Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 129

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 129 124: A Grovelling King Beerus's Anger

"You've disappointed me you know, King Vegeta. Can your puny brain comprehend why I am so angry, Saiyan King?"

An angry voice resounded in the throne room of Palace Vegeta. A banquet table shaped like a U could be seen with ravishing dishes that could easily wet one's, appetite, yet most of it remained untouched! All but a corner of it anyway, as Whis was currently

eating without a care in the world.

Meanwhile, Beerus could be seen near the beginning of the white steps that led all the way up to the throne itself. Beerus currently had his left leg raised in the air, with something directly under his foot. That something was none other than King Vegeta's head, who was currently seen in a bowing position.

This bow made him get on all four hands and feet, King Vegeta was essentially groveling at this point! Erratic pants escaped from his mouth, fearing what Beerus would do next. He then heard Beerus yell out at him, causing King Vegeta to shiver even more.

"Answer me!"

As Beerus's anger echoed around the stone walls, another smaller figure appeared from behind the rubble, closer to the entrance of the room. He had clear shock on his face, and actually appeared to be a child. Having the same black spiky hair that shot straight up just like King Vegeta's, and a brown tail, it was indeed none other than Prince Vegeta IV, or commonly known as Vegeta, Goku's rival from the original story!

He only took a little over a year to emerge from his pod. Thanks to the supplemental growth of the royal pod, he appeared to be around five years old, yet he would be actually be turning two years old later in the year! He could even speak pretty well too!

Vegeta wanted to rush in and punch out at Beerus for causing such a disgrace to his Father, yet something prevented him from moving. Perhaps it was fear? Vegeta could only watch on as he heard his Father answer Beerus almost immediately.

"It's because I've promised to fulfill your mission in the time you gave me, Lord Beerus...but it took longer than I thought it would..."


Hearing this, King Vegeta started to shiver even more. This caused Vegeta to speak out in anger to himself as he watched on.

"Father is being humiliated...How in the world can he take that? Just who is this filth!?"

At this time, Beerus dug his foot into King Vegeta's head, causing his neck to crack. Beerus then spoke out once more.

"You know, I consider myself a rather flexible god, I know you mortals have your own limitations. But there is just ONE thing I cannot tolerate, Saiyan King. The callous arrogance of those who do not pay the respect the Destroyer is due!"

Beerus yelled out at King Vegeta as he said this. Afterward, Beerus dug his foot into his head even more, causing a loud sound of crushing stone to resound in the throne room. King Vegeta's face was shoved into the ground by Beerus's leg! Even cracks appeared on the stone floor from the force of Beerus's leg.

Beerus then proceeded to speak once more, not allowing King Vegeta to speak up.

"I ordered you to find me the most comfortable pillow in all if the universe! And I know for a fact you've obtained it. Your tenacity to obtain it was quite impressive if I do say so myself, despite your severe methods."

After Beerus said this, he took his foot off King Vegeta, and walked away a couple steps. He then crouched down, picking up King Vegeta's face by his hair! King Vegeta's face was currently disgruntled and various bruises and scratches could be seen on it. Beerus then spoke out to him once more.

"I bet you don't even know how many creatures you killed in that raid. Of course, being all that I am, I could have accepted all of that, if you would have actually given me the best pillow instead of keeping it for yourself. And trying to fool me with the second best.. "

As Beerus said this, his grip on King Vegeta's hair tightened. He then slammed his face right into the ground! King Vegeta spout out blood, and caused him to grown in pain. Vegeta, who obviously heard his Father's pained voice, couldn't take it any more.

Vegeta stepped out from behind the rubble further back in the room, and yelled out at Beerus.

"You bastard! That is the King of all Saiyans. Let go of him at once!"

After Vegeta said this, he started to scream. He then began to sprint toward the two. This caught Beerus's attention. After that, a glow appeared in Beerus's left eye as he watched Vegeta rush at him.

However, once that glow disappeared, Vegeta suddenly lost control of his body! His running motion came to an abrupt halt, and collapsed right then and there on the floor. He couldn't even speak! It felt as if something latched onto his consciousness as a whole, helpless to do anything!

Anger suddenly flashed through King Vegeta's eyes, but he was helpless to do anything for his son.

"L-Lord Beerus, I beg you, please leave my son out of this! Look, you can have the pillow alright? Just please leave him alone!"

Hearing this, Beerus turned his head back to King Vegeta. He then latched onto his hair with his grip once again.

"You've had your chance already, Saiyan King. It's already been tainted by you, such a being like myself no longer has a use for it. This ruined my appetite as well. Might as well start with the destruction already."

Hearing this, King Vegeta started to shiver uncontrollably. Beerus suddenly punched him in the gut, causing his body to fly directly into the dining table! Crash!

As King Vegeta crashed into the table, he spat out mouthfuls if blood, dying the table cloth in red. Even Whis's food wasn't spared, and he could no longer eat. He became dejected, but didn't do anything, and only watched on.

Beerus then turned to face the steps leading to the throne. He then started to stretch a bit, and yawn.

"All of that yelling made me a bit sleepy. Count yourself lucky, Saiyan King. I'll only destroy your throne for now."

Saying that, he raised his right hand, and faced his palm outward. Beerus started to cycle his Godly Ki, and before long, a tiny tiny ball of energy appeared. Beerus then willed that tiny sphere, shooting it directly at the throne. An enormous explosion suddenly resounded from the throne, BOOOOMMMM!

A huge pillar of flames suddenly encompassed the throne, tearing into tiny bits of stone. The blast caused a fierce wave of hot air to rip through the room. King Vegeta was blasted by it, causing his body to tumble over and over well past the table, spitting out more blood in the process. Vegeta wasn't spared either, and after he was blasted away, arriving next to King Vegeta, he lost consciousness.

His throne room could now seen ablaze! At this time, however, Beerus felt something, causing him to look away, toward a certain spot of the room. If one followed his eyes, he was looking directly at the cliff-side Nao's house resided on. A smile then appeared on his face. After that he vanished from sight, reappearing right in front of King Vegeta.

King Vegeta was struggling to stay conscious at this time, even though Beerus didn't put any strength into his attacks on King Vegeta, it still wrecked him to such a degree! He then grabbed King Vegeta once more by the hair. King Vegeta Vegeta couldn't even lift his arms anymore as he heard Beerus speak out to him.

"You know, Saiyan King, did you know your race also has the potential to become a god? It's a shame you banished that boy from entering your Palace years ago. He had already started to walk on the path of godhood!"


After announcing this, King Vegeta spout out some more blood, before his eyes turned over. He collapsed into unconsciousness still being held by Beerus. Seeing this, Beerus clicked his tongue, tossing him toward Vegeta. Their two bodies collided into each other, creating another crashing sound. Crash!

"So that's all you could muster up to, huh? Well I did what I came here for. That boy finally came back too. That minuscule amount of Godly Ki growing inside him couldn't escape from my eyes. Whis, let's go. It's finally time to meet each other."

As Whis heard this, he set down his plates, grabbing a hold of his staff. He then calmly answered Beerus.

"As you wish, Lord Beerus."