Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 128

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 128 123: The Palace Banquet Starts Now

Year 734 Early January, Planet Vegeta, Elite Class District.

The oh so familiar white staircase could now be seen, which led all the way from Palace Vegeta, down to the commercial area of the middle class district and its main docking station, where spacesh.i.p.s constantly flew in and out.

At the start of the white staircase further behind stood a bridge that was housed inside a giant mountain crevice, which lead into Palace Vegeta. Yet, even from the bridge and from inside the Palace, Saiyans could still see the rest of the city through its large glass windows spread throughout the left wall.

Right before the top of the staircase leading into the Palace bridge stood a giant magenta sandstone cliff off to the left, housing various door entrances every so often.

At the very end of this cliff, which overlooked the rest of the city as well, was Nao's residence ever since he was born into this world. All of a sudden, a blinding flash of light shone out from its carved windows, followed by a large spatial distortion.

The two Saiyan maids under Iona's care became startled as they were doing their daily cleaning. It also appeared there was another figure calmly drinking tea at the table, with their eyes looking toward the door, as if they were expecting this distortion to happen.

A smile appeared on his face, setting down his tea cup. He then grabbed his long staff, and stood up. That's right, this was none other than Whis!

He calmly waited for the distortion to finish, which ended up creating a massive golden gate out of nowhere. He then heard a distorted voice escape from it.


Once the golden gate finished opening, five figures slowly walked out of it. Nao was the first, followed by Miya, Iona, Oscar and lastly, Isabella. Nao saw the shocked faces of the two maids he hadn't seen in a while, but his eyebrows raised seeing a third figure. He immediately recognized the voice once he spoke!

"My, welcome back. I dare say you've got quite a nice living area despite growing up in such a brutish place."

"...Whis? What are you doing here? Wait don't tell me, is that meeting about to start?"

As Nao spoke out, the two maids became even more shocked after everyone entered the house. They weren't shocked from the spatial distortion, as they have seen it a few times already, but from seeing Oscar! They almost fainted on the spot!

The two maids got a hold of themselves, rushing toward Oscar. The maid on the right then yelled out to the other, while yanking the on the hem of her clothes.

"Roti, I'm not seeing things am I? Master is alive!"

"That's definitely Master alright, Neo. Look, even Madam Iona, Young Master and Young Missus have returned as well! This is a cause for celebration!"

As soon as Roti said that, Oscar let out another guffaw. Hearing this, the two maids almost broke into tears, as this was not something they had heard in years. But before they could do anything, Oscar ended up placing both of his hands their hands, ruffling their brown hair respectively.

"Gahahaha! Roti, Neo, you two haven't changed a bit. It's...a bit complicated, but I'm back for good. We should indeed take this time to celebrate! Also, Whis, was it? You're free to join in as well, treat it as thanks for looking after my son. We've got the best roasted meat on this planet!"

"Roasted meat!?"

Whis, who usually stayed calm and aloof, started to have sparkles twinkle in his eyes. Him, along with Beerus, always enjoyed eating all kinds of foods to no end. Even though they had meat too many times to count, roasted meat prepared in a very skilled way was always one of the classics. Besides, that's all Nao really ate while he was living here. Only until he reached Earth was he able to try out different kinds of food when he explored it with Miya.

Anyways, Whis nodded, expressing his intent to join in. However, all of a sudden, the group started to feel the ground fiercely shake. A large thunderous boom then echoed throughout the whole city as an explosion of fire sprung up to the skies, directly from Palace Vegeta! BOOOOMMMMMM!

Hearing this sudden explosion caused Whis to look up at the magenta sandstone walls, toward a certain direction. Even though he stared at the walls, it was as if he could see directly what was going on inside Palace Vegeta! He could only express his worry.

"Oh dear..."

All of the Saiyans in the city were affected by this, and they started to scramble immediately, with various guards flying directly toward the Palace in worry. As the group inside the house pondered what just happened, well, how exactly did this come to be? Let's rewind time a bit...happening in just a mere hour ago...

Planet Vegeta was going about its own business, where Saiyans lived and thrived. What they did not notice, however, was that two figures appeared out of nowhere near one of the tall magenta mountains near the entrance to Palace Vegeta. One of the two figures started to scratch their teeth with their cat-like claw.

"So this Planet Vegeta, huh? It hasn't changed a bit. Regardless of how much time changes though that boring Palace is still stands. Seriously, why is it so damn far out of the way!?"

Hearing this, the other figure placed their hand over their mouth, letting out a light chuckle.

"Ohohoho, Lord Beerus, you've come to talk with the king of this planet, haven't you? Or did you happen to forget the mission you've assigned him already?"

These two figures were none other than Whis and Beerus, who descended upon Planet Vegeta for their appointed meeting, well, more of a banquet than a meeting. Still, Beerus tilted his head back and forth, still scratching his teeth, trying remember what mission he gave King Vegeta. A light bulb suddenly lit up inside his head.

"That's right! I remember now. I gave that foolish king an order to bring me the most comfortable pillow in the universe! He better not disappoint me."