Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 135

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 135 129: Interlude

While Nao was having the time of his life rescuing Gine and Bardock from their death, let's focus on something else in the mean time, shall we?

Now you all may not remember, but Nao's system, Rebirth, has a void dimension, very similar to the Null Realm in the D*Z world. As of now, it only contains one golden planet, the D*Z world.

What Nao had yet to learn was that this void dimension connected to something else. Something far far more massive than the myriad galaxies that were discovered through science in Nao's first life. The multiverse!

For those who are still new to the concept of the multiverse, it is essentially a realm of infinite possibilities, where even a mere thought could end up creating a new world there. It contained galaxies, planets, moons, stars, asteroids, black holes, secret dimensions, all that fun jazz.

Simply put in layman's terms, it's basically a never-ending ocean!

Now why would we focus on this much more grand scale than Nao's void realm, you may ask? Well, unknown to Nao, deep within the multiverse, a very strange oval-shaped object kept moving at constant pace, seemingly with no destination in mind!

Upon having a closer look at this weird oval-shaped object, it was a massive fifteen meter golden door, flying through the multiverse faster than the speed of light!

It had exquisitely carved teal runes on all four corners.of it. One would expect for them to radiate light, however these did not. These runes depicted four guardian beasts, hailed from Chinese legend.

The top left rune depicted the Black Tortoise.

The top right rune depicted the Vermillion Bird.

The bottom left rune depicted the White Tiger.

The bottom right rune depicted the Azure Dragon.

These four large runes surrounded an even larger rune, depicting a white and black yin-yang symbol.

The two smaller golden doors further down no longer existed, the doors that led to Heaven and Hell. Only one ancient wooden door replaced them, seemingly indestructible.

This was the very same door Nao saw while his soul was being judged after he passed away, before it got accepted into the Rebirth system! Sure enough, it finally made its appearance once more.

This magical place housed a very ancient god. This god had been mentioned more than once, in fact. Even Fairy #001, Miho (now Miya), was created by him. This golden door was The President's home!

Planet Earth was no longer in sight. Heck, this door wasn't even in the milky way galaxy any more. At this point, one of you is probably asking why the heck are we even talking about this?

Well, despite no noise escaping from beyond the ancient wooden door, something was definitely stirring inside of it. Let's take a look, shall we?

The scene soon changed, heading inside the wooden door. The multiverse could no longer be seen, soon to be replaced by a fast expanse of endless white clouds. However, it's not like this place wasn't occupied.

Several meters away, stood an old figure, clad in a plain white robe. Standing about 6'1, tall, no hair could be seen on his head. Instead, it went all toward his beard, stretching outward about half a foot. He sinply wore a white robe and nothing else, and was currently sitting in a lotus position, staring at several blue 3-d panels floating around him, much similar to those the Angels use to observe.

Further beyond the screens and the old man stood a massive pitch black obsidian obelisk, curving all the way upward. Its height pierced the heavens, and its tip couldn't be seen from the ground. However, the old man proceeded to stare upwards toward the top, as if he could actually

An ancient voice then echoed in the clouds.

"Michael, how has the Babel Tower been lately? Have any of the souls we managed to rescue reach the top and clear its trials?"

Once the old man said this, the space behind him began to distort. Before long, a beautiful busty six winged angel appeared behind him, donning long golden hair and yellow eyes. She appeared very graceful, despite her masculine name.

A silver trident also could be seen in her right hand. Hearing The President ask her, she didn't say anything, and only made a moving gesture with her spare hand. All of a sudden, the blue panels around the old man vanished.

The angel then stretched out her palm, which enlarged the one screen that was left behind, allowing the old man to have a better view. The screen changed images, and soon revealed a figure.

It was a female. She could be seen wearing a black and white hakama robe. They were typically worn by martial artists who practiced archery or the sword. In this female's case, two large black katanas were equipped at her waist.

Speaking of herself, she was very beautiful. She had a slender build, and moderately sized b.r.e.a.s.ts, standing about 5'8. She had mahogany brown hair which was tied up in a long ponytail that went well past her head. She even had dotted freckles on each cheek, appearing tomboyish.

The old man saw this figure resting calmly in a grassy plain, with wind gently blowing her hair. The old man then chuckled.

"That's definitely the last floor alright. Those earthlings really know how to adapt and evolve, it's quite marvelous. It's a pity as to what happened to their planet though. They had so much internal strife that they failed to see the bigger picture. Their planet exploded before they could act."

"Yes. Thankfully you were doing business there at the time, Your Eminence. No soul was left out. All of them were properly judged. Some sent to Hell, while others are enjoying their life in Heaven. You even gave those who wanted to reincarnate the chance to do so. Only by passing the trials of Babel Tower, however, could they be granted freedom to travel freely."

"That's right. I may be retired now, but at least its not so lonely here anymore now is it? Haha. Now, who was this youngster again?"

"According to her data profile, she goes by the name Chelsea. Apparently she went to the same school the Young Master went to."

Hearing this, the old man seemed to have drifted off for a bit, before speaking again.

"The Young Master...? Oh! You must be referring to that young child Naoto. Speaking of which, Rebirth has been developing quite nicely cause of him. He is the first successor to it after all, my pride and joy! I wasn't even expecting to find a successor back on Earth. But against the odds, I found one. Heck, it seems it might even have two now!"

"...Two successors? Are you wanting to initiate fairy program #002, Your Eminence?"

'That's exactly what I'm saying, Michael! And drop that 'Your Eminence' bull-crap already. I'm a retired god now."

"If that is what you wish, Your Eminence."

Hearing this, the old man's forehead started to bulge out in anger. He then let out a deep breath, and started to stroke his beard. His eyes then landed on the mahogany hair-colored girl on the blue screen, before speaking again.

"Still, love really shows no bounds...huh? To think the girl young Naoto was planning to confess to but couldn't before he died actually managed to clear all of Babel Tower...even I'm quite impressed by that feat. Looks like that love wasn't so one-sided now, either, haha!"

Hearing the old man laugh once more didn't phaze the angel one bit, and she still had a deadpan look. She then spoke out to him, only to bow right after.

"I will now go leave to initiate fairy #002, Your Eminence."

"Now wait just a damn minute Michael! You're always off in a hurry. At least let me finish speaking!"

"...My deepest apologies, Your Eminence."

Hearing the angel speak before him without any sort of emotion, the old man began to rub his forehead. He took a minute to calm down. He then spoke out to the six winged angel once more in a serious tone.

"Michael, before you go and activate Mist, go into Babel Tower and retrieve that young lass Chelsea. I will explain the situation to her after. If she agrees, you will send her off to the Time Nest. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Your Eminence."

"Good. And f*cking stop it already with those titles. It's like I'm talking to a goddamn robot! I swear to god! what I'd like to say, but you won't take no for an answer, will you, Michael?"

"No, Your Eminence."

Hearing this reply to his string of curses, the old man could only shake his head and let out a defeated sigh.

"Just go, leave me be. I swear you angels are even worse than those Angels in young Naoto's world!"

After the old man said this, the space around the angel began to distort. It didn't even take a second for the angel to vanish from sight. The old man sighed once again, and began to stroke his beard. His eyes then shifted upward again, staring at the obsidian obelisk in the distance...

The calm atmosphere returned, and the scenery soon changed to outside the golden door again, back to the vast multiverse around it.

Well, there you guys have it. More answers have been revealed, and more questions will rise. Even characters who only get referenced once or twice, only to be forgotten, have chances to become a shining star! What will it be like when Chelsea and Nao meet for the first time after death? Stay tuned to find out next time on the next episode of...*Cough, cough*, sorry, but that had to be done. C'iao for now!