice once more, before shifting his eyes back onto Sayuri.

"Silence, Jaco. Sayuri, I do thank you for all you've done in the Galactic Patrol. Your service was exemplary and will serve as a good foundation for newer recruits which I'm expecting to get an influx of, thanks to the new connections we've made from this event. I now hereby relieve you of your duty. You are to head back to headquarters immediately, return your uniform, your badge, and pack up your things. Do I make myself clear?"

Hearing this, the tears forming in Sayuri's eyes slowly started to drop down onto the gray floor beneath her. She then nodded back at the Galactic King, thanking him.