Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 141

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 141 135: A First Time For Everything 18

Year 743, Planet Eloysia, Royal Bedroom, The Next Day

A calm silence dawned on the large bedroom while the sunlight of the two suns peeked its way into the windows located on the left side. Its rays soon struck against Nao's face, causing his eyelids to shudder.

The bed covers could now be seen covering his still n.a.k.e.d body. Yet only him was currently visible. A huge mound further inside the covers could be seen wiggling around. Light m.o.a.ning would leak out from inside the covers every now and then.

It didn't take long for Nao's eyes to open. The moment they did, he was blasted with Isabella's lingering scent from yesterday. All of a sudden, he felt something hot coil around his member. Only now did he see a large mound wiggling back and forth sideways covered by the pink sheets.

Well, they couldn't be called pink anymore, since most of the sheets could now be seen covered in his s.e.m.e.n and Isabella's love juices, making it a lighter pink. Turning it over, he saw Isabella going wild licking his d.i.c.k up and down, essentially treating his morning wood.

With a 'Pah', her mouth separated from the tip of his d.i.c.k. Plenty of saliva still covered it. Seeing Nao now staring at her, she smiled. Isabella continued to stroke it up and down with her soft hand as he spoke out to her.

"Kuh...You sure don't like to waste any time, do you, Belle?"

"Ehehe. I just couldn't help myself. Ever since I saw your d.i.c.k sticking straight at the ceiling while you were asleep, I started to lick it before I realized."

"You know we have a name for that phenomenon, Belle. It's called morning wood. Speaking of which, I feel like I'm about to burst already. Just how long have you been at it down there?"

"Ummm...I don't know! Maybe around a half hour?"

"A-A half hour!?"

"Well give or take. I stopped counting! I'm surprised by how much stamina you've got, Nao. One of these days I'll beat you. But for now, treat yesterday as your win, ehehe."

"So you're treating this like a match now, are you? Ugh...I don't think I can hold it any longer..."

"Don''t hold it in then Nao, let me drink all of it! I want to see what the first shot of your s.e.m.e.n tastes like at the beginning of the morning!"

"Then I will take you up on that, Belle!"

Once he said that, Nao saw Isabella widen her mouth, letting her tongue roll out freely. Bits of steamy air puffed out from inside her throat. She then coiled her tongue around his d.i.c.k, slowly pulling it all into her mouth.

Before he even realized it, he couldn't even see his d.i.c.k anymore! Isabella gobbled it up in one go! He felt a strong suction start on his member as Isabella began to move her throat up and down.

Feeling this strong sensation, Nao grabbed a hold of her head. Isabella went at her own pace for the first couple of minutes, but once she felt his hands on her head, he began to thrust more rapidly. Her eyes turned wide a bit, letting out muffled m.o.a.ns.

After thrusting his d.i.c.k in her throat all the way to the base a few times, the urge he had finally exploded forth.

"Here it comes, Belle!"

Immediately after saying that, Isabella felt Nao's d.i.c.k convulse inside her throat. SPURT! SPURT!

Lasting around half a minute, Isabella felt Nao's s.e.m.e.n constantly pour down her throat. Only until then did she see Nao plop back down onto his butt near the fluffy white pillows. Nao saw Isabella slosh her mouth around a bit, before doing one final gulp.

Nao proceeded to pant for a bit while Isabella seductively licked her lips, before her tongue went back inside her mouth. Nao then heard her giggle.

"Ehehe, just as I thought, your first load was super fresh, Nao. It's still sticking to my throat..."

"You're really something else, Belle. Its like you know where all of my weak spots are."

"Well who do you think did it so much that I happened to learn that all in one day?"

Hearing Isabella ask that, she saw Nao chuckle.

"Haha! Guess I would be the one at fault there."

After Nao said that, Isabella joined him, and leaned against his chest with her head. She then looked up, locking her eyes with his. She then smiled, and spoke out to him.

"Still, we really did it a lot, huh? Are we really going to stay true to that promise we made? I-I kind of said that in the spur of the moment there..."

Hearing this, Nao began to ruffle her pink hair with his hand. Isabella then saw Nao nod his head.

"If that's really what you want Belle, then I'm all for it. Among the girls, I think only you would be capable of doing something like that. Which begs the question, does the other half of your bloodline hail from a line of succubi or something?"

"Yes, it does actually. Did I never tell you, Nao?"


"Yeah! Planet Nem is full of really high class succubi! According to Sister Dia, all the males in her Palace have pretty large harems. But don't get the wrong idea, Nao. We aren't like those hideous lower class succubi depicted in those old folklore spread throughout the galaxies. Once us girls choose a mate, we stick with them for good."

"So that other one really was a Succubus Princess, huh?"

Nao raised his eyebrows a bit after learning more about Isabella's heritage. He did try to mutter that to himself, but as Isabella was right next to him, she heard him say that. Nao then saw Isabella grin.

"Hehe, are you interested in her, Nao? I could introduce Sister Dia to you. She still hasn't found her mate yet you know."

"My heart is already complete with you and the others, Belle. Its things like these that I will leave it up to fate to decide...But we will see if she ends up approaching me. Still, Dia does remind me of someone else I know."

"Oh, who would that be?"

"Even though I only saw her for a brief time, her shy personality reminded me a lot of a person named Kale. Kale and I haven't met yet though."

"A person you haven't met yet...wait, is this someone you know from the future?"

"Well, you could say that. But that's not something to worry about right now. What's important is the promise we made. It's more of a bucket list than anything."

"A bucket list? What's that?"

"Well normally a bucket list is a list of things a person really wants to do before they kick the bucket as they say, well die. But if we twist those words a bit, then it would become a list of everywhere we've yet to have s.e.x at, without the dying part of course! That's what you promised earlier, right Belle?"

Once Nao said that, Isabella felt her cheeks turn hot, and blushed. She then placed her hands on her cheeks, and looked away from him in embarrassment.

"Aww geez, now that you put it that way, it sounds super embarrassing! C-can we forget that ever happened, please?"

Hearing this, Nao smiled at Isabella, and continued to ruffle her hair.

"No can do, Belle. We've got our whole lives ahead of us still, and the places we will go to will be plentiful. Besides I can already point out our next spot too, haha!

"...Our next spot?"

Once Isabella asked that, she saw Nao raise his arm. After moving it a ways past his body, his arm soon pointed to the right. He then pointed out with his finger. Isabella's eyes traced to where Nao's finger landed at, only to land on the giant sliding glass screen that lead out to the veranda.

This veranda was quite spacious with only small wooden walls covering it. It was quite easy to see the rest of the giant oak tree and the rest of the city below. Isabella's face turned completely red immediately after seeing this. Nao laughed once again seeing Isabella's reaction.

"Well, we will have a lot of first times for everything right? Haha! Besides, the others have yet to come check on us. I'm sure we can go for a quick round outside. It will feel really nice with the suns' rays beating down on us too."

Hearing Nao say that, Isabella went silent for a moment. She then let out a sigh.

"Ah, f.u.c.k it. It's already been said and to be honest that sounds really nice. Let's go!"

After Isabella said that, she proceeded to get off the bed. Nao soon joined her, and they locked their hands together. Nao even saw Isabella begin to stroke his d.i.c.k with her spare hand as they slowly walked to the sliding glass window, still fully n.a.k.e.d of course.

It didn't take long to arrive in front of the sliding glass window. Yet at this time, the two finally heard creaks coming from the main door leading into the bedroom. Two figures made their way inside.

Nao and Isabella immediately heard an angry voice reach out to them, sounding nasally.

"Now where the hell do you two think you're going still looking like that? Haven't you two humped each other enough for one day already!? We can't even get some peace and quite around here!"

Once this angry voice said that, it caused the two to turn around. They noticed an extremely angry Elsa. But for some reason she had her nose plugged with one of her hands. They also saw Miya next to her with also one of her hands covering her nose.

Seeing this, Isabella could only release Nao's d.i.c.k from her grasp. She then giggled.

"Ehehe, busted. Looks like we have to end our honeymoon here, Nao."

Hearing this, they heard Elsa yell out to them once more.

"What honeymoon!? You two turned our bedroom into a s.e.x den! Everything is either tearing apart or is splattered with your juices! Have you not realized it yet!?"

Once Elsa Yelled that out, Nao blinked at the two for a moment. He then focused his eyes, and started to look around the large bedroom they were in. He finally saw the place really was torn to shreds, wooden tiling either missing or torn. White and clear fluids splattered all across it, but most of it now appeared to be dried.

He then looked at himself, and saw that he was drenched, and only now did he feel really sticky. He then looked at Isabella, only to see the same result. He could even see plenty of his s.e.m.e.n still dripping down her legs from her p.u.s.s.y.

The one surprising thing about all of this was that the large circular bed could still be seen in one piece. Its white have long been since torn, however.

Nao finally had a reality check. He didn't really hold back since he had lost his v.i.r.g.i.nity yesterday, but he found it confusing as to why the room got really torn up. He could only scratch his head, appearing apologetic.

"I guess we didn't really hold back, huh? But what exactly happened here? Belle and I were too engrossed with each other so we didn't really pay attention to our surroundings."

"...You two really don't remember what you did to cause this mess?"

"Unfortunately, no. Do you remember, Belle?"

"Nope! I blocked everything else out that wasn't you or your d.i.c.k, ehehe."

Hearing Isabella say that while giggling, Elsa could only sigh.

"Well I'll explain it then. The two of you kept releasing small bursts of energy every time you two climaxed! How can I manage something like this when you two can't even control yourselves!?"


Hearing this, Nao tilted his head in confusion. Elsa blinked her eyes staring at him for a moment, then she looked at Isabella.

"Sister Belle, did you not tell him?"

"Tell Nao...? Ah! How could I forget about that!?"

"What is it, Belle?"

Something seemed to click in Isabella's mind. She then faced Nao and spoke out to him.

"Well, you see Nao, during one of our girls' talk, we talked about the future a bit. We've come to realize you won't be held down by just one person, even though Sister Miya original wanted you for herself, hehe. Such being the case, we've appointed Sister Elsa to be the manager for your harem. We felt like she's the most suited for this role."

Hearing this, Nao's expression turned serious. He then looked back at Elsa.

"Is that true, Elsa?"

After Nao asked that, he saw her meekly nod in confirmation.

"Y-yes...What Sister Belle said is true. We didn't think you would start a harem Nao but you already got four girls who love you dearly. Who knows who else will succ.u.mb to that unruly r-rod of yours!?"

After Elsa said that, her long ears turned turned red. She glanced down at Nao's d.i.c.k and after seeing it still half erect, she covered her eyes with her hands. She then opened her fingers a bit, revealing her eyes.

Seeing this happen, Nao chuckled. He found Elsa's reaction really cute.

"Haha, well to be honest, I didn't think it would turn out this way either. I love all of you so much already. Though at least I would like to keep this harem small for now, but like you said Elsa, who knows what will happen? Speaking of which, where are Sayuri and the others?"

"We had to send them to the villa you built back on the planet the Grand Kai gifted you in the Other World! Thanks to your constant bursts of energy, both my and Mother's sound barrier couldn't withstand it. It's not like they could stay here only to hear your constant humping."


"Yeah. Moreover, Sayuri has the keenest senses of us all. The moment she would get a whiff of this unruly scent, she would no doubt go into heat! I had to send her off first! If our royal family didn't specialize in water magic, it would take weeks to disinfect this room, geez."

Hearing this caused Nao to chuckle once again.

"Well, can't really argue back against that, haha! I also know we have guests waiting for us. Is it Master perhaps?"

After Nao asked that, he saw Elsa nod while she was still covered her face with her hands. She then spoke out to him once more.

"Lady Chronoa is indeed waiting for us. Thankfully she and the guests she brought with her have been touring the city down below since yesterday. You know we're supposed to introduce Little Fie to her the next time Lady Chronoa came here right?"

Hearing this, Nao nodded seriously

"Of course I still remember. Did Master mention anything about the other guests she brought with her?"

"Unfortunately not much. She did mention she brought someone who wanted to meet with you, but that's about it. But you two can't meet her looking like that, can you!? Go take a bath already! This room stinks to high heaven."

Nao let out another laugh hearing Elsa say that.

"Someone who wants to meet me? Can't recall there being someone like that as of now. Belle, looks like we will have to put our time on the veranda on hold. Let's go take a bath. We can go for a quick round there instead. Miya, Elsa, we will see you two in a bit."

After Nao said that, Isabella turned to look at him. She then smiled, responding to him.

"S.e.x in the bath does sound pretty relaxing. Sounds good to me, let's go, Nao!"

Before Elsa could say anything more, she stared at Isabella grabbing Nao by the hand. She then dashed toward the two exquisitely carved wooden doors that was directly opposite to the sliding glass windows that lead to the veranda.

These doors were also sliding doors. After Isabella opened the right one, it revealed an extremely large bathroom. Two marble tiled sinks were near the doors. Another small hallway off to the right right next to the entrance lead the way to a couple of toilets.

The tiles weren't made of white tiling, it actually consisted of exquisite dark gray tiling. It was still distinctive enough to where it wasn't black though. A huge tub spanning thirty feet wide rested all the way in the back. It even had its own elevated Jacuzzi tub at the northwestern tip.

Before the bath stood a row of fancy faucets, designed to wash one's body off before they entered. This area had a huge mirror so they can find it easy to wash themselves. All in all, it was a grand bathroom, fit for Palace Elosa.

Before Isabella and Nao went inside, they heard Elsa yell out to them one more time.

"I'm only letting you guys have one hour to clean yourselves up in there you two! We really can't make Lady Chronoa wait any longer!"

After that was said, the two acknowledged her. Elsa then saw the two disappear into the bathroom, closing the two wooden doors behind them. Seeing her now alone with Miya, Elsa sighed.

"Sigh...It's no use with those two. Ever since they started having s.e.x yesterday, that's all that's been on their minds. Those two are nothing but perverts! Still, at least they're going to clean themselves up for today. Why don't we go freshen up too, Sister Miya?....Sister Miya?"

Elsa tried to call out to Miya, only to see her dazed and standing still. She no longer saw her finger covering her nose and her face now appeared red. Her finger that plugged her nose could now be seen in her mouth, and her eyes appeared as if they were yearning for something.

Elsa's eyes shifted downward, only to see Miya's white panties dangling around her right knee. Clear liquid could be seen sliding down her legs from further above too. She could only sigh once again as Miya spoke out to her.

"Sister it possible for you to move me up the list? I did say I was fine being last...but I don't think I can hold it in any longer..."

"Sigh...Don't tell me their scents got to you already, Sister Miya?"

"Hehe, guilty as charged."

Hearing Miya say that with a giggle, Elsa could only shake her head. She then spoke out to Miya once more.

"Fine, you can go inside and clean yourself up with them. Can you at least promise me you won't do the real thing until our wedding is over?"

"I promise, Sister Elsa.Thank you! I owe you one!"

After the two made their promise, Miya reached in, planting a small peck on Elsa's cheek. Elsa stood there stunned for a moment seeing Miya do this, and before she realized it, Miya stripped all her clothes off, running straight into the bathroom. Elsa was now left alone in the bedroom.

Elsa sighed once again. She then lifted up her ocean blue dress a bit, revealing her light blue panties. Stretching them slightly outward, a good amount of morning dew could be seen around her blue pubic hair down below in front of her p.u.s.s.y, causing her panties to become wet. She then looked back up toward the now closed sliding wooden doors.

"Even I'm trying my hardest to hold back, you're not the only one who feels that way, Sister Miya...", Elsa muttered to herself.

After Elsa muttered that to herself, she put her dress back down. Her eyes started to look up toward the ceiling, and started to reminisce of what happened during these last six years living inside the Palace, especially the concern and worry she had for Nao during the first couple of years.

"Still, at least our future husband is acting like he should be now. Even if he does turn...into a perverted beast, I'd rather have that than those emotionless eyes...After learning what he saw in that vision of his, it nearly broke my heart. Being able to do nothing as you watch your family get slaughtered in front you is way too cruel...and he even saw that as a child!", Elsa exclaimed to herself.

After she said that to herself, she shook her head to dispel those thoughts away. She then proceeded to speak out one more time.

"Once Little Fie entered his life, he became such a brighter person. At least Nao's nightmares have stopped too...hopefully for good. Still, what am I supposed to do about this room, really? I hope cleaning it isn't going to turn into a habit...", Elsa muttered to herself.

In the end, she stopped talking to herself. She began to chant silently, surrounding herself in an ocean blue aura. Before she realized it, time started to speed up again as she began to clean the room...