Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 131

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 131 125: Another Three Years Go By In A Flash

Splash! Splash! Plop!

"I can finally relax..."

A male voice resounded in a large enclosed hot spring, surrounded by paved magenta sandstone. This figure soon stretched out his limbs, unraveling his white tail. Only his head remained unsubmerged, surrounded by hot, aquamarine water with white steam constantly wafting upward.

Another female voice could be heard giggling as she soon spoke to the male voice, followed by another plopping sound, submerging themselves in the water.

"Hehe, Brother, it wasn't that bad was it? Having Lord Beerus leave the Planet without him destroying it is a feat like no other! At least he accepted your proposal. It was clear he was ready to take another nap."

"I guess that's true, but I promised to fight him the moment I become a Super Saiyan God! He wouldn't take no for an answer!"

"Well that's how Lord Beerus is. Being the God of Destruction, he would just kill people right then and there if they resisted him. Looks like he enjoyed our food as well. But more importantly..."

As this female voice faded out, she submerged herself once again in the hot water. It was a bit hard to see thanks to the white steam around the room, but her shadow made its way toward the figure who had their limbs stretched out near the entrance of the very large tub.

Plop! She reemerged right in front of him. She had long, straight fiery red hair that went past her shoulders. Of course it was none other than Miya! The other was Nao. The two were currently taking a bath after the events had concluded earlier.

After Oscar inquired Nao about hearing Yamoshi's voice inside his mind, Nao only revealed a bit of it. Nao then offered the proposal of fighting Beerus once he actually became a Super Saiyan God.

The only downside to that was that unless Nao actually knew how to train his Godly Ki, he would have to wait out the sixteen years. Nao expected Beerus to rage out at him for offering such a proposal, but he actually accepted it!

Beerus learned his dream actually came true and he was able to gloat about it to Whis. Thanks to that, he lost his interest in fighting then, as he was yawning quite frequently. Hearing that he would have to wait sixteen years, Beerus opted to take another nap.

Before the duo left, Nao's family offered them to stay for the banquet they were going to have. Upon immediately hearing the word 'food', Beerus's stomach grumbled like crazy, as he didn't eat anything during the Palace Vegeta banquet. Of course, he accepted the invitation immediately.

After stuffing himself full of roasted meat of varying spices, he patted his stomach, picking at his teeth with his claws. Whis then dismissed themselves from the group, thanking them in the process. No destruction ensued, and peace returned.

Even though Beerus only set the Palace throne room ablaze, it was still likely he was going to inform Frieza to blow up the planet. He was only satisfied by Nao's actions, the rest of the planet Beerus did not care about one bit.

But enough of that, seeing as Beerus and Whis left. Which brings us back to the present, Nao and Miya were currently n.a.k.e.d, taking a bath, which they had not done in a long time. Miya rested her body on Nao's, and after looking at him, Miya's head turned toward the bath's entrance. She smiled, seeing another figure still waiting there.

Miya then spoke out to the figure who was blankly staring at the two.

"Sister Belle, why are you still at the entrance? The water feels great, come join in already!"

After Miya spoke this, a sound of wood striking stone resounded around them. The water bucket used to rinse off her body before she would enter the bath dropped onto the floor. She then stared blankly at Miya cuddling next to Nao as if it were a natural thing.

"...Is this something you usually do, Miya?"

"Of course it is! It's all we currently do though. We promised not to go any further until the marriage happens. As long as I'm around, you'll need to get used to seeing this, Sister Belle."

Hearing Miya's response, Isabella could only shake her head and sigh. She then continued to speak.

"I know back at my sister's Palace, the males there have quite large harems, especially the Princes. I know the other two would be joining in but even you...was not something I was expecting. Aren't you Nao's sister?"

"Well, yes and no. Since we got time now we can start to explain things, right, brother?"

Miya asked this of Nao, but something seemed to click inside his mind at this moment, after hearing 'As long as I'm around', from Miya. Nao's heartbeat started to accelerate, and his head started to pound. Miya saw Nao clutch his head.

"Oh no, not again. Brother, stay with me!"

'Is everything okay!?"

Hearing Miya suddenly shout, Isabella decided to end the conversation there, and ran toward the bath. Thankfully she didn't slip, and approached the two. Miya tried to calm him down by bringing him into her embrace, but she saw Nao stand up all of a sudden.

While still clinging onto his head, he slowly walked back toward the entrance. He then slowly muttered something to Miya and Isabella.

"Ugh...I think...I need down...a bit..."

After saying that, slowly but surely, he arrived near the hallway leading further down into the bedrooms. However, at this time, Nao felt a giant pulse surge through his mind, causing him to lose consciousness. He collapsed onto the floor in the hallway.



As this happened, it caused a bit of a ruckus on the second floor. The two maids, Oscar, and Iona suddenly heard a loud thud hit the floor directly above them. Oscar and Iona stopped what they were doing immediately and ran up the spiral staircase. Oscar's eyes widened seeing Nao passed out on the floor, still n.a.k.e.d.

"Dammit! Is this what that lady meant by trauma? Iona, go get some towels pronto! Let's move him onto his bed after drying him off."

"You don't need to say that twice!"

After Iona said that, she rushed toward the hot spring to get some dry towels. She then saw Isabella and Miya drying themselves off quickly before putting on a new change of clothes.

"You two, Little Nao only passed out. We've got it handled. You two can continue your time in the bath."

"No! We were getting close to finishing anyways. I'll go to brother's side at once."

"That's right, Miss Iona. Besides, part of why I came back with you guys was for this very reason. Sure I wanted to see my future husband's home world, but I also wanted to support him in case this happened after hearing about it! I didn't think this would happen so soon!"

Hearing this, Iona smiled hearing the two's response respectively. She then dismissed herself ahead of them with towels in hand. She then made her way back to Nao, and dried him off. Oscar then picked up Nao up, and headed straight to his room, placing him down onto his bed.

After rolling over the cover's, Nao's expression started to soften, a clear sign of the pain lessening. Nao then proceeded to lightly snore, already off to dream land.

Seeing this the two sighed. Perhaps everything hit Nao altogether of what happened recently, and only now did he start to feel it. Well he was now sleeping, so Oscar and Iona dismissed themselves from his room. They saw Miya and Isabella standing in the hallway, and their hair was still wet.

"Nao's going to be fine you two. Also Isabella, we've prepared a room for you up here right next to his. It's been a hell of a journey, that's for sure. I'm probably going to go clock out myself soon."

Hearing Oscar say this, the two sighed and nodded. It was pretty late already, so the four decided to call it a night. Iona showed Isabella to her room, and Miya to her own.

Oscar and Iona vanished into the main bedroom. They felt emotional for a bit seeing this was the first time they were doing this since over five years ago, but they soon fell asleep in each other's embrace.

Hearing snoring come from the main bedroom, Miya smiled and got out of bed. She removed her clothes and walked toward Isabella's room.

She was about to fall asleep until she saw Miya enter her room n.a.k.e.d. She became startled seeing this, but Miya placed a finger over her own mouth, signaling Isabella to not say anything.

Miya then signaled Isabella to get up, and the two headed over to Nao's room. Isabella saw Miya jump right in, clinging onto his left side. She could sigh seeing this. Isabella then proceeded to strip her clothes off as well, revealing her beautiful skin.

Her black spade-shaped tail also unraveled itself. After clinging to Nao on his right side, she felt pretty comfortable and warm, putting herself to sleep in just a few minutes.

Without the three knowing, the sands of time began to churn once again. Morning became evening, and with nothing uneventful going on, days slowly turned into years.

By uneventful, Nao didn't have any plans to leave the Planet, and took this time to enter a form of recuperation. After the first night he saw Isabella cuddled next to him, it surprised him greatly, but her body gave off a similar warmth to Miya's.

It didn't take long for him to get used to her presence as well, but unfortunately, Isabella could only stay for another month before being picked up by her agency.

Nao also learned she was a mechanic of sorts on the side. Planet Nem was very technological advanced, much more so than Planet Earth. Before she left to go on tour, Isabella created a custom holo-panel phone so they can keep in touch. It also acted as a mini-TV, which allowed him to access the galaxy channels, and more importantly, her live shows.

The first time Nao saw Isabella perform live, he was stunned. If he didn't already know she was a martial artist, then he would have confused her for a completely different person, thanks to her stage persona.

Besides watching Isabella's live shows, he entered daily meditation. Before he knew it, a full three years passed! Nao and Miya were now twelve years old, technically thirteen if you count the year spent in the Room of Spirit and Time. Nao's body grew taller and sturdier, reaching about about 5'2 in height, with Miya reaching an even 5'. Thanks to his daily meditation sessions, Nao was slowly able to fight the nightmares within him.

His panic attacks lessened as well, but they had not completely vanished yet. Nao was able to control it to where he would only get triggered by certain words now, instead of them appearing randomly.

During these three years, Nao also was able to sense Sayuri at the Galactic HQ. He also sensed Queen Elena's energy, and felt Sayuri successfully get picked up by her in the process. He also saw a huge fleet of spacesh.i.p.s accompanying them.

That was no surprise however, seeing Queen Elena was the current Queen of Planet Eloysia. After Queen Elena retrieved Sayuri, the fleet of spacesh.i.p.s vanished from sight. Thanks to his Godly Ki sense, Nao was able to pinpoint where Planet Elosyia was, and sure enough, it was fully cloaked.

In fact, it wasn't even that far away from Planet Earth! It was only a couple galaxies away. Nao planned to head off to Planet Vegeta after it gets destroyed.

Speaking of which, during these three years, Iona came to learn that Bardock was indeed pestering Gine to create another child. She didn't want to disturb them, because every time she made a visit to her butchery, she came at a wrong time, hearing blissful m.o.a.ns echoing in the whole shop!

As a result of this constant fervor, Gine ended up getting pregnant again. Bardock soon left again after his squad got assigned another mission from the Frieza Force. By the start of year 737, Bardock was still away.

Yet Gine's belly kept getting larger and larger! Some might be wondering who exactly was residing in her belly?? Well, Gine was about to give birth to the main character of all the Dr*gon Ball series, Kakarot, or commonly known as Son Goku!