Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 133

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 133 127: Planet Vegeta's Destruction Ii

Year 737, Outside Planet Vegeta, Frieza's mother-ship.

Kikono's two small antennae wiggled back and forth as he started to speak to Frieza, who was currently residing in his hover pod, calmly staring outside the massive window of his observation deck.

"The Super Saiyan...and the Super Saiyan God...We've looked into them, but they appear to just be legends."

"That is about what I was thinking. Still, I cannot afford the least bit of anxiety, so I had to make sure."

"So, are you cancelling the attack, Lord Frieza?"

Hearing this, Frieza let out his iconic laugh, as he raised his right hand close to his mouth, similar to how Whis laughs.

"Ohohoho, you must be joking."


"Not after they have all assembled together...This is the perfect opportunity to be rid of them, planet and all, is it not?"

Kikono's eyes widened for a second, before he bowed. However, he saw Frieza's expression turned serious as he looked out of the window. All of a sudden, everyone saw the giant window distort.

More specifically, the space in front of the window distorted, and a giant golden gate appeared in front of their eyes. The Frieza Force members immediately got into an offensive stance, and most reached for their blasters.

Frieza immediately yelled out to them.

"Stand down!", Frieza exclaimed.

Frieza continued to watch on in interest as the others withdrew their stances. He had his suspicions and once he saw Nao's white hair emerge out of the [Gate], Frieza grinned evilly. It didn't take long for Nao to emerge from it.

Upon seeing Frieza in person hovering just a few meters away in his hover pod, Nao immediately yelled out to him.


Hearing the white haired figure dressed in a purple posh Kai robe yell out to him, Frieza placed his hand over his mouth, and laughed.

"Ohohoho, this is an unexpected surprise visit. To think you would grow so much in these last five years. Unfortunately, you are not showing interest in joining me. It's a shame I can't touch you now. You may have Lord Beerus behind you but that still won't stop me from killing the rest of you monkeys."

"So Lord Beerus really did end up contacting you..."

"Yes. Surely you didn't have such a pitiful idea as to try and stop me?"

Nao shook his head no, denying him. This caused Frieza to squint his eyes.

"No, I only came here to deliver you warning. I don't care what you do next."

"Oh, a mere monkey dares to warn me? Pray tell, what would that be, hmm?"

"It's simple really. If you dare chase after my family, I will chase you to the ends of the universe, grinding you into space dust!"

Hearing this, Nao started to hear Frieza laugh like a maniac. Seeing him not take this seriously, Nao started to cycle his Ki, causing a huge wave of energy blast itself around the room. The other members of the Frieza Force got knocked out instantly.

Frieza became wide eyed seeing this, and Nao's Ki kept on rising higher and and higher. Before long his hair started to flicker, and with a 'shing', Frieza saw Nao's hair turn from white into a golden-yellow.

An intense golden-yellow aura moved around him as well. Nao turned into a Super Saiyan!

Frieza yelled out seeing this, as he was not able to believe this with his own eyes.

"T-this is impossible! How can a mere monkey like you achieve such power!?"

However, Nao proceeded to ignore him and used Vanish instead. Nao reappeared directly in front of Frieza's hover pod. He then proceeded to grab Frieza by the throat. Nao then scoffed at Frieza.

"Looks like you didn't take Lord Beerus's warning seriously. I have a contract with him. If you dare try to touch my family before that contract expires, you won't live to see the light of day! Frieza, I could kill you now if I wanted to, but someone else will. I don't want the true history changed too much..."

That last sentence Nao only uttered himself, Frieza wasn't able to hear it. Nao then shoved Frieza back into his pod, releasing his grip at the same time. Nao cycled his Ki, and golden spheres entered his vision once again.

He then released his Super Saiyan state, revealing his white hair again. Getting one last look at Frieza, Nao vanished through the floor after creating a [Gate].

Seeing Nao no longer there, Frieza clenched his fists together, yelling out to everyone else.

"Wake up you incompetent fools! I will not let a mere monkey disgrace me! Curse you, you damn Saiyan!"

A loud smash resounded in the observation deck, and his hover pod actually cracked a bit! The other members of the Frieza Force stirred awake now, and they saw Frieza seething in anger. They froze like statues, not daring to say a word.

Without saying anything, Frieza opened up the hatch on top of his mother-ship. Even though in the original story, he did this out of enjoyment, but now he was about to blow up the planet out of anger!

Nao had actually wanted to make sure Frieza did this action, so seeing him enter space, and raising his right finger, Nao knew he had succeeded. But still, he had little time to act, as he started to see the death ball form before his very eyes!

Nao suddenly vanished again, arriving back on Planet Vegeta.




Turning back time a bit, Nao had informed Miya mentally to proceed with their plan after the group of five left their cliff-side. At this time, Bardock arrived at Gine's butchery. It was still early evening, and seeing Bardock speak out, Gine stopped her cutting.

"Yo, Gine. I'm back."

"Oh, Bardock!"

"Things sure are buzzing around the city, aren't they?"

"Yeah, since everyone has come home."

Hearing Bardock's voice, Gine turned around, answering him. She then walked up to him, placing her hands on his h.i.p.s. She still had her white gloves on from cutting meat. Bardock then spoke up to her after sharing s hug.

"Where is Raditz?"

"He's a combatant now after conquering the world he was sent off to. He teamed up with Prince Vegeta, and they're off on some other world."

As Gine said this, she backed away a bit, taking her white gloves off in the process. She then spoke out to Bardock again.

"They still haven't come back yet, though."

"Prince Vegeta, huh? Now there's s piece of work to be stuck with. What about Kakarot? Still in the child-rearing capsule?"

"Yeah. It's about time to let him out, though. Want to see him?"

After Gine asked Bardock, she proceeded to head inside their house. After entering it, the two saw a child-rearing capsule, much like Nao's, Miya's, and the ones back inside the Palace.

Upon having a closer look, it was filled with clear yellow-orange liquid. A small baby figure stood floating inside, hooked up to the cord attached to the capsule. They were currently sleeping peacefully. This baby figure even had black hair spiked in the same way as Bardock's!

Seeing Kakarot sleeping peacefully inside the capsule, Bardock spoke out.

"He's pretty small."

"He appears to be a slow-starter type. But he looks just like you, doesn't he? Especially your distinctive hairstyle."

After Gine said that, she turned her head toward Bardock. Bardock's expression then turned serious, before answering her.

"I'm going to go steal a pod after dark."


"We're going to send him to another world."

"Huh!? Bardock,you're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm serious."

"Why would you go and do something like that now!? He hasn't even learned to talk yet!"

"With Kakarot's latent abilities, he is destined to be sent away anyways. So we're going to see to it that's it's at least a better planet."

Bardock continued to observe the baby Kakarot inside the capsule. Gine then walked up to him, looking worried.

"But it's still too soon..."

Hearing this, Bardock turned to look at Gine.

"There may not be any time left."


"Frieza is afraid of the legendary Super Saiyan showin' up."

"Super Saiyan? But that's...only a legend, isn't it!?"

"Yeah, but Frieza can't help but be bothered by it. And he's up to no good."

Hearing this, Gine became shocked, letting out a gasp. Bardock then continued to speak.

"I get the feelin' that death is on its way..."

After Bardock said this, Gine remained still, unable to say anything. Silence spread out in the room, it was so quiet that they could hear the bubbles escape from Kakarot's mouth inside the capsule.

At this time, however, the two suddenly heard a female voice speak out to them, coming out of the shadows.

"That's right, Uncle Bardock. Frieza is indeed up to no good."

Hearing this, Gine and Bardock suddenly turned around landing their eyes on a beautiful fiery red haired figure, standing at 5' tall. Her body was also well toned with muscles, and had a red tail wrapped around her waist, clad in her pitch black body armor.

Seeing this caused shock to appear on Bardock's face, before yelling out.

"I-it's you! Why are you here!? Didn't Gine say you were off world!?"

"We were off world for a while, but we recently came back just like you did, Uncle Bardock. While I would love to explain the details, we've not much time. Papa can fill you in once the pod is ready."


Hearing Miya say 'papa' to Bardock, he became confused. He soon saw five other figures approach them. Bardock's eyes almost popped out of his head seeing Oscar with one open eye and a huge scar going across his face.

"You! You're supposed to be dead!", Bardock exclaimed.