Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 136

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 136 130: Epilogue: Settling Down At Planet Elosyia

Year 737 Planet Elosyia, Palace Elosa

It was quite peaceful in the ancient wooden Palace situated on top of the massive ancient oak tree overlooking the rest of the planet's forests and rivers. Various carved holes could be seen all around its branches, signifying a home for an Elosian.

Further down the tree stood various types of other trees, making the scenery very beautiful. Its lush green color had finally returned from the war over twenty four years ago. Moreover, the general marketplace seemed to be buzzing with activity, as hundreds of Elosians passed in and out of it.

All of the other Elosian commoners lived in their own personalized tree-house, but no matter where they slept, they could still see the massive ancient oak tree standing tall above them, which provided them comfort.

All was quite peaceful here on Planet Elosyia, until a spatial distortion happened right above the Palace dining table. The table itself extended outward for tens of meters. Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!

Nine plopping sounds suddenly echoed in the throne room, landing straight onto the dining table that had a large amount of exquisite food, ready to be eaten. Light crashing sounds echoed soon after, causing the various Elosians sitting at the dining table to become wide-eyed.

Even the figure sitting at the head of the table raised their eyebrows seeing the sudden spatial distortion appear, only to have nine figures appear right after.

Of course they were none other than Nao, Miya, Oscar, Iona, Isabella, Roti, Neo, Gine, and Bardock!

Once the figure at the head of the table heard now speak out in a grumble, only then did a smile appear on her face. That's right, she was Queen Elena!

"Ugh...that probably could have been timed better. But at least I think we made it safely...?"

"Hehe, don't sweat the small details, brother! That was pretty exciting in itself!"

"Damn right it was! Looks like we came at a bad time though, gahaha!"

"B-Bardock, did we just teleport? Where are we?"

"Beats me. Go ask the kid."

"Look, Roti! E-Everything suddenly changed! Are we dreaming?"


Hearing this, Roti had a sudden urge to smack Neo, causing a loud smacking sound. This also checked to make sure Roti wasn't seeing things either. All eyes went on them, causing them to freeze up.

This in turn caused a momentary silence to spread in the throne room after everyone said that. They then saw Queen Elena stand up from the head of the table , and she was currently wearing an exquisite ocean blue dress with light blue frills.

It barely covered her large b.r.e.a.s.ts, so when she walked over, it caused them to jiggle up and down. Even Elsa, who was sitting at the foremost chair on the right side of the table, sat there in shock. The food she was about to eat slowly fell off her silverware, falling back onto her plate.

However, Queen Elena disregarded that, and proceeded to speak out to the group who just arrived, with the newly added members, Gine and Bardock.

"Fufu, now this was quite an unexpected entry you guys. Nao did mention about his own way of traveling, but to think it'd be direct teleportation. Even among us who use magic, that's quite an advanced spell."


"T-to think I'd be able to witness Teleportation with my own eyes!"

"Did Her Majesty just say Teleportation!?"

Once Queen Elena finished speaking, gasps resounded from the other people who were currently seated at the table. Altogether it was about ten people, and if one looked closely, it wasn't just Elosians! People from Planet Nem were here too!

However, Queen Elena immediately projected her voice out in order to calm them down.

"Silence, everyone. Why don't you guys get off the table for now? We can chat while we eat. This is actually a celebratory feast! We just finished signing a peace treaty with Planet Nem. Isn't that right, Nim?"

"Hahaha, that's right! You guys seemed to arrive in such a hurry too. What exactly happened back over at your place, Nao? I see some new faces too."

Even though Nim remained seated at the foremost left side of the table, his laugh still caused some vibrations to it. The group took this time to recover. Bardock was surprised hearing this, and he saw these people appeared to be very familiar with that white haired kid he had gotten to know over the past few years!

Bardock opted to remain silent, and Gine was still absorbing everything that what was currently happening. She knew one thing though. After witnessing that large fiery ball of death hurtling toward her way, she felt an impending death.

Yet, now that they are in a completely different location with no sign of that monstrosity, tears started to form in her eyes. She collapsed once again, and broke into bawling!

This caught everyone's attention. They weren't expecting someone to break down into tears, yet alone on their dining table!

Queen Elena's and Nim's expression turned serious. She signaled for the others to leave, and quietly apologized to them, saying that the banquet would be postponed and held at a later date.

Once the others left, Bardock placed his right hand on Gine's head, and started to rub it.

"Let it all out, Gine. I swear we will kill that bastard for backstabbin' us Saiyans! In fact I get the feelin' that our son Kakarot will be the one who will hold this destiny. I haven't told you yet, but I get these flashes, Gine."


During Gine's breakdown, she managed to recover quite a bit after feeling Bardock's rough hand rub her head. She wiped away her tears, and managed to reply back.

"Yeah. When my squad went to go raid Planet Kanassa, a sneaky bastard snuck up on me. He said somethin' about a curse before I killed him. Now I get these flashes of the future. I saw Kakarot grown up with my own eyes, Gine! I won't ever forget that yellow hair as he stood facin' that bastard Frieza!"

Hearing this, Gine turned quiet. She then slowly made her way off the table, now that she had mostly recovered. Her eyes were still red though. Everyone else also got off the table at this time as well, and they gathered around each other.

Hearing Bardock's story in person about how he received his ability to see the future excited Nao. He remained calm, but the group suddenly heard the sound of hands clapping. Clap! Clap! Clap!

Once the group heard this, they all turned their hands, only to find the source of the clapping, Queen Elena. Her serious face remained, and she proceeded to speak to them..

"May I have your guys' attention, please. It seems you guys went through quite an ordeal before coming here, seeing that there are some new faces I haven't seen yet. But none of that matters now! You guys are now safe here! It's a bit late to say this, but as this planet's Queen, I hereby welcome you all to Planet Elosyia!"

Hearing such a warm welcome from Queen Elena, the others managed to calm themselves. Bardock had his suspicions being on another planet and all, and sure enough, he was able to confirm that.

At this time, everyone saw Nao walk toward Queen Elena, before giving a bow.

"Queen Elena, once again, I'll take up your offer for letting us settle down here. If you really want to know, we no longer have a just doesn't exist anymore."


Hearing this, Queen Elena frowned. She even saw some of the Saiyans clench their fists in anger. Oscar then walked up next to Nao with a serious look.

"That's right. All of us just came face to face with Hell itself. I'm sure Nao and I could've handled that monstrosity ourselves, but just leaving was decided to be the best course of action. Moreover I did some recon before our mission started..."

"Hell itself? Don't tell me..."

Once Oscar started to explain the story of what just happened during the last day back on Planet Vegeta, Queen Elena, Elsa, and Nim perked their ears up. Oscar continued to explain.

"Yeah, besides us eight Saiyans and Bardock's son, only six other Saiyans were off world. Me, Iona, our children, Roti, Neo, Bardock, Gine, Bardock's son Kakarot, Prince Vegeta, Prince Tarble, Nappa, Bardock's other son Raditz, and two Palace guards that are currently accompanying Prince Vegeta's squad. In short, only fifteen Saiyans are probably left alive now...we just escaped from seeing our planet blow up by that bastard, Frieza!"


Oscar finally dropped the ball, and shock appeared on their faces. Even Queen Elena, who typically remained calm ad graceful, started to shake a bit after hearing their home world just got obliterated.

"T-he planet you guys grew up on, gone, just like that?", Queen Elena asked nervously.

After Queen Elena asked that, Nao everyone saw Nao nod.

"Miss Elena, I can probably guess what's going on in your mind right now since I heard your story from Elsa in the past, but please do not worry about us. With the exception of Uncle Bardock and Auntie Gine, we planned this out. We were expecting for that bastard Frieza to do this sooner or later."

At this time, Nim finally decided to speak out to Nao. Elsa, on the other hand, kept blankly staring at him, still trying to reel in on what she was currently hearing.

"Nao, you guys keep mentioning Frieza. It seems he finally took action on your race like you mentioned last time? Well, regardless of what he had done, you guys made it here. Take a couple days to recover, and you guys will be back on your own two feet, haha!"

Nim let out a large bellow, causing the ground to vibrate near them. The others' expression finally eased up a bit and the tension slowly died down. Nao could only scratch his head hearing Nim speak like that.

Queen Elena's face twitched as he heard Nim try to shrug this off by saying this. She then spoke out in an irritated voice.

"Nim, do you think it's that easy? Aren't you forgetting the whole mental aspect of this!?"

Hearing this, Nim turned to the side to face Queen Elena, before replying.

"I may be old, but I haven't gone senile, Queen Elosa. Look, only a couple of them are visibly shaken. Why are the others calm?"

"Calm...? Now that you say that..."

As Queen Elena said that, the three looked at the others. Besides some clenched fists, only Gine and Bardock could still be seen visibly shaken. The others remained mostly calm. She then proceeded to speak out to them once more.

"...Don't tell me you guys really are fine?"

Hearing Queen Elena ask this, Nao nodded.

"For the most part, yes. Uncle Bardock and Auntie Gine may need some time to cover, but the rest of us already said our goodbyes to that planet. Once again, Miss Elena, thank you for taking us in."

Once Nao said that, Queen Elena could only sigh in defeat.

"Sigh...well, no use crying over spilled milk, I guess. We can put off dinner tonight later, we can at least show you guys to your quarters. Especially you Nao, you will live in the royal bedroom from now on with Elsa."


Elsa, who was in a stupor all this while, suddenly exclaimed after hearing Queen Elena announce that. She then turned toward her mother.

"Y-you can't be serious, Mother! Isn't it too early!?"

"Fufu, nonsense my dear Elsa. The marriage is only six years away. Given our long lifespans, it will arrive before you know it! You and Little Sayuri can become closer with Nao during that time."

Hearing this, Nao tiled his head to the side, seeing as he hadn't spotted Sayuri among the crowd of people here

".. Speaking of which, where is Sayuri?"

"Fufu, she is still meeting the other Elosians down at the market. She should be arriving back any time now."

After Queen Elena said that, all of a sudden, the group heard a voice coming out from the wooden steps leading to the throne room. A sound of shuffling feet echoed along the long red carpet outlined in golden lining.

"Mother, Sister Elsa, I'm back!"

Once the voice said this, everyone saw a figure arrive at the throne room. They saw a beautiful figure clad in an ocean blue one piece dress, standing about 5'8. She had white fox ears and a tammy cat-like tail with three orange stripes at its tip.

She herself was rather tan and had blonde hair that flew down past her shoulders. She no longer had her white chestplate armor equipped, as she returned that to the Galactic Patrol before she retired. It indeed was none other than Sayuri!

Sayuri herself felt strange, unlike other days where she didn't really feel anything when she came and went throughout the Palace, down toward the Elosian city below. She soon saw several figures standing before her, some she had immediately recognized!

Once her eyes landed on Nao and his purple posh Kai robe, the two bags of oddly shaped fruits Sayuri was carrying dropped down to the floor, causing a thud. A few of them even rolled out of their bag onto the floor.

"W-What is going on?", Sayuri exclaimed.

Seeing this, Queen Elena calmly walked up to her, before giving her a hug.

"We've had some unexpected guests arrive, Sayuri. Long story short, our city will have about ten more people living in it starting today!"

"Really!? I wasn't expecting that to be today! Excuse me everyone, but let me go straighten up!"

Once everyone saw the figure clad in the ocean blue dress say that, Sayuri darted off toward the throne's private quarters further in the back. She even dragged Elsa along with her, and before long the two were out of sight.

Nao sighed seeing them disappear. He now had a lot to think about for his future. Thankfully Planet Elosyia was part of a matriarchal society, so the ones in rule were Queens. Yet Queen Elena still just granted him the ability to live in their private quarters. There were various other rooms around the Palace the others would stay at.

He recently received news that his marriage with the three girls was set to happen six years from now too! But with no more Saiyans to worry about besides his family, Bardock and Gine for the time being, he now had a lot more free time to do whatever he wanted. He would likely go visit the Supreme Kai of Time at Tokitoki City as well during these six years to begin his training.

Only if Nao knew that there was another girl who really wanted to reunite with him, that she climbed through the pits of hell, fighting monsters and beasts, all the way up Babel Tower and managed to clear it, granting her freedom to travel in the multiverse. But that would be a story for the near future....

For now, it was time for Nao to settle down in Planet Eloysia, and experience the rest of his childhood in peace.