Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 132

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 132 126: Planet Vegeta's Destruction I

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A small circular ship could be seen outside of Planet Vegeta's perimeter. It had oval shaped yellow panels spaced underneath, providing the ship light. One green panel could be seen lit up inside of it, and inside the large sphere-like glass window, two figures were sitting on two leather brown seats.

One of them was a Saiyan who accompanied the other. The other was also a Saiyan who had two spiky bangs off to the left side and four large spiky bangs off to its right, with a head of pitch black hair. An x shaped scar could be seen on their left cheek.

That's right, it was none other than Bardock! He was finally returning from his current mission after receiving a notice from his scouter for all Saiyans to return to Planet Vegeta.

Bardock was resting when the other Saiyan, who had a crew-cut like black hair with a single scar going down the left side of their forehead which extended further back onto his skull, spoke out to Bardock.

"We're almost to Planet Vegeta. It's been a long time, hasn't it?"


"What do you think this is about, Bardock? Ordering all the Saiyans to hurry and assemble at Planet Vegeta, that is? Apparently that bastard Frieza is the one who ordered this."

"Take off your scouter. They'll hear you."

"S-shit, that's right!"

As the other Saiyan said this, he immediately reached out his hand and took off the teal-tinted scouter, placing it out of sight beneath them. He then looked back up, moving his hands onto the ship's steering wheel. A look of anticipation appeared in his eyes as he continued to speak.

"Look at that, Bardock. All of the others are coming back home, too."

"Look over there."


"That's Frieza's ship."

As Bardock said that, their ship slowly drifted past a large circular disc-like shaped mothership. That ship was without a doubt, Frieza's! The other Saiyan spoke out once again seeing this.

"There's still some time left, but it's already standing by?"

"You don't think it's strange? If he just wants to speak with us, he doesn't need to bring us back to the planet. He could just inform us via the scouter's radio.


"If he wants to give us new weapons, there's no point in hurrying to gather us together."

After Bardock said this, their ship started to descend into Planet Vegeta's atmosphere. A bright orange-red like hue soon covered their ship, but seeing this didn't disrupt the two Saiyans one bit Bardock continued to talk.

"There's something really fishy goin' on here."

"Huh, what do you mean, fishy?"

"Conquering planets and selling them has always been the livelihood of the warrior Saiyan race. Then Frieza's bastard of a Father, Cold, forced us to join their banner by force, placing us under their rule."

"That was a long time ago, right?"

"Do you think we're getting along well now?"

"Well, there aren't any Saiyans that like Frieza."

As soon as the other Saiyan finished saying that their ship finally touched ground on the planet's surface. Bardock them continued the conversation along.

"And Frieza likely feels the same way about Saiyans."


When Bardock said that, he proceeded to stand up fron the brown leather seat. He then continued to speak.

"Right now, the Frieza Force has grown larger. They could probably get by even without us annoying Saiyans around."

Bardock then walked away, heading toward the center of the ship. the hatch auto disengaged itself, allowing Bardock to fly out of it. He now arrived at the docking station in the lower class district. The other Saiyan flew out as well, joining Bardock.

The other Saiyan then spoke out to Bardock in a worried voice.

"You're not saying he's planning to exterminate us, are you?"

"I'm just sayin', maybe."

As Bardock slung over his large knapsack over his shoulder, the other Saiyan started to laugh stiffly, rubbing the back of his head with his right hand.

"Oh, come on, Bardock..."

After he said this, Bardock turned his back to him without saying anything, and started to walk away. Bardock then heard another rough voice call out to him near by.

"Yo, Bardock! Made it back alive, huh?"

Hearing this voice, Bardock turned his head, only to see a square chiseled face Saiyan next to him. Bardock then spoke out to him.

"Hey, do you know the reason for this order?"

"Beats me. Maybe they found a fairly big shot planet to go after. Something that will take all of us to conquer!"

"That's it! That's what this is about..."

"Come to think about it, the people that report directly to Frieza were going around asking us about the Super Saiyan."

Hearing this, Bardock stopped walking forward, and turned his head around, looking at the square chiseled face Saiyan again.

"The Super Saiyan? Like the one told about in the legend?"

As Bardock asked this question, his expression suddenly turned serious.

"That's why!", he exclaimed.

He proceeded to ignore the other two Saiyans, and walked away, slowly making his way toward Gine's butchery. Seeing this confused the two, but didn't question him, and returned about their business.

Meanwhile, another figure could currently be seen sitting in meditation at the tallest magenta sandstone cliff-side near by the entrance to Palace Vegeta. More specifically, he was currently sitting on the hand-made platform, staring out of the crafted windows, looking directly at Frieza's mother-ship.

"To think I'd be able to witness this scene in person...guess it's finally time to act, huh?"

The voice who said this was none other than Nao! Miya was also standing near by, not saying a word. Even Oscar and Iona watched as Frieza gathered his army around the planet, and the other Saiyans as well. Even Roti and Neo were here too, shocked beyond compare. It was very lively.

Besides them, Nao suddenly heard another female voice speak out to him, before arriving at his side on the meditation platform.

"So that bastard Frieza really did show up. I'm still finding it hard to believe you can see the future like this, Nao."

Hearing this, Nao turned his head, only to see a figure with long hot pink hair, perky b.r.e.a.s.ts, a black spade shaped tail sticking out of her butt, and wearing her exquisite white one piece combat dress. Nao could only sigh seeing Isabella here once again.

"You didn't have to come for this, Belle. I know you can protect yourself, but this is a problem of our race."

Hearing this, Nao suddenly felt his cheek get pinched, before hearing an annoyed voice escape from Isabella's mouth.

"Nao, your problems will soon become mine to share! Miss Elena and Mister Nim already finished setting things up for our wedding. Its set due six years from now! The other two have been informed too."

Nao then let out a sigh hearing this. He then nodded, seeing Isabella not get persuaded by him.

"Looks like you won't take no for an answer, Belle. Fine, but after I finish talking to Frieza, you take the others and go to Bardock and Gine immediately, okay? By then they would have sent Kakarot off world."

"Of course, Nao. Leave it to me. You take care out there. You did mention Frieza can no longer be compared to the current strength you posses, but you never know what will happen."

"Don't worry, I will."

Hearing this, Isabella smiled, then jumped off the meditation platform. After informing the others the plan was about to start, they immediately left the room in a hurry. Miya had one last look at Nao without saying anything.

She knew very well what was going to happen next, but she felt the determination in his heart thanks to the special connection they share. Before long, Nao was left alone.

He then stood up, padding down his posh Kai robe. His pale-yellow Potara earring never left him ever since the Supreme Kai of Time put it on herself. Getting one last look at Frieza's ship, he cycled his golden Ki.

Before long, golden spheres entered his vision. Willing them toward his feet, he created a [Gate]. Nao had vanished from sight. His Destination? The observation deck of Frieza's mother-ship!