Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 134

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 134 128: Planet Vegeta's Destruction Iii

As soon as Bardock said that, his loud voice escaped the butchery, causing the other Saiyans to start taking notice of what was going on inside.

Bardock immediately saw Oscar vanish, only to feel a large hand cover his mouth preventing from him speaking. His voice became muffled, but he soon heard Oscar speak out to him with a stern voice.

"Not one more damn word out of you, Bardock. It's a good thing you got your scouter off. This mission is top secret, nod if you understand."

Hearing this, Bardock immediately nodded. Oscar then removed his hand from Bardock's mouth. Bardock then proceeded to talk to Oscar in a low voice.

"So it is true that bastard wants to kill us all. Now it makes sense as to why I saw that bastard's full fleet as we docked our ship."

"Yeah. We could prevent this but according to Nao, he advised against it. I'm still getting used to my son being able to see the future, but according to him, Planet Vegeta is toast no matter what. Just be glad were taking you two with us."

"Wait, what?"

"Just shut up for now! We'll explain things once we're out of sight from that bastard. Go get that damn pod pronto!"

"You got it!"

At this time, Bardock dared not to say anything else, and flew out in a hurry. He flew out still dazed. He just learned Oscar was still alive after all this time!

Gine, on the other hand, still felt like right now was a dream. She then placed her hand on Kakarot's capsule. She appeared to be yearning for him. She then spoke out.

"Why must we send Kakarot off in a pod? If you guys are taking us with you, we can just take Kakarot too! I don't want to see him all alone!"

Hearing this, scar could only shake his head, before replying to Gine calmly.

"Look, Gine. The more we take with us, the more likely Frieza will grow suspicious. We are planning to time this right before the destruction. Thankfully Frieza only know about me and Nao..."

"But Kakarot is just a baby with a power level of 2! Bardock did say he contains latent abilities, but still..."

At this point, tears started to form in Gine's eyes. Before they realized it, they waited for an hour, mostly in silence, as Oscar found it hard to reply to Gine. They then heard Bardock return, and a giant space pod could be seen straddled on his shoulder. The others made way, allowing him to walk directly to Kakarot's capsule.

It was now dark out. Bardock fiddled with the pod a bit, before the glass unlatched itself, revealing its interior. Bardock then pressed some buttons on the holo panel in front of the capsule, and before long, the liquid contained within slowly drained itself. The glass then receded, revealing a wet Kakarot.

Bardock ignored the crying Gine, and proceeded to get him out of the capsule's saddle. After drying him off, Bardock put on Kakarot's black-yellow plated battle armor.

He then placed Kakarot, who was now starting to wake up, inside the pod. After the hatched closed, Bardock hoisted the capsule on his shoulder.

"Come, Gine, it's time to go."

"Must we do this?"

"Yeah. Even I feel somethin' about Kakarot. Somethin' is tellin' me his destiny will be a great one."

"His destiny...?"

"Yeah. Now come, Oscar is waitin'."

Even though Gine still felt reluctant, she followed behind Bardock in silence. Seeing Bardock carrying the pod, Oscar nodded.

"Let's go."

Saying that, Oscar, Iona, Miya, Isabella, Roti, Neo, Bardock, Gine, and Kakarot left the butchery. They proceeded to hop over several houses in the lower class district, before arriving at the south gate. They didn't risk flying as they didn't want to catch anyone's attention.

They soon departed from the south gate, heading off into the unknown. Pure magenta sandstone crags, hills, and mountains could now be seen. With the city no longer in sight, Bardock and Gine walked ahead of the group, before placing down Kakarot's pod.

Kakarot could now be heard crying, but it soon lessened, after he saw Gine's and Bardock's face outside the tinted red window.

Gine then spoke out to Bardock.

"As I've thought, it's better not to do this. Let's just take him with us, Bardock!"

"We can't, Gine. Kakarot must go."

"But why would you go to such great lengths!? It's not like a Saiyan man to worry about his children."

"Maybe it's 'cause I'm always in the middle of battle, and I'd like to save somethin' instead for once. Especially someone who is deemed to be a lower-class warrior. My son, Kakarot."

After Bardock said this, the two heard Kakarot cry some more. The others remained silent, waiting for Gine and Bardock to finish. Bardock then spoke out once more to Gine.

"I've programmed in a distant planet name Earth. It's a world inhabited by people with lower technology and combat levels. I think you'll be able to survive there, even with your power level of 2, Kakarot...Moreover it's not much worth, so the chances that it will get targeted by Frieza are also low."

As soon as Bardock said this, Gine placed her hand on the tinted window pane. She then spoke out to Kakarot.

"Once this whole mess is over, we'll come get you right away, okay?"

"Yeah. Listen up, you must survive, no matter what!

When Bardock said that, the little Kakarot tilted his head inside the pod, and stared at the two. Gine then spoke out to him once again.

"We will see you later!"

Once Gine finished speaking, Bardock put his left hand on the window. Gine also had her left hand on it. Seeing Bardock's large hand, little Kakarot reached for his own, placing his against Bardock's. Yet the window still separated them.

After a moment of silence, the pod soon lifted off from the ground, creating a slight breeze. the shutter of the window started to open, closing off the window. As the pod reached higher snd higher into the sky, Gine rushed toward him.

Gine then screamed out his name, one last time.


Tears immediately started pouring down her face after shouting his name, and she collapsed onto her knees. In just a mere couple of moments, the pod vanished from sight, leaving the group alone.

The sound of wind blowing struck their ears, listening to Gine cry. Iona wanted to rush out towards her, but Oscar prevented her from moving. However, at this time, their departure was short lived. A huge orange-red ball of Ki expanded out of nowhere, causing the planet to light up, as if it became daytime!

Seeing Frieza start his Death Ball, which was about a fifth of the size of the actual planet, Oscar cursed out.

"Dammit! Looks like we were much shorter on time. Where the hell are you, Nao!?"

However, as if it were music to his ears, Oscar heard a calm voice reach out to him beside him.

"Do not worry, Father. It looks like things went as planned on your side. We've not much time. Frieza's Death Ball is already starting to descend! I'll create a [Gate] to Planet Elosyia immediately!"

The group suddenly saw Nao appear right before their eyes. Nao cycled his Ki, which ended up turning golden. Bardock became shocked seeing this, and he immediately assumed this energy was the legendary Super Saiyan!

Yet something else happened instead. A huge golden gate distorted around their feet. In no time at all, Bardock soon saw the ground covered in darkness, before revealing a lush green planet, much more green than Planet Earth. He then heard Nao speak out to them.

"The ride may get a bit bumpy, Uncle Bardock, Auntie Gine. Just save the yelling till after! This place is about to become a living hell, let's go!"

Once Nao said that, Miya took the first plunge into the [Gate]. Isabella was next. The two maids followed in after her, then Iona and Oscar. Now it was just Nao, Bardock, and Gine. The latter two were still frozen, seeing their death imminent. Even Bardock had an urge to go all out on the incoming Death Ball.

However, they soon snapped out of it, after hearing Nao yell out to them once more.

"We've no time left, you two! Jump in, now!"


Bardock now looked away from the Death Ball, which now entered the planet's atmosphere. Cracks started to appear from the planet's core. Bardock immediately grabbed Gine, before plunging into the [Gate], leaving Nao alone. Nao said one finally thing as he looked upward, before he vanished into the ground.

"You better take my warning seriously Frieza. It's best for Kakarot to take care of you per the true history, but if you force my hand...I won't hold back next time like I did today."