Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 130

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 130 125: First Encounter With The God Of Destruction Beerus

Whis tapped his staff on the ground once and vanished, leaving behind Beerus. Beerus wanted to wait behind for a bit, enjoying the destruction of the throne room he had just caused.

Fast forwarding time again, Whis arrived in front of Nao's house. After knocking on the door, he heard two female voices, something he had felt when he first arrived on this planet. It didn't take long before the two maids opened the door.

They were stunned for a moment seeing Whis show up at their front door. Seeing a person they weren't familiar with, they immediately got into a defensive stance. That's right, even though Roti and Neo appeared to be two non-combatants on the outside, they were secretly trained by Oscar! They knew a thing or two about fighting.

Seeing this, Whis smiled, before speaking. What he said next calmed the two maids down.

"Be at ease, young ones. I'm waiting for Nao to return. In fact he'll be returning in in a few moments. May I come inside?"

"Young Master is returning!? Really!?"

Saying this, Neo's eyes started to sparkle. She was about to part ways to allow Whis to enter, but she ended up being blocked by Roti.

"Calm down, Neo! How can we trust this guy? I can't even sense his energy!"

Hearing this, Neo took this time to try and sense his energy as well. She frowned when she couldn't feel even a speck of Whis's Ki. This made sense after all, as these two were mortals and Whis was a god. It was like when Vegeta couldn't even sense Beerus and Whis's arrival on Earth, before actually seeing them with his own eyes.

Seeing and hearing this happen, Whis let out a light chuckle.

"Ohoho, I can definitely see some fighting spirit within you two. Do not be alarmed, I'm merely a messenger on behalf of Lord Beerus. Nao will be returning shortly, would you two care for some tea in the meantime?"

"...Well you don't seem like a bad guy, so we'll trust you for now. Things have been getting a lot stricter in the Palace ever since the first Prince was born so we've upped our security as well. I apologize, please come in."

After Roti said this, Whis slowly walked inside. While walking with his staff, he didn't say anything more, and soon sat down st the dining table. He then created a small spatial distortion with his spare hand. This was similar to how Nao creates his pocket dimension, so the two maids' eyes widened.

"Sis, just who the heck is this guy!? Ain't that the same skill Young Master uses!?", Neo exclaimed.

"That definitely seems to be the case, Neo...guess we'll find out more when Young Master returns."

After Roti said this, she let out a sigh. He then saw Whis take out three sets of plates and a cup for each of them. He then grabbed a tea pot, and before long, a calming aroma wafted in the room. Neo and Roti soon joined him at the table.

In a blink of an eye, an hour passed, and they saw a huge golden gate distort itself out of nowhere. This now led back to the present time, where Nao, Miya, Iona, Oscar, and with a new addition, Isabella, had finally returned home to Planet Vegeta.

Roti and Neo hugged Oscar for quite a while before they calmed down. However, Nao suddenly felt an extremely large power level, much larger than he had ever felt before, move instantly, arriving right at his doorstep! Only Nao and Whis felt this energy, and the other's couldn't.

It was like comparing a drop of water to an ocean full of it! This energy he felt almost made Nao dizzy, but he hung on, and didn't collapse.

Everyone saw Nao turn serious, and he immediately turned around, only to hear a very familiar voice speak out to them, a voice he hadn't heard since he watched the anime in his previous life!

"My, what a touching reunion. It would be a shame for me to destroy it. Looks like what I felt a month ago wasn't just a fluke. You really can sense the energy of the gods, boy."

As soon as this voice reached the ears of those present, a figure slowly emerged from the door. He appeared to be a purple skinned hairless humanoid cat with two large pointed ears and golden eyes. He appeared very bony and skinny but had very clear defined muscles.

That's right, Nao had finally come face to face with one of the most powerful gods of the D*Z universe, the God of Destruction, Beerus! Seeing that he is now a Kai Attendant, Nao ignored everyone else in the room and knelt down in front of Beerus.

Beerus was actually surprised seeing this, as he had not seen Nao's new attire nor had heard about his ascension into a Kai Attendant yet. Whis wanted to surprise Beerus so he kept his mouth shut, and just decided to watch the show, calmly sipping his tea.

Beerus's expression turned serious, and he vanished from the front door. Everyone was surprised seeing this sudden disappearance, but they saw him reappear right behind Nao! They couldn't even sense any energy being used, shocking them greatly!

However, Beerus ignored their shock, and proceeded to crouch down, checking out different portions of his robe. He then moved onto Nao's arms and legs, and even his face. After checking out Nao, Beerus turned to Whis and spoke out to him.

"Oi, Whis, is this real?"

Hearing Beerus ask this, Whis finally stopped drinking his tea and placed his cup on the table. He then grabbed his staff, and stood up, only to calmly walk toward Beerus. Whis then answered him, smiling.

"Yes. Lady Chronoa performed the ceremony while we were heading to Father's. I did tell you I had a family matter to attend to right?"

"I do remember you mentioning that now that I think about it. But wasn't that brat supposed to meet the boy next month?"

"Yes, that was supposed to be the case. An unexpected situation happened while we were taking Nao and his sister to meet Father. The meeting itself went well but it forced our hand early. Lady Chronoa had to do the ceremony then."

"I see, well that explains the minuscule amount of Godly Ki slowly growing inside of him. But it's growing too damn slow! How the hell am I supposed to fight a Super Saiyan God like this!?"'

Hearing this, Nao was finally able to confirm his suspicions as to why Beerus would even want to meet him now. 'So it really is about the Super Saiyan God, huh...Well Rebirth did say my Godly Ki would finish developing in 16 more years...', Nao thought to himself.

Nao remained quiet as he saw Beerus continue to speak to Whis. The others remained silent as well, not daring to move an inch. Even though Beerus appeared to be getting angrier by the minute, Whis still spoke out to him calmly.

"Do not fret, Lord Beerus. While we were meeting with Father, we were able to learn more about Nao's abilities. He is able to ascertain the growth of his body far higher than others. If I remember correctly, Nao you still have another sixteen years before your Godly Ki is fully developed?"

Being asked a question by Whis, Nao no longer remained silent, and nodded.

"Yes, Lord Beerus, it is as Whis said. Even if I don't do anything, my Ki will be completely converted into Godly Ki in sixteen years. That's if I don't do any training...but I don't even know what it feels like yet, just like there is something foreign within."

Hearing Nao speak, Beerus turned around to him, and they finally locked eyes for the first time. This created a brief silence, before Beerus crouched down in front of Nao.

"Guess that explains why you're able to detect me. You know, I had a dream of this Super Saiyan God, surely you can become one, right? Or did I come out here for nothing?"

"I'm...not sure, but it does appear I have something locked away inside me. It's been unlocking itself over time but during that it did speak out to me once in a clear voice. This voice called himself Yamoshi."

Hearing this, the others became confused. All but Oscar, whose eyes became wide with shock instead. That shock soon turned into excitement. He immediately ran over to Nao, grabbing a hold of him, speaking to him excitedly.

"Son, did you really hear Yamoshi's voice!? The first Super Saiyan God of our race!?"