Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 13

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 13 10 Two Years The Tuffle's Final Struggle 3

Deep within the cliffs behind Palace Vegeta, a wide circular area appeared that was covered with magenta sandstone. Five figures could be seen sitting in the center as the sun hung up directly over them, hitting them with intense heat. These were the five elite Saiyans who came along with Nappa but they sat there undisturbed by the beating sunlight. However compared to previously when they first arrived and had their eyes shut, all of them were looking towards one of the four crevices and were focused, as if they could see what was going on inside. Nappa was still situated at the entrance to the left crevice that opened up into the large square room carved out of magenta stone. The hole that was dug out by the weights was still seen near the center of the room but there were no figures sitting down beside it. Nappa was not in meditation at this time and his eyes could be seen moving back and forth around the room. His eyes landed on two figures that were rapidly running around the room and compared to the outside which was wide as several football fields numbering in 10s, the room inside was only about as big as about 5 football fields, totaling about 600 yards. Every lap they completed was about a third of a mile but Nappa did not instruct them to stop running. The sun soon started to depart beyond the cliffs and large amounts of sweat could be seen flying off of Nao and Miya as they continued run nonstop.

Upon a closer look at Nao and Miya, Nao could be seen as a slender young boy at the height of three feet and most of his baby fat is now gone. While his body did not display muscles like that of an a.d.u.l.t, he felt a lot more inner energy compared to what he had a year ago. Unbeknownst to him a year has already passed as he continued to run and do other training exercises like he saw the characters in the original story did, squats, push ups, handstand push ups, etc. Miya however struggled a bit more than Nao and as she tried to keep up with him, hints of red appeared on her face, arms and legs. It really did appear that she was pushing herself far more than what Nao currently was. It only took about 5 minutes to complete a lap of 600 yards and they've been at it since dawn, every single morning after the two have gotten used to the weights. During the five hours they ran a total about 20 miles a day. About halfway through the first year Nappa saw that the 20 pound weights were no longer having much effect on the two as they continued their training, and he immediately swapped them out to double the amount, which was 40 pound weights. Nao and Miya were now carrying 160 pounds respectively but they still ran their laps.

Nao and Miya spent a total of five hours running before they switched to other exercises. Their training course overall guided them about 12 hours a day. From dawn till dusk they only had about 8 hours of sunlight as the cliffs behind Palace Vegeta were rather tall and they spent the rest in darkness with a lit fire. However this did not cause them to worry much as training in the dark allowed them to hone their other senses. As their other senses increased, they were able to detect Nappa fairly easily whenever he arrived to bring the two their meals. They were expending massive amounts of energy daily so they were allowed to eat three times a day to replenish it. Once Nao and Miya got adjusted onto their daily training routine, Nappa then taught them how Saiyans meditate. He stressed the fact that meditation was just as important as building up the physical body as it allowed them to regulate the energy inside their bodies. This act would then let them freely distribute energy to any part of their body. Nappa then guided them to distribute their energy evenly, as that was the best way to get a solid foundation. Every time Nao sat down to meditate the excess energy he'd gain from training, he was surprised that his BP directly increased.

This increase happened every time he was able to push his body past its limit, and it wasn't by a small number either. Unlike where adding a point in strength increased his BP 10, pushing his body to its limits increased his BP by 50! Nao was pretty surprised seeing such a large increase but he was no longer a weak orphan like in his previous life. While he was not break past his limits every day, he was still able to do so about a third of the time. He had yet to receive actual combat training but his BP already reached 16k! After a year of training it is now year 729 and Nao and Miya were now four years old.

Planet Vegeta Palace Training Room.

The sun just hid again past the cliffs and the day was approaching its end. Two figures could be seen sitting on magenta stone, cross legged with closed eyes. one appeared to be a boy with short spiky white hair with a tail laid out behind him. To his right sat a red haired girl with a tail laid on her legs. Nao and Miya were currently meditating and Nappa was close by observing. He could feel intense pressure radiating from the two which shocked him greatly as he could feel it was several times greater than his own.

"His Majesty wasn't kidding when it was mentioned these two could end the war...Could these brats even be classified as monsters? Freaks is more like it. Even I wouldn't want to exchange blows with them, and they're only four year old brats! Well it seems its about time to show them the next step."

Time slowly passed on as Nappa was contemplating his thoughts. After a while, Nao and Miya's eyelids started to shudder, before opening. Perhaps it was because of a massive increase in inner energy but Nao's pupils now appeared a pale blue while Miya's were bright red, as if they were set aflame. After ending another meditation session the two felt refreshed again and they noticed Nappa nearby, surprising them. Over the training course Nao and Miya only saw Nappa approach with food or if he needed to say something. It appeared to be the latter this time so Nao started to get excited as their training might finally progress forward.

"Listen up brats. It seems you two have gotten used to carrying 160 pounds. While we do have stronger weights, I can already feel strong energy coming from you two and causing me to lose my breath! However that energy is useless just sitting there. The best way to use it is to develop Ki! The inner energy in your bodies can help you develop Ki, it is basically essential in all life including us Saiyans and it has various effects depending on the person. It can not only assist in your growth but you can also use Ki to attack and defend! I'll show you only once so be sure to memorize it!"

Nao and Miya nodded to Nappa's words seriously, especially Nao as he knew from the original story about the amazing effects one's Ki could do. Both eyes were now glued on Nappa and Nappa grinned. He was currently standing Nao could soon see a shift in the air and he saw energy gather below Nappa's feet. While Nao could not see the insides of Nappa's body, he assumed Nappa directed excess energy downward. Before long the two saw Nappa rise up off the floor to a few feet in the air. He was now flying in front of the two! However this was not the end of the demonstration. While Nao continued to watch him seriously, sparkles could now be seen in Miya's eyes. Nappa soon twisted his left hand to face upward. Swirling yellow light soon formed in his hand and formed into a ball about a foot long. He then suddenly released it and it shot toward next to the hole that was dug out by the weights on the first day. BOOM! A big blast resounded and the room shook a bit, and a crater a few feet wide soon appeared causing Nao to be dumbfounded. Miya still had sparkles in her eyes and seemed to disregard the blast that just happened. Seeing the dumbfounded look on Nao, Nappa felt some pride after his attack and continued to grin.

"Well that is just the tip of the iceberg on how to manipulate Ki. I bet you brats are eager to try, right?"

"Brother Nao, I want to fly! I don't care about anything else. Just let me fly, please!"

"Does flying excite you that much? We have only just seen the demonstration and haven't even learned Ki yet! Do you think Ki appears out of thin air? Stupid Miya."

"But, brother...being able to fly is the best thing I've ever seen! I absolutely~must learn it. Hehe!"

"Hahaha! Looks like you two sure are eager! The inner energy you two have developed this last year can act as the base for your Ki. The next step is to force it out of your body. Once it manifests would you then be able to use Ki control and move it where you want. Ki manipulation allows one to materialize it just like i did with that blast earlier. From now on your physical training ends and you two will meditate until you can force your energy out of your bodies."

Nao and Miya nodded again to Nappa's words.

"Oh yes, one more thing. Your meditation will continue outside in the open area. This room was mainly to train your physical bodies to a certain level so it has now served its purpose. Follow me now to the others."

Nappa soon dismissed himself from the hollowed out room and eventually arrived to the center of the middle area with magenta sandstone. This place currently had the five elite saiyan guards and all five had their eyes on the three approaching figures. Nao, Miya and Nappa soon arrived in front of them. Nappa informed the five that the next step in the two's training has just begun, and rare smiles formed on the five saiyans. They themselves felt the pressure from earlier as well knowing that these two will give them a good challenge once they are ready for the final training. Nappa informed Nao and Miya that the guards would watch over them as they meditated so they worry.

Nao and Miya soon shifted their focus to meditating half the day, eating meals and resting during the rest of the day. Unbeknownst to them, the sun started to rise and fall more quickly and time seemed to fast forward again. Meanwhile back at the throne room King Vegeta II could be seen sitting with a happy expression, which was rare to see on him. He had just received more good news and found the Tuffle's final base of operations.

"Your Majesty, we were able to trace the energy found on Oscar's body and it led to an underground area a few hundred miles away from the West Gate. Those Tuffle bastards think they could deceive us by moving underground but we still found them! Should we prepare an army, Your Majesty?"

"No. Go inform General Nappa that he has one year left to train the two brats. This King will personally attack those bastard Tuffles and those two shitty brats will be strong enough so that we won't need an army."

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The kneeling guard soon left the throne room, causing King Vegeta II to remain in silence. He then started to think about the growth of the two brats...

While King Vegeta II was looking forward to the training results and as the guard was moving towards the training area, deep within a far off area from the West Gate a giant scorched hill could be seen. A normal looking human figure approached the hill and at the bottom, a camouflaged door soon unveiled itself, which revealed an elevator. The figure soon went into the elevator and it closed, and soon turned back into part of the scorched earth as if it was never there. Upon closer look at the figure they seemed to be relatively old with long bushy white hair. Parts of his head had no hair at the top and had a long white mustache and was dressed in plain brown clothing. It was Doctor Lychee who miraculously survived after being hit by one of the great ape's tails 6 years ago. He thought his life was done for but he still struggled and managed to pull through. These last 6 years was like a living hell to him as he was stuck in this underground laboratory. Before long he arrived at the main room.

Several small metal pillars were scattered everywhere and high tech machinery. Closer to the center of the room stood a giant supercomputer which in the center of it held massive amounts of pale green liquid. Four giant metal pillars supported it and had a platform on top of it. On top of stood a large oval like green object looking similar to an egg. Below the supercomputer had hundreds of red orbs lying around. These red orbs could feel ominous energy from them as black mass swirled inside. Every now and then large cracks of purple lightning resounded throughout the lab. Doctor Lychee did not seem to be mentally stable and red aura kept swirling around him, while he kept muttering about.

"All Saiyans are evil.....All Saiyans are evil....every last one of them must die.....Go forth and kill them, my darling Hatchiyack...."