Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 140

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 140 134: An Experience To Remember Ii 18

A/N. Author's note here. The anticipated second part is here! This is to be treated as a warning continuing from the first part. Full lemons ahead! It is quite long, and it may turn out quite dirty to some of you. I wanted to display Isabella as a dirtier girl than the others, so I hope you guys enjoy it! This will be the last A/N up here for the moment unless I got something else to announce. Rest will continue in the author's comment section. Enjoy the chapter!















As soon as Isabella said that, something seemed to click inside Nao's mind. She even proceeded to wrap her legs around Nao's butt, preventing him from moving backwards!

Nao's only option was to push forward, and he did exactly that! Nao's hands were still free, so he reached out his left arm, grabbing onto one of Isabella's b.r.e.a.s.ts. Nao grabbed a hold of his d.i.c.k with his other hand, which still had Isabella's hand wrapped around it.

Nao than began to move it up and down Isabella's walls a bit, coating the tip of his d.i.c.k in love juice that constantly poured out of her p.u.s.s.y. Seeing the preparations done, he thrust forth!

The castle walls finally broke through, earning an extremely loud joyous m.o.a.n escape from Isabella's mouth, having Nao thrust whole d.i.c.k inside of her in one go!


Letting out this enormous m.o.a.n, Nao suddenly felt the the walls of Isabella's p.u.s.s.y clamp down hard on his d.i.c.k. Isabella then arched her back upward, and a look of euphoria appeared in her eyes. Nao couldn't move for a brief moment. But thankfully, that didn't last long, as Isabella's back soon plopped back down onto the bed.

Still feeling the foreign object inside her, Isabella started to pant. Having broken down the walls, fresh blood poured out of her now torn h.y.m.e.n, slowly trickling down the right side of her leg. She then looked at Nao right in the eyes, caressing his face.

Seeing her intense reaction, Nao spoke out to her.

"Did you...just come from just the first insertion...?"

"Huff...Hah...Yes. Nao, you really don't know how long I've waited for this moment...I feel so happy!"

Once Isabella said that, tears of joy started to form in her eyes. She then looked directly at Nao, only to wrap her arms around his head. Isabella pulled Nao's head into her chest. Nao could feel a very loud thumping noise. Thump. Thump. THUMP!

Isabella saw Nao's ear listen to her heart beating fiercely. She then spoke out to him with a loving tone once more.

"Nao, do you feel that? My heart is yearning for you so badly!"


Replying to her softly, Nao stared into her eyes. He then leaned his head up a bit, only to reach for her lips once more. Their tongues started to intertwine once again, releasing more m.o.a.ns along the way.

The b.r.e.a.s.t Nao had his hand on shifted to the left, reaching for her right hand. His hand soon interlocked with hers. Separating from their kiss, Isabella saw Nao draw her hand to his chest. Placing her hand on his heart, she too could feel it beating fiercely.

Nao then spoke out to her softly.

"Belle, you feel my heart as well, right? It wants you just as you want mine!"

After he said that the tears of joy that were forming in Isabella's eyes poured down her cheeks. Taking this opportunity, he proceeded to wipe them away. After looking each other in silence for a moment while feeling their connection, Nao moved his hand, placing it on top of her bare abdomen.

He could still feel some convulsions as her walls kept constricting his d.i.c.k. The v.i.r.g.i.n blood pouring down also seemed to have stopped now. Seeing this, Nao proceeded to speak out to her once more.

"Belle...does it hurt?"

After Nao asked that, he saw Isabella slightly shake her head. She then moved her arms around his head again, and answered him. Her feet could still be seen wrapped around Nao's butt.

"No. I only felt a slight pain for the first second...All I feel now is your d.i.c.k pulsating inside me! It's knocking against the entrance to my w.o.m.b. You can feel it...right?"

"Yeah, I can. It feels amazing.. .I haven't even begun moving yet!"

Hearing Nao say that, Isabella smiled once more, replying back to him.

"Nao, I want you to pound my p.u.s.s.y as hard as you can! I want this to be an experience we will never, ever forget for the rest of our lives!"

"An experience we will never forget...I got it!"

With that being said, the two no longer said anything. Nao slowly began to thrust his h.i.p.s back and forth. Every time his d.i.c.k reached all the way inside, Isabella released m.o.a.ns after m.o.a.ns of pleasure!

Creaks resounded from the bed, echoing around the room as Nao slapped hard against Isabella. Isabella's panting started to get more erratic. Sloshing sounds echoed out with love juice splattering around them.

"Yes! Yes! Just like that, Nao! F.u.c.k me like no tomorrow!"

After Isabella said that while m.o.a.ning, they strayed in the missionary position for around the next ten minutes.

Only until now did they start testing out some different positions. With her legs still wrapped around him, Isabella tightened her stomach a bit. She then lifted herself into the air. Nao was forced to straighten his back as Isabella literally latched onto him.

Having Isabella elevate herself into the air gave her freedom to move her h.i.p.s in any way she liked. Quickening her pace, Isabella started to hear Nao m.o.a.n in pleasure. Seeing this result, she grinned.

Nao wasn't expecting her to grin at a time like this. Before he could do anything, however, he saw Isabella extend her tongue out, sealing his lips once again. Isabella saw Nao become wide eyed a bit, letting out a muffled voice.


Exchanging saliva back and forth, their kiss lasted a few minutes. Isabella then gently pushed against his chest, causing Nao to fall back down onto the pillows closer to the head of the bed. With a 'Pah', their lips parted.

Nao then saw Isabella smile at him, who could now be seen riding his d.i.c.k on top of him.

"You sure are one dirty girl, you know that, Belle?'

Hearing this cause Isabella to giggle.

"Hehe, do you dislike dirty girls, Nao?"

"Not at all. In fact I find this extremely hot. You're very s.e.xy, Belle!"

Once Nao said that, he grabbed both of Isabella's b.r.e.a.s.ts while still laying down on his back against the fluffy pillows. Isabella started to swerve her h.i.p.s faster. Once she felt Nao's hand started to fondle her large b.r.e.a.s.ts, she yelled out in pleasure once more.

"Yes, yes! Just like that! I feel something deep inside me wanting to come out!"

As Nao let Isabella ride on top of him, letting her have her special moment, he heard that she was going to come soon. Nao too felt something wanting to release itself from deep down as he continued to feel the walls of Isabella's p.u.s.s.y swerve around his d.i.c.k.

"Me too, Belle! Where do you want my first load?"

As soon as Nao asked that, Isabella immediately replied to him, quickening her panting at the same time.

"Hah, hah...pour your seed directly into my w.o.m.b, Nao! I want our first moment to be complete!"

"Isn't that a bit risky? What about your work?"

"My work doesn't matter! I'll take some time off if I need to! My w.o.m.b is dying to bear your children, Nao!"

Once Nao heard how resolute Isabella's voice resounded in his mind, something seemed to click inside it once again. Isabella's constricted the walls of her p.u.s.s.y down on Nao's d.i.c.k once more. Nao did one huge thrust with his d.i.c.k, jamming it all the way inside.

"Here comes the first load, Belle!"

This resulted in Nao's d.i.c.k pushing the walls of her w.o.m.b aside, creating a small visible bulge on her stomach. Isabella felt Nao's d.i.c.k pulsate like crazy, before spurting out a foreign liquid that had never entered her w.o.m.b before. Spurt. Spurt. SPURT!

Feeling Nao's s.e.m.e.n enter her w.o.m.b for the first time caused Isabella to let out a giant m.o.a.n of pleasure.


Pure bliss could be seen on her face as his s.e.m.e.n kept pouring into her w.o.m.b. Unlike humans in Nao's past life, Saiyans had ridiculous stamina and endurance, capable of producing large amounts of s.e.m.e.n to make sure their partners, no matter which race they belonged to, could get i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed.

As a result of shooting his first load, her w.o.m.b got filled to the brim, and even shot some out onto her b.r.e.a.s.ts while Isabella could still be seen straddled on top of Nao. Their h.i.p.s also stopped swerving against each other, reveling in this newfound pleasure.

After a moment passed while the two silently panted, Nao saw Isabella wipe the s.e.m.e.n on her b.r.e.a.s.ts off with her her finger. She then drew her finger to her mouth, and started to lick on it. Nao's s.e.m.e.n then got stuck onto her tongue, and she started to swirl it around.

Seeing Isabella do this, Nao's heart started to beat fiercely. 'Belle is even drinking my own that's really hot...', Nao thought to himself.

With a gulp, his s.e.m.e.n went down her throat. Nao saw she didn't say anything, and only laid her head against his chest. She then started to give it a feel with her finger that just had the s.e.m.e.n on it, only to look into his eyes.

"Hah...hah...that felt...amazing...I love you so much, Nao..."

Hearing this, her words pulled at his heartstrings some more. Nao proceeded to caress her pink hair, replying back to her softly.

"I've never felt something that amazing like that before Belle...I'm glad you were my first."

"Ehehe, hearing that from you makes me really happy. I feel so full right now, like my stomach is about to burst open..."

"Now that you say that..."

After Isabella brought that up, Nao looked down, only to see they were still connected. Yet his d.i.c.k did not go flaccid after his first shot, and it was still raging on. He then started to caress her p.u.s.s.y gently, causing Isabella to lightly m.o.a.n.

Isabella saw this, and smiled. She then spoke out to him once more.

"It still looks like you're raring to go for another round, Nao. I did mention that I want this first experience of ours to be complete the most way possible. There is still one more thing to do...if you're up for it, that is."

Hearing this, Nao titled his head a bit in confusion, as he didn't understand what Isabella meant by asking that. He then proceeded to ask her.

"I'm definitely ready to go for another round Belle, but what do you mean that this experience still isn't complete?"

Nao expected Isabella to answer him, yet strangely she didn't say anything. Instead, she pushed her body away, lifting her butt up at the same time. Nao saw his d.i.c.k finally plop out Isabella's p.u.s.s.y, seeing it covered in both his s.e.m.e.n and her love juice.

The s.e.m.e.n kept inside Isabella's belly also started to gush out onto the bed. Yet, still acting strange, Nao continued to see her not say anything. Instead, she slowly crawled around, until Nao saw her butt in full view, laying down on all fours.

Seeing this, Nao's heart started to beat more and more. Staying down on her knees, Isabella reached out her left finger, moving it downward. It went past her p.u.s.s.y, and soon spread out her two butt-cheeks, allowing now to see the full glory of her anus.

Nao then saw Isabella lick her right finger, covering it in her own saliva. This finger too went past her p.u.s.s.y, slowly making its way to her butt hole. Nao's eyes turned wide as he started to see Isabella finger it, before her butt hole slowly opened.

After loosening it up a bit, Isabella spoke out to Nao in a very seductive tone.

"Nao, I want you to f.u.c.k my ass, just like you did to my p.u.s.s.y a moment ago! I'm serious about wanting you to have my everything! All of my body belongs to you!"

Hearing this, this Nao remained silent as he saw a full view of her ass spread before him.

"...Are you sure about this, Belle?"

"Yes! The others were able to help me prepare for this. Its all clean and ready!"

"...I'll just pretend I didn't hear that."

"Hehe, could it be that you're jealous about us girls having a bit of fun without you?"

After Nao said that, Isabella giggled in response.

"Not really, but it makes me curious as to how you guys could even find the time for doing those things."

"Well...that's quite simple to answer, Nao! You always sleep like a rock. We would make sure you couldn't wake up, and only then did we start to play with each other. But you don't need to worry, Nao. The others still have their h.y.m.e.ns intact if that's what you're worrying about."

"Hearing that from you does put my mind at at ease a bit, but like I said, I'm not worrying about it. Besides, all of you are precious to me. I'll do this to them in due time, just like I'm doing this to you now, Belle..."

"Oh you..."

After the two teased each other a bit, Isabella's butt hole was now pretty wet with both her saliva and the mixture of juices still dripping out of her p.u.s.s.y. Seeing this, Nao inched his way toward her butt, which was currently lifted into the air. He than began gently push his d.i.c.k through her two butt-cheeks, right above her hole.

Nao then spoke out to Isabella one more time.

"Don't complain to me about what happens next okay? I don't know what to expect from this."

"Neither do I, Nao! If you're ready, then please, shove it into my ass!"

After the two said that, Nao began to feed the tip of his d.i.c.k into her butt hole. However, unlike her p.u.s.s.y, it immediately started to contract, making it extremely tight! On the bright side though, once Nao made his way inside her butt hole, he found it to be extremely squishy!

Nao had to thrust his d.i.c.k a few times before her ass completely ate it up. Even though Isabella was down on all fours, Nao still saw her wince in pain. She then began to pant while Nao spoke out to her in worry.

"Belle, my d.i.c.k is now all the way up your ass. Does it hurt...?"

"Hah...Hah...I was not...expecting it to be like this...Let's just stay like this for the...moment..."

After Isabella answered Nao, the two stopped and remained still for the moment. Nao even saw droplets of blood form around her butt hole. Looks like to some, first anal experiences can become quite painful, even with enough preparation.

After a couple moments of panting m, Nao finally saw Isabella loose up a bit, relaxing her pained expression. She then spoke out to him.

"Hah...I think I'm alright now, Nao. It feels like you're d.i.c.k is stretching my stomach wide open. This feels somewhat weird, but I think I'm starting to like it, hehe."

"You're one hell of a dirty girl for liking a d.i.c.k up your ass, you know that?"

"Hehe, you're the only one I'd be a dirty girl for, Nao. Now stop with the teasing, and start moving! I think I can handle it now!"

Once Isabella said that with a giggle, the two stopped their teasing. Nao slowly began to thrust his d.i.c.k in and out of her ass. Sloshing sounds from their mixed juices from earlier resounded around the two. It didn't take long before Isabella's pants to turn into m.o.a.ns of pleasure.

"Aahhnn! Yes! My ass feels like its being roasted in a fire pit! It's so hot down there!"

Hearing her m.o.a.ning, Nao grabbed a hold of her two butt-cheeks, and proceeded to kneed them. Ever since the two started to have s.e.x, Nao wanted to try something, and and now it looks he has the chance to do so.

Knowing that, Nao slightly grinned. Isabella couldn't see his grin, as she was currently down on all fours, rapidly slapping her ass against his h.i.p.s. Her face was buried into the many white pillows around them, which many now appeared soiled.

"Hey Belle, would you like to know what would make this experience even more complete?"

"Hah....hah...there is still something else...?"

After Nao asked that, he didn't say anything more. Isabella, who currently had her head buried into the sheets, felt Nao stop kneading her butt-cheeks with one of his hands. He then slowly started to race his fingers along it, moving its way to the center.

Once Isabella felt his finger shift upward, her face immediately lifted itself up in the air. She now stared at him with wide eyes.

"Wait, Nao you don't me--EEEEEEEKKKKK!?"

Isabella couldn't even finish her sentence before letting out a screech of pleasure. That's right, Nao firmly grabbed a hold of her black spade shaped tail, and started to kneed it with his fingers! M.o.a.ns and and m.o.a.ns of pleasure escaped out of her mouth.

"Aahnn, aahhhn! Nao, aahhnn, that's foul play, aaahnnn!"

"Haha, nothing is foul play here. Everything is fair game! I even trained my tail to rid of its weakness during our period of peace. Why don't you give it a shot, Belle?"

While continuing to let out seductive m.o.a.ns, Isabella turned her head around. She then saw Nao's white tail swerve around to the her side. She blinked a couple times staring at his tail. Her hit panting trickled down on it.

Without saying anything, she gently grabbed it with her hand. Once her grip was on it, sure enough, Nao did not feel any sort of strength leave him, knowing that his prior training was a success. Instead, he started to feel shivers go up his spine once Isabella started to lick it like a popsicle!

After licking it like that, Nao saw her chomp down on it, sliding it into her mouth without any hesitation. Immediately after, Nao felt Isabella's tongue start to swirl around the tip of his tail, causing even more shivers to crawl up his spine. These weren't shivers of fear, but that of pleasure!

With Isabella's mouth now stuffed, Nao continued to kneed Isabella's tail with his fingers. He even began to lick it, causing Isabella to m.o.a.n loudly!

Their humping also continued for several minutes. Before they realized it, Nao felt something began to surge within him once again. Sensing that he's going to come, Nao spoke out to Isabella who continued her muffled m.o.a.ns.

"Hah...hah...Belle, my second load is about to burst, where do you want it this time?"

As Nao asked that while panting, with a 'Pah' sound, Nao saw Isabella release his tail from her mouth. She then spoke out to him while letting out some now louder m.o.a.ns.

"Hah...Nao, I want you...aahnnn! To flip me over and spray it all over me. aaahhhnnn!"

"You got it, Belle!"

As soon as Nao heard what she wanted, Nao let go of her tail, as she did to his. Her saliva could be seen dripping on its tip. Nao then proceeded to lift her legs, gently flipping her down back onto her sight.

Nao soon saw Isabella and her face was very red. He could tell that she was really enjoying this, as did he. In no time at all, he soon felt his s.e.m.e.n rushing forth, and with a 'Pop', he pulled his d.i.c.k out of her ass.

Immediately after, Nao spoke out to her once again.

"Here it comes, Belle!"

"Yes, spray it all over me!"

With that said, his d.i.c.k convulsed, and began to spurt out his white liquid. SPURT!

In no time at all, his s.e.m.e.n began to cover all of Isabella's body, starting from her p.u.s.s.y and upward. It landed on her stomach, then her b.r.e.a.s.ts, her shoulders and finally her face. Pure bliss appeared in her eyes.

Nao's d.i.c.k then drooped downward, and he swung his body to the left, landing right beside Isabella. He began began to caress her face while Isabella scooped up more of his s.e.m.e.n, and began to slosh it in her mouth.

"That really felt amazing...Belle. I wasn't expecting anal s.e.x to turn out like that."

After Nao said that, her eyes landed on him as she turned her head to the side. She then gulped his s.e.m.e.n down, revealing her messy mouth. Nao saw this and his heart began to beat faster again. 'No matter how many times I see her do that, it's really hot...', Nao thought to himself.

Na o then saw her smile. She then spoke out to him.

"It truly was, Nao. It still feels like my ass is burning...That's probably going to sting for a few days, ehehe."

Hearing Isabella giggle as she said that, Isabella then saw Nao's d.i.c.k begin to rise up once more. She proceeded to caress his cheeks as Nao continued to do so on hers.

"Looks like you're raring to go for a third time, Nao. You Saiyans really have a lot of stamina, huh?"

"We sure do, Belle. I could probably go all day like this. You don't have anything scheduled for today, do you?"

Hearing this, Nao saw her head shake lightly.

"Not really...The others did mention something about guests arriving, but they can wait a day, right? I want to spend the rest of the day like this with you!"

"Looks like we share the same thoughts then, Belle. I'll let Miya know we won't be coming out till tomorrow. If you're ready, do you want to start round three?"

"Yes! Also, umm...if you don't mind, I want to drink yours next!"

"Still haven't had enough? You dirty girl."


Hearing Isabella giggle like that, the two decided to spend the rest of the day together enjoying each other's embrace. They had s.e.x in various positions, and Nao soon lost track of how many times he came. He would be shocked if Isabella didn't end up pregnant after this just by the sheer volume of s.e.m.e.n he spurted inside her.

The others were forced to sleep in other rooms to allow Nao and Isabella enjoy their special day together. Even Fie was understanding, and didn't pout one bit.

The guests who came, who was unsurprisingly the Supreme Kai of Time, was told to halt her plans, only to resume tomorrow. She, talked with her few guests that came with her, and while acknowledging that, they just decided to tour the city of Planet Elosyia for the time being.

Fie had yet to meet the Supreme Kai of Time for the first time, as they had to wait outside of the Palace. Queen Elena held her back, as she wanted Nao to see the two's reaction when they would first meet tomorrow.

Before they knew it, Nao and Isabella fell fast asleep in each other's arms, and the next day soon dawned before them. The royal bedroom long filled with both of their mixture of both their scents.