Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 14

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 14 11 Two Years The Tuffle's Final Struggle 4

An unknown amount of time has passed as Doctor Lychee continued to mutter in front of the giant supercomputer. His hair appeared to be disheveled as if it has been ages since he last cleaned himself. Before long the red aura around him condensed and changed into a darker red as it as influenced by the thousands of small red orbs underneath the giant pillar containing the supercomputer. Upon a closer look at the red orbs, black mass continued to swirl faster and faster inside of them. As the swirling became faster, more purple lightning continued to streak across the laboratory. Doctor Lychee soon found the main control panel leading to the supercomputer and started to rapidly type on it. During these six years, all of Doctor's emotions soon drained from him and only hatred remained. Every day would he relive the nightmare that happened six years ago, when giant apes rampaged his land and he was useless to do anything against it. In the end he had the wind knocked out of him as he was hit against the wall by one of the ape's tails. After he was slammed against the wall his vision started to black out and lost a lot amount of blood, feeling like his life was at is end. However he didn't meet death and soon woke up after the destruction finished and spent the first couple years recovering.

Doctor Lychee continued to type on the giant panel in front of the supercomputer. Several more minutes passed and he soon did one final tap on the giant screen in front of him.

"It's time to be born, my darling Hatchiyack. Those Saiyans don't deserve to live any longer. It's time for their sins to be paid with blood!"

Just as he finished his typing, all of the red orbs started to shine brightly. This bright light soon covered the room and the black mass soon seeped out of every orb. As the black mass started to congeal together below the pillar, the purple lighting strikes appeared larger and boomed more loudly. Doctor Lychee soon couldn't see in front of him any more and the black mass soon started to take shape into a large black halo several feet wide. Upon peering into this halo, all one could see is endless darkness. Within this darkness a figure soon started to emerge from it. The figure slowly rose out but the blinding light still persisted throughout the laboratory. As soon as the figure fully emerged from the black halo, the halo's black mass soon dissolved and shot back down to each orb below it. The blinding light soon disappeared as well and Doctor Lychee soon saw the figure in front of him. What he saw was a tall being about 8 feet tall with red skin and pink muscles. Pale green gems were set in his forehead, arms and legs. Doctor Lychee could feel a dense black aura around him which excited him greatly. Doctor Lychee approached Hatchiyack with a smile and Hatchiyack looked back at him, as if he was confused. Hatchiyack then started to look at his surroundings a bit more to confirm where he was, but he still remained silent. As he was trying to intake his surroundings, Doctor Lychee tried to call out for him.

"My darling Hatchiyack, come here and let me see you. You are the Tuffle's greatest invention after all!"

Hearing his name called, Hatchiyack soon shifted his attention back to the man below him. Hatchiyack soon descended onto the ground and soon saw the old man in front of him. The old man was quite shorter than him. He then saw a high tech device in the old man's hand which he had switched on. It was connected to the panel further off where Doctor Lychee was typing earlier and on the panel showed a big value of 0. Doctor Lychee held up the device at Hatchiyack, and started to scan his body for any abnormalities. Doctor Lychee was not able to find any and soon the device started to beep. After it started beeping the number on the screen soon started to climb from 0. 0...10...100...1000....10000.....The number did not stop climbing. As soon as the number reached 50,000, the computer screen started to crack and as if it was caused by Hatchiyack, the computer actually blew up. Fire soon started to spread out from the giant panel, creating smoke. As Doctor Lychee was nearby the giant panel, he started to wheeze as he inhaled the smoke from the fire.

As he was coughing out the smoke, Doctor Lychee was able to catch a glimpse of the number resting at 50,000 before the screen completely broke apart. Perhaps he was dreaming but he could have sworn that he saw it go to 50,0001 before being covered in smoke. Was Hatchiyack's true power beyond 50,000? Regardless it increasing or not he was satisfied just to see the number that high. Doctor Lychee was slightly worried as the Saiyan's great ape form was far beyond that in regards to power but in their normal states most of the Saiyans didn't even have 10-20% of Hatchiyack's power.

His worry soon vanished only to follow with a crazed laughter. Doctor Lychee started to laugh louder and louder until it resounded through the whole laboratory. As the laughter grew louder the dark red aura around him grew denser. The denser it got the more Hatchiyack soon started to take notice of it. He vanished and then reappeared behind Doctor Lychee in an instant, slowly reaching out his right arm over him. As if it were a vacuum, Hatchiyack started to absorb the dark red aura around Doctor Lychee and it absorbed into each gem on his body. After absorbing all of the aura Doctor Lychee suddenly felt lightheaded, but once he regained his vision an arm immediately thrust into him. Doctor Lychee soon flew back and directly hit the giant supercomputer, coughing out a massive amount of blood, before slowly falling down towards the orbs.

He saw Hatchiyack take an offensive stance and the pale green gems soon started to glow. Doctor Lychee struggled to get up again and only one thought went through his mind, why...? As he became lost in thought, 15 seconds soon passed and a giant green light formed from the five gems. He soon shot the beam at Doctor Lychee and only an expression of grief remained on Doctor Lychee as he continued to stare at the green light beam heading towards him. As he was rather old he struggled a bit before emitting out a green protective barrier and tried to resist the oncoming attack. Before long the giant green beam touched the protective barrier, causing a green light to flash for a second, which blinded Doctor Lychee. As if it were butter, Hatchiyack's beam smoothly cut through Doctor Lychee's barrier and instantly disintegrated. Not even a second passed as Doctor Lychee screamed after being hit by the beam but the scream did not last long, as his body soon crumbled apart and vanished into the abyss. He barely managed to see Hatchiyack one last time and he saw Hatchiyack's lips moved, before he died, mentioning that Doctor Lychee's service was no longer needed.

After killing off Doctor Lychee, the giant green beam continued towards the supercomputer and struck right through it. The beam continued its path towards one of the laboratory's walls and created a giant hole, eventually shooting outside into the sky before completing disappearing into space. Sunlight started to seep into the laboratory, which interested Hatchiyack and he looked toward the hole. He could see magenta scorched land all around him and destroyed buildings. His sight soon returned to the many orbs that still had black mass swirling inside and he soon lifted his hand. Starting at the fingertips, pale green liquid soon started to congeal and drop. This liquid spread out to the orbs and the thousands of orbs absorbed the liquid. Liquid continued pouring out until each orb was filled with it and the black mass condensed in a small orb. Each orb started to shine a bright red before small figures started to emerge. Hatchiyack was indeed creating ghost warriors, and the hatred contained in each orb was equivalent to a Tuffle warrior. After several minutes, Tuffles began to emerge out of the orbs one by one but upon closer look every one of their eyes appeared to be blank, as if they had no soul. All of the red orbs remaining soon vanished and were replaced by Tuffle warriors, numbering in the thousands, roughly 5000 in number.

Hatchiyack soon sent his intent to the five thousand warriors and a giant dark red aura cloud soon spread out underneath the warriors. Hatchiyack soon took to the sky and the other five thousand warriors followed his lead. They eventually made their way to the hole that was created by the giant beam earlier and arrived outside of the giant hill and eventually landed. Hatchiyack soon scanned his surroundings and determined that there was no one nearby and eventually spread out his senses further. He soon detected thousands of figures far off in the distance in front of his view. With new targets locked on, he soon started to walk towards the signal he received and the five thousand soldiers soon followed him in silence...

Year 729 Planet Vegeta Palace Vegeta Training Grounds

Unbeknownst of a threat that could end the Saiyan race approaching on the horizon, Nao and Miya could be seen sitting cross legged in the middle of the open area and it was now night time. A bit more time has passed and another half year blew by in a blink of an eye. If one could see closely at Nao, white aura could be seen spreading out from his body causing the nearby ground to frost over a bit. Miya on the other hand had a fiery red-like aura dancing about her and every so often it would release a tiny flame that melted the frost that was caused by Nao's aura. Both of their eyes shuddered and opened slowly, ending their meditation for the day. After Nappa told them how to condense their Ki and control it, it didn't take long for them to develop an aura unique to them. Not too far way, Nappa stood on standby watching them do their daily meditation. From having no sense of Ki to developing aura that already influenced nature itself left him pretty shocked. As he trained them up to develop a strong base, it was no wonder that the two's auras could reach this degree combined with the latent talent they were born with. Even a hint of jealousy could be seen in Nappa's eyes as his battle power was nowhere close to his and the fact that he was born as a middle-class Saiyan. However he knew he didn't have time for these thoughts unless he wanted anger His Majesty and soon revealed the next step, of which would be the final one, to Nao and Miya and approached the two.

"Nao, Miya, you two are just four in a half years old now but you two have developed a base so strong that even our elite warriors could be jealous of at such a young age! Now it is time the develop techniques and go through actual combat so you get used to using your battle power. However my guidance as a trainer now ends and the five elite warriors who came with us will take over. Remember what I said in the beginning one in a half years ago? Every one of them are all stronger than me, haha! Your hell hasn't ended yet until these guys beat you two to a pulp until you can no longer stand. Starting tomorrow you two will start your sparring."

Nao nodded to confirm Nappa's intentions. Nao nor Miya did not receive any combat training once so ever in their previous lives so he became slightly worried, knowing that in the original story, all of the fights were really intense. Did Nao think he would be able to endure such fighting, especially receiving it at a young age? He could only guess as the moon continued to rise up over the cliffs. Nao and Miya soon decided to rest for the night, in anticipation for what was to come in the morning.