Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 127

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 127 122: Aftermath Ii

Surprise appeared on everyone's faces as the Galactic King essentially gave Sayuri her final order, leading to an early retirement. Even Nao was pretty surprised and felt this to a pretty similar situation to his past life. Front line police officers often retired early due to sustained injuries and such, but thankfully that wasn't the case here.

Seeing Sayuri answer this way, it truly made him think she really wanted to start a family. It made sense too, seeing how her race got completely wiped out. Elsa was in a similar situation, but at least a small percentage of her race survived. Sayuri, on the other hand, was completely alone.

Nao also remembered Sayuri declining his offer to see her parents one last time while they were still in the Other World. He could use to Dragon Balls to revive them too, but hearing her answer in such a resolute manner, Nao gave up on that idea. 'It seems she is the type who often looks more toward the future, and not the past, huh...', Nao thought to himself.

Anyways, before Nao could do anything, everyone saw Queen Elena walk toward Sayuri with a big smile blooming on her face.

"So you've accepted my offer. This is really pleasant news! Hopefully it won't be as quiet as it was before back at the Palace, fufu. Sayuri, don't worry about coming over to our Planet. We will come pick you up once you're ready to depart."

Hearing this, Sayuri nodded. She heard Queen Elena chuckle lightly. Queen Elena did want to tease her a bit more but opted to wait until Sayuri arrived on Planet Elosyia. Sayuri then glanced over to Nao one last time, seeing as it may be a while till they next meet. She wanted to say goodbye, but she became red and turned away. She silently walked back toward Jaco and Jiya in silence.

Queen Elena saw this and grinned, she then also walked back toward Elsa. Jaco still couldn't accept this result and tried to barge in once again, but Jiya got a hold of him. After chopping him on the neck, Jiya forced Jaco into an unconscious state! Jiya then. slung Jaco over his shoulder.

Seeing this, the Galactic King sighed. He then spoke out one last time to say some parting words to the group.

"Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to bring Jaco along. He had only recently joined your squad, Jiya, but he still seems to be irrational at times. Go put him under more training when we get back to headquarters. Everyone, it's been a pleasure to meet you all. If you've got nothing else Sayuri, we will depart immediately."

"Yes, Your Majesty."


It took a second for Sayuri to respond, only to stutter in the process. The group then saw the Galactic King wiggle his tentacles up and down as he began to leave the Palace. Jiya followed behind him, not even looking back. Sayuri started to leave the building as well, but she turned her head back around one last time.

Sayuri then waved her hand goodbye, and focused her eyes on Nao. In response, Nao waved his hand lightly, causing Sayuri to smile. Sayuri then turned around and ran toward Jiya. Before they knew it, the Galactic Patrol could no longer be seen.

The only remaining people of the group were Nao, Miya, their parents, the Grand Kai, Queen Elena, Elsa, Dia, Isabella, Nim, Jake, and the four guards.

Queen Elena then gathered everyone's attention as she walked toward Nao with Elsa following behind her. She then returned to her graceful mannerisms, speaking out calmly.

"Everyone, Little Elsa and I will also take our leave now. Nao, I will give you the coordinates of our Planet. Feel free to drop by any time okay?"

Hearing this, Queen Elena saw Nao shake his head lightly, before responding.

"Coordinates won't be necessary, Miss Elena. I'll be able to warp directly to your planet any time I wish, I've already memorized your Ki signature. As for the trip itself...I may be busy for around the next four years, but after that I'll try to drop by."

Hearing this, Queen Elena frowned, as she was not expecting such a long period of time to wait.

"Very well. As long as you're able to come, that's all that matters anyway. But why after four years? Are you expecting something to happen preventing you from leaving?"

Nao thought to himself for a moment after Queen Elena asked this. If he revealed some of the near future to them, they probably would believe now that the group knows Nao can experience visions. He also wanted to talk about Frieza with his Father, so he decided to reveal a bit of what was going to happen in four years to the group. Nao proceeded to nod.

"More or less. It's more of a personal problem really regarding our Saiyan race..."

As Nao started to speak, all eyes landed on him. They then saw Nao walk toward his father and mother, before speaking out to Oscar.

"Father, since you haven't been here these last five to six years, our planet has gone under some pretty drastic changes, being forcibly conscripted into Frieza's army. Do you know about Frieza?"

As soon as Oscar heard his son speak about Frieza, anger streaked across his eyes. His right hand even formed a fist, nodding vigorously.

"Like hell I don't! That bastard and his father made such a move on our race while I've been dead! If only I hadn't died back then, I would've trained my ass off and kill him myself! But son, I did manage to see you withstand a blow from him a year ago thanks to the help of the South Kai. Is he already starting to grow suspicious of our potential?"

Nao nodded lightly, and continued to speak.

"Yes. That bastard has put a pretty tight leash on our race already, spreading out his minions at various posts within the city. Low class warriors are forced to take missions for him. Thankfully our family lives in the elite district so we don't have to, but I fear Frieza may try to do something sooner or later. Especially once he learns about our legends."

"Our legends huh? Frieza would probably rage if he learned about us two being Super Saiyans, gahaha! But if I learned there could be someone far more powerful than him, I would..."

Even though Oscar let out a light guffaw, as soon as he started to speak the rest of that, his eyes started to widen, and his heart started to beat faster.

"...Don't tell me that bastard is going to cut us from the roots, is he!?"

Once Oscar yelled this out, shock appeared on the group's faces. Queen Elena and Nim had both heard about a tyrant forcing their way in the North Area in the recent years. They now know his name, Frieza!

Thankfully their two planets haven't been noticed by Frieza yet, but to think Nao's planet was already forced to join his army. Sure, they knew the Saiyans were evil space pirates, but that wasn't the case for Nao's family. The group even saw them to be righteous, and not evil. Otherwise, Isabella wouldn't have chosen such a person to become her husband.

Nim remained silent as he continued to hear this, and sunk into his own thoughts. Queen Elena, Isabella and Elsa looked at Nao in worry. Dia, however, just watched this go on out of curiosity to people she had yet to even meet.

They then saw Nao nod once again.

"Well, that's one way to put it Father. Frieza may even go as far as to blow up the planet, ridding himself of Saiyans once and for all. Though to be honest, most of the remaining Saiyans are still evil and I've not much attachments to that planet anymore besides my home and a couple of friends. King Vegeta won't even allow us into his Palace. We could just take those couple of Saiyans with us and leave the planet for good."

"Friends? You actually made some friends while I haven't been there? Gahahaha!"

Hearing this it caused Nao to blankly stare back at Oscar. He sighed, before continuing to speak.

"Well, they're more of mother's friends who she had introduced to us. You know about Gine and Bardock right?"

Oscar raised his eyebrows hearing the two names. He then smiled.

"Gine and Bardock, huh? Now those are two names I haven't heard of in years. Last time I recall, Bardock kept pestering Gine to have his kids! Don't tell me they actually got hitched?"

"They did. They actually have a child name Raditz as well. They even expressed their interest in having another one too. But that's not the point, we could bring them along before Frieza decides to rid of us."

Hearing this, Iona smiled. She was long time friends with Gine, so she immediately approved of this. Oscar didn't seem to mind it either, but Nao saw him frown.

"I don't mind that, but I won't be able to head back with you with this damn halo still on my head!"

As Oscar said this, the group began to laugh. Even the Grand Kai started to laugh, causing all eyes to land on him. The Grand Kai then slowly walked up beside Nao and faced Oscar.

"Heh heh, you've done well enough durin' your stay with the South Kai, Oscar. I reckon you earned yourself another chance at life. I did promise this as a reward for Nao if he won, but heck, it's all the same anyway."

Saying this, Oscar's eyes turned wide once again. However, before anyone could do anything, the Grand Kai snapped his right fingers. All of a sudden, Oscar felt his halo start to tingle, shimmering lightly in the process. It then started to disintegrate before their very eyes!

"N-No way!"

The tingling sensation soon faded away, and Oscar shifted his eyes upward. He no longer saw any halo above his head!

"Welcome back to the living, Oscar. Treat this as your reward as the winner of the tournament and what I've promised to Nao. With that, you should be able to leave with him just fine, heh heh."

The Grand Kai then laughed out once more. He then turned toward Nao.

"Nao, even though you just became a Kai Attendant, you will soon have your own responsibilities to handle once you've finished your matters in the Realm of the Living. But, in the mean time while you are away I will create a planet for you to reside on in the Other World, just like I did for the other Kai."

Hearing this stunned Nao for a moment before he could reply back.

"You don't need to go that far, Grand Kai. I couldn't accept such a gift..."

"Nonsense! Nao, you just became the disciple of a Supreme Kai. You need to have your own world here in the Other World. It's not like that would take much effort anyway. It's not like you will be prevented from traveling back to that Realm either. Just another place to call home, heh heh."

The Grand Kai let out another small laugh saying this. He then saw Nao bow. Nao decided to accept this. It's still new to him that he suddenly became very high up in the ranks in the universe, it would definitely take him some time to get used to.

At this time, even Queen Elena took this time to but in.

"That's right, Nao. Even if your planet gets destroyed by that tyrant, you guys could always come over to our planet! Sure it might've been invaded by Saiyans in the past, but as a result, we've been able to progress our magic much further in the recent years, even managing to cloak our planet! Any enemies will have a hard time finding us now."

Nao became surprised hearing this. True, up until now, he had yet to find a suitable place to travel to once Planet Vegeta got destroyed by Frieza. He could've decided on Earth, but he was still contemplating that. Well, it seems the answer was now given to him on where to go after the next four years end.

"I may have to take you up on that, Miss Elena. I would love to visit the planet my Father went to."

Hearing this, Queen Elena smiled. However, the Grand Kai interrupted them once more.

"Everyone, the tournament is now over. You guys can stay and chat here a bit more if you'd like, but I'm going to retire back to my room. If you guys want to leave, just head to the station you arrived in. Until next time, Nao."

"You take care as well, Grand Kai."

As everyone heard the Grand Kai excuse himself from the room, they saw Nao held his bow. His posture then returned to normal once the Grand Kai was out of sight.

At this time, Nao suddenly felt a large buildup appear inside his mind, causing him to become exhausted. It wasn't physical exhaustion, but more of that on a mental level. He then dropped right onto the ground on his butt, moving his arms over his legs. He then let out a very deep sigh.

Everyone felt worried seeing this, but once Nao spoke up, it caused everyone to laugh.

"Sigh...I swear with everything happening so fast, its hard to keep up at times...I definitely need a break after this."

Nim especially roared, causing the gray room they were in to rumble a bit. Everyone sighed and joined in. Queen Elena then walked to Nao, speaking out to Nao.

"Well you're still a child, Nao. Even if you have a really strong body already, your body will still break down from mental exhaustion without proper rest. Speaking of which, we really should leave now. Elsa dear, follow behind me, okay?"

"Yes, Mother...I hope to see you guys again soon, as well as you, Nao."

Elsa's ears turned slightly red after saying this. Queen Elena waved goodbye and headed off, soon to be out of sight Elsa hurriedly followed behind her after waving goodbye. The two Elven guards also vanished without saying a word.

Now it was just Nao, his family, and Nim's side. For some reason Isabella took this time to approach Nao sitting on the ground, kneel down and start rubbing his shoulders.

Nao felt a soft sensation kneed through shoulders, it felt pretty nice. Sure he might have a body of a Saiyan child, fit as one can be, but the tiredness he had started to vanish.

Nim then took this time to walk up as well, causing a giant shadow appear overcast on Nao. He then laughed again, causing the ground to vibrate once more.

"Hahaha! Nao, we will also take our leave shortly. Little Belle, what do you want to do?"

A resolute voice then resounded from Isabella's mouth, full of confidence.

"Of course I'll stay behind and leave with Nao and his family back to his planet! I haven't been to a base full of space pirates yet so it sounds pretty interesting. Probably lots of potential to battle there too. You fine with that, Grandpa?"

"I'd figure you say as such, Little Belle. Very well, just don't forget about your next tour okay? I'll call the agency so they can pick you up then. Jake, let's return. Princess Dia, allow us to escort you back to Planet Nem. We do share the same home after all."



Nim then extended his hand out for Dia to take. She accepted it and the three slowly vanished from sight. The two guards brought with them also vanished without a word.

Dia had one last look at Isabella, and then Nao with curious eyes. She knew Isabella was constantly busy as the galaxies' number one idol, but it appeared her life was about to get even busier with a boy being introduced to it. She let out a defeated sigh as she left.

Only Nao, Miya, Oscar, Iona, and the new addition, Isabella could be seen left. After taking s few breaths to calm down, Nao touched Isabella's hands, signaling for her to stop. Nao then stood back up, patting down his posh Kai robe.

In a calm voice, he proceeded to speak once again.

"Everyone, shall we start heading back home as well? Back to Planet Vegeta..."