Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 138

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 138 132 A New Family Member

Quick Author's note. Slight lemons this chapter but mostly fluff! Still, you guys have been warned! Do you guys want to see full lemon scenes though? It would be a new area for me to write but I'd think I would be up for the challenge! Let me know down below! Hope you guys enjoy the chapter, and remember, stay healthy!













Year 743, July, Planet Elosyia, Royal Bedroom

Another average day soon dawned on Planet Eloysia. Its sun, or rather, its two suns, always rose from the east, and fell on the west. One would think this would cause unbearable heat down on the planet, but surprisingly it didn't.

The two suns were perfectly aligned around the planet's orbit, making it appear very picturesque, as if the planet had come straight out of a sci-fi movie.

But enough about that. Currently, morning had once again just dawned on this peaceful planet cloaked and out of sight from other alien races. The throne room of Palace Elosa was quiet as usual.

Further in the back of the throne room stood the royal family's private quarters. It contained one huge wooden room made out of the ancient bark from the massive oak tree the Palace currently resides upon. Toward the end of the room stood a massive circular king sized bed, spanning outward around 10 meters.

A bed this large can definitely allow multiple people to sleep on it at any point in time. It also had a wooden ceiling customized with white that could cover the whole bed in an instant, if one wanted their privacy.

The bed itself had cute pink sheets, and many fluffy white pillows. Within these pillows, light snoring could be heard from five figures. In the center stood a very muscular man, all of his body was toned with muscle, yet it wasn't thick like bodybuilders had. This showed that their strength resided more on an internal level.

This man actually stood about 6'1. He was currently n.a.k.e.d, and a white tail poke out from his butt. His proud member could also be seen standing tall but it wasn't overly large, sitting nice and even at about seven inches fully erect. The classic case of morning wood.

His medium sized white spiky hair could also be seen shooting straight up, similarly to Vegeta's hair. That's right, this man was none other than Nao! He was no longer that child we saw six years ago. He had a sudden growth spurt during the latter of the passing six years, causing a massive growth in his height!

At the moment, light snoring escaped from his mouth. He was lying flat on his back, straight as a wooden plank. Yet he suddenly tossed around a bit, and his body did a flip.

Nao suddenly felt a very soft sensation as he rolled over onto his stomach. His hand also landed on something very soft and bouncy.



What Nao just rolled onto was another figure! This figure had beautiful white skin, and a black spade shaped tail poking out from her butt as well. Her long pink hair was quite unruly thanks to the bed. She started to squirm around a bit, feeling something touch her D sized b.r.e.a.s.ts.

To the right of this figure laid another n.a.k.e.d beautiful tanned female with short blond hair. They had white fox ears and a white tammy cat-like tail with three orange stripes at its tip. However, unlike the other figure, her b.r.e.a.s.ts were pretty flat. But her slim, toned body and curvy waist made up for it.

This figure was currently snoozing without a care in the world while clinging onto the the other figure. They were none other than Isabella and Sayuri!

Back toward the right of Nao laid another beautiful n.a.k.e.d female. Their hair went well past her shoulders, and it was no longer sky blue, but now a deeper ocean blue, much like her mother's. Out of the figures present, this one had the largest b.r.e.a.s.ts, being about a size larger than Isabella's.

This one had no tail like the other two but instead had long pointy ears similar to that of a high elf. She was Elsa, the daughter of the current Queen of Planet Elosyia, Queen Elena!

Once Nao's body flipped over onto Isabella's, the leg Elsa was clinging onto slipped away from her grasp. This caused her to shiver a bit since she lost that warm feeling she previously held onto. As a result, her eyelids started to flutter.

The last figure was of course another beautiful n.a.k.e.d woman that had fiery red straight hair going past her shoulders. Her body was also quite toned with muscles, but not as visible compared to Nao's. She had a red tail poking out of her butt too. She was currently clinging to Nao's back. Of course, this was none other than Miya!

Unlike the other women, however, she drew the short end of the stick during their growth, only to become the shortest in height of them all. Her height was now 5'5, and her b.r.e.a.s.ts was a size shorter than Isabella's, remaining at a C cup.

Regarding the height of the other's, as previously stated, Nao was now 6'1. Both Sayuri and Elsa remained at 5'7. However, among them, Isabella was probably the one who experienced the most growth in height.

Perhaps it was due to her Gemmed Dragon bloodline, but as a result of the males in her clan being extremely tall, she ended up reaching a flat 7 feet in height, marking her the tallest of the five present!

Even though that happened to Isabella, Nao did not care about that at all, and he still found her extremely beautiful. Isabella didn't develop a height complex either, so everything turned out fine.

With that being said, Elsa slowly opened her eyes, only to see Nao head's planted on Isabella'a chest, still sound asleep. Isabella was lightly squirming around underneath him. Seeing this, Elsa's eyes started to twitch.

She then rubbed her eyes a bit, slowly sitting herself up. She indeed confirm what she saw, so she stretched out her left arm, and grabbed Nao's ear, firmly squeezing down on it..

"Exactly what..are you trying to do first thing in the morning, Nao?"

Once Elsa said that, she received no response from Nao. The others didn't budge either. Elsa could only sigh seeing this, pulling away her hand. Only she was an early riser of the group.

However, before she could do anything, her long ears suddenly perked up. Following that, she heard a sound of shuffling feet. The door leading into the royal bedroom suddenly opened itself with a large bang! BANG!

Hearing this loud bang, the others finally had their eyes flutter, and started to groan. A voice of a small child soon yelled out to them in a very excited tone.

"Papa! Mamas! It's time to get up! We've got guests! Auntie is here to pay us a visit!"

A shadow of a small figure dripping with water immediately started to dash toward the extremely large bed after breaking down the door. Upon having a closer look at this figure, they appeared to be a light blue skinned humanoid with pointy ears, but not as large as Elsa's.

Despite their small frame, their white hair was pretty decently sized and styled into a Mohawk-like style that flew down well past their shoulders, much like how the West Supreme Kai's hair was styled. The figure themselves stood about 3 feet tall.

Yet before this figure could do anything, she was immediately stopped by a large hand. This figure then spoke worriedly to the smaller figure.

"Little Fie, stop running around, at least let me dry you off! You know you can't run around without any clothes on!"

"No! I don't like the feeling of the clothes you want me to wear, Grandma! They're too stuffy! I won't wear anything but the robe Papa gave me!"

"But that robe is currently being dried outside! At least let Grandma dry you off!"


Once the smaller figure, Fie, said that, she cycled her Ki, and flew up into the air. Seeing this, the taller figure immediately yelled out to Fie.

"Oh no you don't, get back here!"

The taller figure, unsurprisingly was none other than Queen Elena! The smaller figure was someone who was recently born earlier this year, yet they already appeared to be 5-6 years old.

When she was born earlier in the year, she received the name, Fie, from Nao. That's right, Fie is a newly born female Supreme Kai that hatched out of the golden egg Nao received 10 years ago from the Supreme Kai of Time!

However, before Queen Elena could act, she felt a huge gust of wind push her back a few feet, causing her to shield her eyes. Fie was gone before she could act!

All of this earned them a pair of five sets of eyes now looking at them. The yelling and the bang that happened mere moments ago woke Nao, Miya, Isabella, and Sayuri wide up. Nao also pulled the main cover over them, hiding most of their body.

With a 'swoosh', Fie flew right into Nao's embrace, disregarding the other four. Fie let out a small giggle seeing Nao staring her. Do keep in mind she was still not wearing any clothes. Yet despite this, Nao received sudden urge to rub her head, so he did.

"Ehehe, good morning, Papa!"

"Good morning to you too, Fie. Care to tell me why you aren't dressed yet? Moreover, you know you can't come in here in the mornings."

Hearing this, Fie pouted a bit.

"I don't like the clothes Grandma wants me to wear! They're too stuffy and frilly. I like the robe you gave lots more!"

Nao could only sigh in defeat. Thankfully, Fie was no longer wet from taking a bath with Queen Elena earlier, as the force from the wind blast Fie caused dried her body off. Without saying anything, Nao reached his hand out, before it disappeared into darkness.

Seeing this, Fie's eyes started to sparkle. Her attitude did a complete 180 degree turn. The darkness vanished and out came a plain purple robe with white edges. Nao then spoke out to Fie.

"Fie, raise your hands in the air so I can put this on you, okay?"

""Yay!, thank you, Papa!"

After saying that, Fie lifted her arms up, allowing Nao to snugly fit the robe on her. Nao then grabbed a hold of Fie into his arms, and continued to rub her head.

"By the way, you mentioned something about guests, Fie. Who is this Auntie you're referring to?

Hearing this, Nao saw Fie tilt her head.

"Umm...I don't know! I just know that Auntie is Auntie! She also has that funny looking owl with her too."

"Funny looking owl..?"

Once Nao started saying that, his eyes turned serious. He then spoke out to Fie once more.

"Thank you for telling me this, Fie. Go wait outside with Miss Elena, okay? Your Mothers and I will get ready."


After Fie said that, she lifted herself out of Nao's embrace, and soon flew out of the room, even past Queen Elena. Queen Elena could only smile wryly seeing her leave the room like that.

She then turned around, and walked closer to the bed.

"Nao, I think you're spoiling her a bit too much lately. She won't even try the things I want her to wear!"

Hearing this, Nao let out a light laugh.

"Haha, Fie is already turning out to be a mischievous devil. Still, she is my only daughter as of now, I can't help but spoil her."

"Sigh...still, you're turning out to be a better Father than I was expecting, Nao. It's hard to believe Little Fie was born just earlier this year. The race she belongs to, the Core People, if I remember correctly, must be pretty special."

"What's that's supposed to mean, Miss Elena?"

Once she said that, Nao's eyes slightly twitched.

"Fufu, that was just a slip of the tongue, Nao. Besides, you guys should get ready. Or are you guys already raring to go and give me some more grandchildren? Fufufu."

"M-mother!", Elsa exclaimed.

Once she said that, the girls started to blush. Only now did they realize they were still n.a.k.e.d. Sayuri blushed a deeper red, becoming extremely silent and hid under the covers. Isabella and Miya didn't care about that.

Elsa on the other hand, had her ears slowly turn a deeper red. She suddenly threw a pillow at Queen Elena out of embarrassment.

"G-get out, now, Mother! We'll get ourselves ready!"

"Fufufu. Don't make our guests wait too long you guys. Also don't forget your wedding is only one month away now, it'll be here before you guys know it."

"Y-You don't need to say that twice! Now leave this room at once!"

Hearing Elsa yell out once more, Queen Elena grinned. She then turned around and proceeded to exit the room. Thankfully the door was still in tact, so she closed it as she walked out.

Nao then turned silent, facing the reality he was now currently in. 'I really can't believe more than six years passed by just like that...I'm not alone either. Sure, I still have my family, but I even got more people I care about now. Even Little Fie is now in my life.There's still the matter of the wedding too. I haven't been told any details of it, still being kept in the dark...', Nao thought to himself.

Seeing Nao stop talking and enter his thoughts, Miya, Isabella, and Elsa looked at him out of curiosity. Sayuri took this time to pop her head out of the covers, only to silently stare at him as well. In the end, Isabella started to poke him on the side, and spoke out to him.

"Hey Nao, why did you suddenly become so quiet? It's time to rise and shine! Did you enjoy sleeping on my chest earlier?"

Hearing this, Nao suddenly regained from his stupor, only to turn and stare at Isabella. He then shook his head.

"It nothing, Belle. Don't start teasing me first thing in the morning. Let's get up. I think I know who our guests our but I'm still curious to meet them."

"Boo, you're such a party-pooper. But you're right, it's starting to get a bit drafty in here. Let's go, everyone."


Getting a reply from Sayuri, Miya, and Elsa, the four of them slowly got off the bed. Nao remained behind, and got a good look at each of their backside in the process.

His morning wood calmed down a while ago before Fie and and Queen Elena entered the room. But once he saw the the girls' butts once more as they got up, a small tent suddenly appeared on the sheets he was still covered in.

Ever since Nao got his first erection during these six years, he had trouble at first trying to control himself. Over time, he slowly managed to, but right now, he just couldn't endure it seeing a great sight such as this!

Once the four were off the bed, Isabella turned around only to see Nao still covered up with the sheets. She was going to speak out to him, but her eyes shifted downward. She then saw the small tent bulging out down below, and she grinned.

Nao saw Isabella grin at him, but before he could do anything, Nao saw Isabella slouch her body forward. She then moved her right hand toward her slit down below. She spread it wide, allowing Nao to get a full view of her untouched v.a.g.i.n.a.

Still staring at him while revealing the beautiful pink slit she has, she proceeded to speak out to him, with the intent of teasing him some more.

"You know, have the ability to take us whenever you want, hehe. Why must we wait till the wedding?"

Hearing this caused the other three to turn around while they were in the process of putting on her clothes. Seeing Isabella spread her v.a.g.i.n.a out in the open like that so casually caused Elsa to fiercely blush.

"S-Sister Belle, what the heck are you doing!? How can you be so shameless!?"

Miya, on the other hand, grinned hearing Elsa yell that. Sayuri only hid behind Elsa, casually taking peeks at the two here and there.

Isabella's actions just now did not phaze Nao one bit. In fact, Isabella even saw Nao smile, which confused her. She then heard Nao speak.

"You're absolutely right, Belle. Our wedding is only one month away. Still, we can bend the rules a bit, can't we?"


While Isabella let out a gasp of surprise, Nao cycled a bit of his golden Ki. Golden spheres entered his vision. Nao then extended his left arm out, covering his whole hand in golden spheres.

Nao then willed more golden spheres around Isabella. Once her front-side was covered in them, he willed the spheres toward him. Surprisingly, Isabella felt her body get pushed toward Nao, and he soon grabbed a hold of Isabella, bringing her into his embrace. Nao then ceased his Ki.


Isabella was not expecting this to happen, so she let out a light yelp. Nao then proceeded to speak to the other three.

"Miya, Sayuri, Elsa, you three go on ahead. Belle and I will stay behind for a bit."

Hearing this, Elsa and Sayuri could only nod silently. Miya still managed to speak back to him.

"We will, Brother. Don't be too hard on Sister Belle, okay?"

"Don't you worry, Miya."

Once Nao said that, Miya happily nodded. The three soon put on their clothes, and left the room. With Nao and Isabella left alone, Nao turned his head toward her. He them spoke out to Isabella.

"Now then, why don't we have a bit of fun ourselves, Belle?"

Hearing this, Isabella remained silent for a second, unable to respond to what she just heard. However, she soon regained her senses.

Next, she actually pushed Nao back down onto the bed! Isabella then spoke out to him once more, and giggled.

"Hehe, I'll take you up on that offer, Nao. You're on!"