Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 137

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 137 131: Passing Of Time

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"Place that one down over there...this next one on top of the previous one...Oh, also put the one besides me over there too!"

Hearing order after order, figures of different races could be seen going in and out of a wide open area, placing down all kinds of boxes. A smaller figure, who currently had a clipboard in their hands, kept talking in a loud voice, scribbling things down on it along the way.

Some may be wondering who are these people, and where is this place they're currently at? Well one thing is for certain, these people are not natives to Planet Elosyia, simply because this place isn't Planet Elosyia!

What could currently be seen was a vast grassy open land. There was a pristine crystal-clear water pond surrounded by placed rocks of varying colors, which expanded for tens of meters. Stone walkways could be seen connecting to different buildings. Well, only two buildings to be exact.

This whole place appeared to be a dome of sorts, and was encased by metal bars carved in fancy designs. Outside this space only stood the vast emptiness of space. Yet it was not pitch black like normal outer space is, it contained different shades of green as far as the eye could see!

Various moons were scattered around the exquisitely designed dome cage as well. Back to the two buildings, both of them were also white marble dome buildings, similar to those found back on Grand Kai's Planet.

One white dome was far larger than the other, and even had its own protective wall made of up white and pink marble. A giant tree also extended upward from the center of it, containing various acorn-like fruits. This building appeared to be a temple of sorts. Its official name? The Time Vault!

Next to the Time Vault was a smaller dome building, and one could immediately recognize what it was. It was a regular house built by the Capsule Corporation, as it has its logo on the backside.

The smaller figure kept giving orders for a while, and before long boxes were neatly stacked up into a small mountain. If one had a close look at these boxes, they were all neatly wrapped into presents!

The small figure then put their arms on their waist, and a look of worry appeared on their face.

"...I might might have gone a little overboard with this...This is way too much!"

Once the small figure said that they sighed. This figure had pink-purple skin, pointy ears, and a purple posh Kai robe outlined with golden lining. That's right she was the Supreme Kai of Time! However, before she could do anything, the tall mountain of gifts started to sway toward her way, causing the ground to lightly rumble.

"Oh no!", the Supreme Kai of Time exclaimed.

Yet it was too late. One after another, the boxes started to fall on top of each other, creating a small avalanche...Rumble! Rumble! Smack! Thud!

It didn't take long before the Supreme Kai of Time got hit on the head with a few of the boxes, and she fell down head first onto the ground. The rest of them covered her backside, blocking her in. She had trouble trying to get out of it.

Hearing such loud noises, the portal near the entrance to this wide area suddenly shown a bright blue light. A figure then materialized out of it,. In fact another one materialized right after the first one did.

The first one rushed toward the Supreme Kai of Time. Once they saw the mountain of gifts, they became stunned.

"Supreme Kai...what exactly are you doing? What is all of this?"

Hearing a voice reach out to her, her head moved upward. She saw a pretty tall figure wearing a gray-black leather trench coat. Their hair was cut short, and it split evenly down their head. It was also lavender in color. Their appearance was akin to a soldier straight out of a war.

The one difference between them and this figure was that there as a decent sized one-handed sword with a purple hilt strapped against their back! Seeing this figure arrive, the Supreme Kai of Time smiled.

"Oh, Trunks, you're here! Finally back from your mission?"

"Yes. I was able to meet the person you asked me with...That old man was quite say the least, but I did manage to bring the person you asked for here."

"Great! Well done, Trunks. Now help me get out of this stupid thing, I can't move!"


That's right, the figure was none other than Xeno Trunks! This Trunks also came from a future timeline. After his family invented time travel in their world, he was brought to Tokitoki City by the Supreme Kai of Time. He then joined the Time Patrol.

Working his way up the ranks, Trunks soon became one of the team leaders, and became capable of forming his own squad! His most recent mission was to meet an old man and bring back a person to the Time Nest, which was none other than her home!

With that mission accomplished, Trunks and the other figure arrived back at the Time Nest, only to see the Supreme Kai of Time collapsed under a mountain of gifts. Seeing this, Trunks immediately went to her side and bent down.

Reaching for her hands, Trunks activated a bit of his Ki, and with a plop, he manged to pull her out. Plop!

Once her figure was out, the rest of the gifts piled on top of each other, soon settling into positions that won't allow them to be moved. The Supreme Kai of Time sighed once again seeing this as she straightened herself.

"...I really over did it, huh?"

"What exactly is all of this, Supreme Kai?"

Once Trunks asked that, she slowly stood up, patting herself down. She then placed her hands on her waist, and turned around to look at him.

"Well, Trunks, if you really want of know, all of this is for my one and only disciple!"

Hearing this, a look of shock appeared on Trunks' face. That shock then soon turned into excitement!

"A disciple of yours? Does that mean we're getting a new member for the Time Patrol!?"

Once Trunks asked his, he only saw the Supreme Kai of Time shake her head. She then clapped her hands together in an apologetic manner, before answering him.

"Not exactly, Trunks. Didn't I mention him to you before? I could've sworn that I did."

"No you didn't, Supreme Kai. If he isn't joining the Time Patrol, then who exactly is he?"

"I really didn't? Then it's fine for me to say it now that you're back. Listen up, Trunks. He is a direct disciple to me! Not as part of Tokitoki City or of the Time Patrollers, but actually a disciple of a Supreme Kai!"

"A disciple of a Supreme Kai!?"

"Yup! Being a direct disciple under a Supreme Kai is way higher than that of the Time Patrollers. Treat him with respect like you do with me, okay, Trunks?

Hearing this, Trunks' expression turned serious, and nodded.

"Understood, Supreme Kai. But you didn't explain what all of this is yet."

"I was getting to that next! All of this is my wedding gift to him! But I think I went a little too overboard..."

"All of this is just a wedding gift!? Just how high do you treat this disciple of yours, Supreme Kai!?

"Very high as you can clearly see, Trunks. I've never had a direct disciple before, so I feel like doting on him! Yet not once had he come here yet, hmph! Once he does, he will receive quite an earful from me!"

"Come here? He has the ability to that?"

"Of course he does! Unlike you Trunks who needs to use the Time Vault scrolls, he has a Time Ring! Not only can he travel through time directly with that, it also acts as a way to come here."

"W-what!? How come I haven't heard of these Time Rings?"

Once Trunks asked that, he saw the Supreme Kai of Time fold her arms over each other.

"I probably said too much already,. Mortals like you don't need to know about the Time Rings. They're mainly for us Kai."

"If you say so..."

Trunks could only shrug his shoulders hearing her reply like that. The Supreme Kai of Time then continued to speak.

"Anyways, enough about that. Back to what I was saying previously. My disciple is indeed getting married later this year! Such a lucky guy getting married with three beautiful wives at such a young age. It makes the gifts all that more troublesome to choose though, ugh..."

"T-Three wives? Such a thing is possible?"

More shocked appeared on Trunks' face after hearing that. The Supreme Kai of Time then chuckled seeing his reaction, before speaking again

"Hehe, he's not an Earthling like you are, Trunks. Your race has its own standards to society, and my disciple has his own to follow."

"I see..."

"Excuse me, but did you just say Earthling?"

The other figure, who was a bit further away, finally spoke out to the two. Upon having a closer look at them, they turned out to be a female! They wore a black and white hakama robe, and had large brown hair tied into a ponytail.

Freckles could be seen on both of her cheeks, making her appear tomboyish. Two black katanas stood equipped at her waist. That's right, this was Chelsea, who finally arrived at the Time Nest the old man living inside the golden door mentioned!

The Time Nest turned out to be none other than the Supreme Kai of Time's home, which connected itself to Tokitoki City!

Once the two heard a female voice reach out to them, their eyes landed on Chelsea. Even Trunks' mouth went agape, pointing his finger at her.

"S-so you can actually talk properly! Why were so rude earlier!?"


"Yeah, Supreme Kai. She told me to get lost when I first met her back in that secret dimension! I couldn't find a way to talk to her after that!"


Hearing this, the Supreme Kai of Time held onto her stomach and started to laugh.

"Hey, I'm being serious!"

Seeing her laugh, Trunks started to wave his hands in the air, trying to explain what happened earlier. Seeing this, small blue veins bulged out of anger on Chelsea's question. She then rose her voice and yelled at them.

"Answer the damn question! You did just say the word 'Earthling', right!?"

Once Chelsea yelled that, the two froze. Trunks could only nod his head in silence.

"That's right...I did mention that, but why are you getting so worked up by that word?"

Trunks could only tilt his in in confusion waiting for Chelsea to reply. Yet he did not expect tears to form in her eyes. Trunks started to panic.

"H-hey! Are you alright!?"

Hearing this, Chelsea wiped away the tears with her fingers. She then nodded, and did a light bow toward the two..

"Yes...I'm sorry for my sudden outburst earlier. I just had to make sure I arrived at the right area. It seems like I did. That old man told the truth after all...Hick..."

Even though she just wiped away the tears a moment ago, more started to fall down her cheeks. She broke out crying, collapsing onto her knees. Before Trunks could rush in, however, they suddenly heard a small irritated male voice come out of nowhere.

"Hmph. Didn't I tell you that we came to the right place? You should learn to trust others more, Master."

Once the three heard this voice, Chelsea's chest started to glow light blue. It then distorted, and out came a small figure. A n.a.k.e.d male fairy with short light blue hair to be exact. They even had transparent light blue wings, just like Miya's!

He then fluttered his wings, and approached the Supreme Kai of Time and Trunks. They had to squint their eyes a bit, as this fairy was pretty small!

"I apologize for my Master's rudeness. She may appear cold on the outside but she has a warm heart on the inside. We're mainly here to search for someone."

"Searching for someone?"

As Trunks replied to the blue headed fairy with his own question, the Supreme Kai of Time stood there dazed for a moment. Her expression then suddenly turned serious. She preceded to ask him a question of her own.

"That...someone you're looking for, it wouldn't happen to be another fairy like you, with long fiery red hair and transparent red wings?"

Hearing this, the blue headed fairy turned to look at the Supreme Kai of Time, before answering.

"That's definitely the one I'm referring to. You've met her?"

Once he said this, the Supreme Kai of Time said nothing else, and her expression turned grave.

"I know very well who you guys are looking for now. What do you want with Nao!?"

Once the Supreme Kai of Time yelled out Nao's name, her voice struck Chelsea's heartstrings to the core. Her tears kept falling down. The Supreme Kai of Time stared blankly at her crying.

The blue headed fairy turned around and fluttered his wings toward Chelsea, looking a bit worried. He ignored the Supreme Kai of Time's question and started to talk to Chelsea, as if he were trying to console her.

"See, Master? The President said the Young Master would be here, and he is! He doesn't like to tell lies! You've managed to come so far already, don't tell me you want to give up halfway now?"

Once the blue headed fairy said that, Chelsea started to calm down a bit. Her tears stopped, but her eyes were still red. Trunks' mouth was still agape seeing all this happen.

Padding her hakama robe a bit, Chelsea slowly stood back up. Once again, she bowed at them, apologizing for what just happened. The blue headed fairy also remained quiet after saying that.

"I-I'm sorry for you two having to see that. We can't really explain much yet, but you clearly know Nao. I'm not sure if he mentioned his true name to you yet, but Nao, or rather, Naoto and I come from the same world."

"The same Nao? You don't look like a Saiyan to me miss. Even though I'm a Supreme Kai, I still find this hard to believe. I mean, six years have already passed, and now I get this? What are you to him, exactly?

Once she finished saying that, Trunks heart suddenly went into turmoil. She just casually tossed out the race he belonged to, just like that! He had just learned the disciple she had was also a Saiyan, just like Trunks.

As Trunks continued to stare at the Supreme Kai with wide eyes, Chelsea ignored him. She proceeded to nod, answering her question instead.

"...To put it simply, we went to to school together. He was quite shy and difficult to approach to at that time, but I still found him more handsome than the other boys there. We were able to talk here and there, but I always became too embarrassed shortly after, and ended up running away..."

"Now stop right there!"

Hearing Chelsea start talking about her story, the Supreme Kai of Time started to get irritated for some reason. The Supreme Kai of Time then halted her with her hand.

Seeing this, Chelsea became confused. Chelsea then heard her sigh, which confused her even more. All of the sudden, the Supreme Kai of Time started to curse, which she rarely did even by herself!

"...Goddamn-it! Of course another one just had to show up...This just sounds like another pain in the ass love story! Well, I hate to burst your bubble missy, but Nao's already taken. Heck, even his wedding is set due in six months time!"

"I'm well aware of that. That doesn't matter to me. I beg you, please bring me to him!"


Even though the Supreme Kai of Time cut her off like that, Chelsea ignored it. She wasn't even surprised to hear that Nao was getting married this year either! Well, to put it simply, she actually already knew about that from the old man!

Yet she still wanted to be with Nao. To make her stance project even more, Chelsea even got down on all fours, and deeply bowed her head.


"I-I got it already! You don't need to go that far! For now, why don't take some time to get settled down here? The client did request for us to provide housing for you. Just stop doing that!"

"T-thank you!"

Saying that, Chelsea lifted her head off the ground, slowly standing back up. She then saw the Supreme Kai of Time sigh. The Supreme Kai of Time then turned toward Trunks, who was still trying to wrack his brain on what was was currently happening.

"Trunks, go help her settle down here. Also what you just witnessed is top secret. If you reveal any of this to anyone, I'll strip you of your Time Patroller rank right here and then and hurl you into a Time Rift where you would be stuck there for all of eternity! Do I make myself clear?"


Trunks finally regained himself from his stupor, and nodded. He then proceeded to walk toward Chelsea. He tried to grab her shoulder to indicate themselves to exit the building, but she slapped his hand away.

Trunks could only smile awkwardly seeing this. Without much else to say, the two finally left the Time Nest through the portal. The blue headed fairy also went back into Chelsea's body as they left.

The Supreme of Kai of Time was now left alone again.

She then proceeded to stare silently at the mountain of gifts that was prepared for Nao's wedding. Six years passed by in a blink of an eye, and Nao was officially eighteen years old now!

A period of peace ensued for both Nao and the Supreme Kai of Time during these six years. Yet Chelsea of course had to make her appearance now of all times. That, combined with the wedding due in six months, the Supreme Kai of Time could only sigh seeing that her life was about to get extremely busy.

Yet, it wasn't like Nao wasn't busy as well. In fact his life was about to go through a much more chaotic period, experiencing the life of an a.d.u.l.t!

To be more specific, raising children! Unbeknownst to the two of them, ten years had already passed since Nao received the golden apple from her. The golden apple was due to hatch during that time. That's right, ten years have now passed since then, causing the golden apple to finally hatch!