Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 139

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 139 133: An Experience To Remember I 18

Quick author's note. You guys wanted it, so here you guys go! First part of two of Isabella's H Scene is here! I labeled it in chapter title but this author's note is another warning. Full lemons ahead. You guys have been warned! Hope you guys enjoy it! Remember, stay healthy and safe!
















The door leading to the royal bedroom soon closed as Miya, Elsa and Sayuri exited the room. As those three made their way to the throne room through the long hallway to rejoin Queen Elena and Fie, Nao and Isabella remained behind.

Back on the extremely large bed, a beautiful, tall, n.a.k.e.d woman with messy pink hair and a black spade shaped tail could be seen straddled on top of n.a.k.e.d white haired man.

Isabella suddenly grabbed hold of Nao's bare muscular chest, pulling his head closer to hers. As if she had a sense of yearning, she suddenly spoke out to Nao with a l.u.s.tful tone.

"Now give me a kiss, you crazy bast...mmmph!?"

However, before Isabella could even finish speaking her sentence, her mouth suddenly became sealed. She only saw Nao's head move in, planting his lips against hers.

The moment their two lips touched, Isabella's mouth became invaded by something warm. Nao opened his mouth slightly, extending his tongue out to meet a new friend.

Isabella's and Nao's tongue soon started to dance around each other in a wild fervor. Seeing Nao kiss her, Isabella moved both her hands upward. She grabbed a hold of Nao's head with her hands. She then leaned in herself placing her forehead against his, and closed her eyes, enjoying this new sensation.

Loud, muffled m.o.a.ns of excitement soon escaped out of Isabella's mouth. She and Nao began to rapidly move their n.a.k.e.d bodies around the bed, tossing and turning. They would be flat on their backs for one moment, and sitting fully straight up at the next. They soon blocked everything else out of their minds.

Isabella's loud m.o.a.ns did not go unnoticed either. The royal bedroom was not soundproof at the moment. Just as Miya, Elsa and Sayuri were about to exit the very long hallway that connected it to the throne room, they suddenly turned around.

Elsa and Sayuri began to blush hearing Isabella's m.o.a.ns escape from the closed door.

"...Isabella really is serious about doing it this time, huh? Can't she just wait one more month?"

As Elsa asked this, she saw Miya shake her head.

"No, Sister Elsa. Let Sister Belle enjoy this moment. I can tell she's been enduring it all this time. I'm surprised she hasn't turned crazy yet."

"...That's quite bad isn't it? How come she hadn't said anything about it? It's not like we're strangers anymore. We'll soon be all in this together!"

"I'm not sure, but Sister Belle probably had her own reasons. Let's just hope the bed will still be in one piece after this, hehe."


Once Miya finished saying that while letting out a light giggle, Elsa reached out her arm in an attempt to grab her. Yet Miya suddenly dashed forward a few feet, dodging her arm. Before Elsa could do anything else, she saw Miya twirl around a bit.

After Miya twirled, she leaned her body inward toward Elsa. Miya then raised her head, and spoke out to her once more.

"Still, it looks like I won't be able to keep my promise to you anymore, Sister Elsa."

Hearing this, Elsa blinked her eyes for a moment in confusion.

"...Promise? What promise?"

"Did you forget already? I promised you that Brother Nao would save his first time for you until after the wedding was held. Yet now it looks like he will become a man in just a few moments, haha!"

Typically when Miya liked to crack jokes, she giggled along the way. Yet Elsa saw her laugh instead! She in return felt her cheeks turn red out of embarrassment.

"Y-you don't need to mention that, Miya! I don't care about that anymore! I'm going on ahead without you. Let's go, Sayuri."

To end Miya's teasing, Elsa started to walk again. She grabbed onto Sayuri's arm in hopes she would join her, yet she didn't budge an inch. Elsa turned around, only to see Sayuri staring straight at the closed door.

Upon having a closer look at her, Elsa saw Sayuri's fox ears twitching like crazy, and she was dyed in a deep red. She even saw Sayuri gently rub her own abdomen as she continued to listen to Isabella's loud m.o.a.ning.

"...Little Sister Sayuri?"

Elsa tried to call out to her, yet she didn't get a response. Miya then spoke out to Elsa.

"I think Sayuri broke down, Sister Elsa. Don't worry, I'll make sure she's fine. You go on ahead to Elena. But before you do, are you able to put up a sound barrier?"

"A sound barrier, what for...Ah! That's right, Little Fie!"

Once she said that, Elsa started to immediately chant silently. It didn't take long before she was clad in an ocean blue aura. She then extended out both of her hands.

In no time at all, her energy started to congeal together, soon forming a small ocean blue barrier around the whole bedroom. Before they knew it, They stopped hearing Isabella's loud m.o.a.ns. Sayuri soon regained her senses as well.

She immediately saw her hand touching her abdomen, so she quickly retracted it, pulling her arm back upward. She then saw Miya and Elsa in front of her.

"W-what just happened?"

Hearing this, Miya smiled and responded back to her.

"Nothing really, Sister Sayuri. Brother Nao and Sister Belle will be late to join us. We were about to head to the throne room to start our morning It seems we've got guests waiting outside the Palace as well. Let's go."


Once Miya said that, Elsa ceased her aura, and the atmospheres returned to normal, except with a small blue barrier around the room now. The three were soon out of sight.

Meanwhile, things only became more heated and intense inside the room. Nao's and Isabella's kissing session lasted for a full hour, with their lips tightly locked against each other! Most of the bed sheets could now be seen falling onto the floor.

With a 'Pah', their lips slowly separated. After catching their breaths, Isabella kept her forehead onto Nao's, and she looked directly into his eyes. Her l.u.s.tful expression soon became that of a loving gaze. She then had her right hand go down gently on Nao's left cheek, speaking out to him softly.

"Hah...hah...that....felt amazing...Nao, I love you so much..."

Seeing Isabella's loving stare, Nao could only rub his nose against hers in response. He too spoke out to her warmly, biting down onto her lower lip at the same time.

"Hah...I love you to Belle. You mean the world to me. I don't know what I would do without you or the others..."

Hearing this, Isabella smiled. Isabella then proceeded to continuously kiss Nao's cheek, before slowly moving downward. She then started to leave a hickey on Nao's neck, biting down on him in the process.

Nao could only stare at her seeing this.

"...What are you doing Belle?"

Once Nao said that, Isabella soon separated her lips from his neck. A small pink dot soon appeared on it as a result of her biting down onto his skin. She then looked at him with her eyes, before speaking out to him.

"Hehe, this is to let everyone in the universe know that you belong to me! I will accept no other man!"

Hearing this, Nao reached out his arms, moving them onto Isabella's bare back. Feeling her soft warm skin, Nao brought her into his embrace. Two large soft mounds immediately pressed against his chest. Nao then blew into her ear.

"But I'm already yours, Belle. Who cares what the universe thinks. Are you ready to start the real thing?"

After Nao said that, tears if joy appeared in Isabella's eyes. She then let go of the hug, and nodded at him.

Tracing her fingers down his muscles, Isabella soon grabbed onto something very stiff and hot. Her hands even felt Nao's erect member pulsating.

Isabella then swung her back onto the bed. This allowed Nao to get a full view of her glory as she grasped onto his d.i.c.k with her right hand.

Without saying anything, Isabella spread out her legs wide open, entering into a missionary position. She then led his d.i.c.k to the entrance of her sealed p.u.s.s.y, which had becoming soaking wet from their hour long kissing session earlier.

She then spread her closed p.u.s.s.y open with her spare left fingers. Nao saw her beautiful pink walls and a tiny hole which still had a h.y.m.e.n in tact. Isabella then spoke out to Nao one more time.

"Nao, I can't endure it any longer! Shove your burly d.i.c.k inside my p.u.s.s.y in one go! Please, make me your woman!"